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What is Consciousness? All About Consciousness

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What is consciousness?

No experiment can rule out a theory if the theory provides for all possible outcomes. Consciousness creates all possibilities, because consciousness is the source of all realities.

Consciousness is not a result of mathematics, instead complex mathematics is a reflection of the inherent complexity of consciousness.

All matter in the universe is a manifestation of consciousness.

Consciousness Creates Matter Proof & Facts

Consciousness is a State of Matter: MIT

Only consciousness can create more consciousness. Consciousness cannot create anything that is non-consciousness or nonliving. There is no such thing as dead or nonliving matter.

Life doesn't enter into matter and fill it with life, because everything that exists is alive whether or not it is animated. Everything is composed of the life force we call consciousness.

A fetus, however, is composed of the consciousness of the mother until at a certain point the human spirit enters in. This can happen from shortly after conception to shortly after birth.

A speck of dust is a speck of consciousness molded into what we perceive to be a particle. But the appearance is the tip of the iceberg. Physicists know everything has a wave component, and this speaks to the greater reality of even the speck of dust.

The speck of dust is not conscious like a human, but it is composed of consciousness that exists everywhere, between and within all physical objects.

Non-consciousness cannot create consciousness. For one, as explained, there is no such thing as non-consciousness or unconscious.

A material apparatus cannot create artificial intelligence, for example. Consciousness cannot be created by anything physical.

Consciousness exists first and then manifests as time and space, as material objects such as human beings, and as subjective phenomena such as your soul and your thoughts.

The soul and the body are not independent states or phenomena. There is no mind-body dualism. The mind and body are more like opposite sides of the same coin. The body is of consciousness.

The cells have a non-physical counterpart. Each cell in your body exists first as a cell composed entirely of consciousness. This is the equivalent of what scientists call the wave state. The non-physical cell then manifest its physical form by appearing in the range of time-space.

Cells have a consciousness of their own which transcends our fixation in time. When you have an emotional reaction it is often a result of cellular recognition of a past or future event which was either traumatic or pleasurable.

The complexity we see in nature and in quantum physics is a result of the complexity of consciousness. The complexity of atomic structure is a mirror image of the complexity of the consciousness of which it is composed and created out of.

Consciousness is like clay that can be formed into any kind of object or phenomena. It is an amazing substance that becomes whatever it imagines itself to be.

The original causal substance of reality is consciousness.  Nothing can exist outside of consciousness because consciousness cannot create anything that is not consciousness.

Consciousness cannot create anything that is not what it is. It can only multiply that which it is. You can't get oranges from grapes.

Consciousness creates more consciousness in that consciousness manifests in unlimited ways as dimensions such as our familiar time-space, material and non-material phenomena.

Consciousness is the original causal substance and is all that exists. Anything created out of consciousness is a substrate of consciousness and will reflect the characteristics of the formative consciousness. But they are not two different things, and one is not independent of the other.

An object is a state of consciousness. An object is a camouflage. It is not what it appears to be. Any object is directly connected to the entire universe. Like holographic film, the whole is enfolded in each of its parts.

Exploration in the future will be inward.  When consciousness travels inward it opens up to  outer realities.  Time-space dimensions are created from within and then exteriorize.

Consciousness exists in a non-material state as your mind, your thoughts and all your subjective activity.

All consciousness is connected, yet individualized. All consciousness is an electromagnetic field.

Animal intuition is a different form of conscious focus, and is not inferior to human consciousness, just different

As confirmed by quantum mechanics, there is a single energy movement.

This single energy movement, an aspect of which is sometimes called a wave or field by scientists, is a single consciousness that existed prior to any physical constructions.

There is no time. This single energy movement or consciousness always existed. Everything is formed out of this consciousness.

Einstein on Time

All identities such as you and me, and all physical realities have always existed in latent form within this single consciousness.

Consciousness & identity 

Fundamental consciousness is a result of action within vitality attempting to maintain stability balanced by its desire for change and creation. Action within vitality steps apart from itself as we look in a mirror at our self and this creates awareness of itself, which is what I call fundamental consciousness.

