People used to think the earth was flat and at the center of the universe. As a civilization we pride ourselves on having moved beyond these misconceptions. But what if I told you that civilization as we now know it is making just as grandiose a mistake? You may not be, but the majority are.

If your life is too demanding it is not life that is the problem, it is your perception. Excessive demands on your time do not come from outside sources.

Changing perception is one of the easiest yet hardest thing for most people to do. We may be able to do it when we look at the stars at night or contemplate reality on Christmas morning, but during the regular daytime gruel we become prosaic, which means we become “practical” in our perception and methods of solving problems and achieving goals. What is practical in the old paradigm is not in the new paradigm.

We can no longer get by with the old approach to life. We cannot make it if we are aware that our emotions and thoughts form our life on an intellectual level but not on an emotional level. We cannot expect to succeed if the only time when we perceive reality correctly is when we are having a spiritual moment or reading a metaphysical book, but then fall back into the old ways when the going gets tough. The time has come when the only way we can go is forward.

If you really want to excel in life, train yourself to see your thoughts and emotions as being the primary reality of which your environment is an extension. Matter is a manifestation of emotional energy. Your life is the materialization of your emotional states and thoughts.

What could be better than to be able to consciously create the reality you want simply by holding positive thoughts and feelings? When you change your perception of reality and see your thoughts and emotions as the real events, and physical reality the effect, you are not only perceiving reality correctly, but you are becoming powerful.

Scientific studies using Random Event Generators show that people who believe everything is connected have better results when willing events to happen. This tells us that our worldview or perspective directly impacts our ability to manifest. If you think of things and events as being separated from you in space with no internal connection (Newtonian Physics), it’s harder to believe your thoughts could affect the environment. When we hold this belief our thoughts have less power to manifest.

Young children feel their thoughts to be connected to events. If we do the same while holding an intellectual belief system that supports the premise that thoughts create matter, then we become more effective at manifesting our thoughts and desires. Perceive your life to be simple and easy and it will increasingly become so.

If we perceive reality as being wonderful and magical as young children do, miracles become everyday occurrences.  When we change our perspective, we master the ability to create our grandest dreams and visions. Hold a positive perspective/attitude consistently and you master life.

Make your positive thoughts and emotions as intense as you can. And be consistent. The realization that your emotions and thoughts are the primary reality, combined with vivid positive thoughts and emotions, gives your thoughts triple the power to manifest, allowing your dreams to begin to come true.

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