From fundamental Consciousness another process occurs to create ego type consciousness, which is what we are.

Consciousness is action within vitality. Our kind of consciousness, what I call ego consciousness, is an attempt of spiritual consciousness to separate itself and view the rest of action within vitality as existing outside of itself.

NBC NEWS REPORT: Universe Is Conscious

As confirmed by quantum mechanics, there is a single energy movement. All that exists has always existed in latent form within this single consciousness.

Identity is separateness within unity. A mind is action within vitality stepping apart from itself and viewing itself as a separate unit. You, being identity, perceive the rest of reality as something that exists outside of yourself.

Our perception of time and space is limited. We narrow down an infinite reality of unlimited times and places to a small range that we are capable of perceiving and processing.

A moment is just a limited range of perception. What we call the past and future are what exists beyond what we can see within that range of perception.

It is ignorant to think that what we cannot see does not exist. The past and the future exist now, we just can't perceive either because our consciousness is an ego type consciousness which has limited perception and sees itself as separate and defined (limited).

Ego type consciousness is secure and can now expand to see more, and that is the next step in our conscious evolution.

Consciousness Definition & Nature

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The New Enlightenment

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The NEW Enlightenment is an extension of the original Enlightenment and is only getting started now.

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What is Consciousness? All About Consciousness

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Does quantum mechanics disprove materialism?

What is Consciousness? All About Consciousness

Does quantum mechanics disprove materialism?

Yes! The findings of quantum mechanics rejects traditional notions of a mechanical universe, often referred to as realistic philosophy.

The implication is that reality is basically non-physical and is a manifestation of consciousness.

Bell’s theorem proves that the official scientific mechanistic worldview of our civilization is inaccurate, in short, a myth.

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Non-local quantum mechanics governs over local physics. This is, in an anology, like national laws overriding local or state and town laws. The local (mechanical) laws apply in certain localities only.

Even orthodox science is confounded by the findings of quantum mechanics which strongly suggest that reality itself is non-local.

Materialism is a myth.

The laws of thermodynamics tell us that energy (in an isolated system) cannot be destroyed, only transformed. Many have taken this to imply that the universe must therefore be eternal. I take this to mean that consciousness forms matter.

Physical systems do not change physical systems. Energy, which is the universe itself, is a form of consciousness. Consciousness itself is indestructible and eternal.

Matter is a State of Consciousness: MIT

Rainbow of consciousness

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Rainbow of consciousness


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The universe itself is consciousness

The universe is a field of energy out of which ‘particles’ are formed. The energy of fields that forms events and objects itself contains almost unlimited information.

One quantum wave can hold 280 quintillion bits information.

That’s 280,000,000,000,000,000,000 bits of information!

This is enough to contain all your memories for an entire lifetime. In other words, physical matter has characteristics we normally attribute to consciousness or intelligence because it is.

wrong-psychologist-ogreOf course, if we don’t want to see what we don’t want to believe, we will ignore or discount the evidence.

Zero Point Field energy is consciousness emerging as matter. Virtual particles appear mysteriously out of an unknown dimension.


NBC NEWS REPORT: Universe Is Conscious

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A dead universe is a new idea

All pre-Western European and indigenous cultures believed that the entire universe was alive. The too-numerous-to-count nature gods of pre-western civilization are attempts to describe wave-particle duality.


The wave aspect is the primary reality, the particle state is secondary

Where do the hundreds of TV programs go when your TV is turned off? They are everywhere. The earth is blanketed by radio and TV signals. By using a physical TV to select one signal you collapse the field or wave into a specific particle―a movie or your favorite program you then watch.

In the same way, the primary universe is just an infinite field of consciousness (the wave-aspect). The field is always there.

EVERYTHING Is Made of Electromagnetic Fields


Our brains act like TV sets. They are the receivers picking up aspects of this field of consciousness and collapsing it into a body and physical matter.

The entire universe is an alive organism of intelligent light (consciousness) that can manifest infinite forms out of itself. The cosmos is a living consciousness.

You are a portion of that light manifesting as a particle in time-space.

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