Will America Become an Autocracy? Radical Far-Right Shift


Will America Become an Autocracy? Radical Far-Right Shift

  • Will America become an autocracy?
  • Will America turn into a radical far-right nation?

I will answer these questions now.


Update on 11/28/22:

United States Attorney General Merrick Garland should have already taken the former U.S. President Donald J. Trump to trial. His decision to appoint a special counsel may have been a mistake.

It is becoming evident that the failure of Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice requires a systemic overhaul of the Justice System. We have a plan that can save America from becoming an autocracy.

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More far-right attacks?

Does the Pelosi attack mean that we are going to see more politically motivated violence?

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A far-right republican nation?

Will America become a dictatorship if Trump is not indicted?

United States Attorney General Merrick Garland, should have indicted former U.S. President Donald J. Trump a long time ago.

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Why Trump is going to be indicted

The reasons why United States Attorney General Merrick Garland will likely bring Trump to trial soon. The United States Justice Department will indict and convict Trump.

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Far-right radical nation of violence and chaos

The Former Oath Keeper, Tatenhove said in the Jan. 6, hearing, that we should “call things for what they are,” and that “the Oath Keepers was s a paramilitary force that President Trump was engaging. This was an armed revolution that could have been a spark that started a civil war.”

The gallows set up for Mike Pence behind the U.S. Capital was “only a hint,” he says, “of what could have happened. We were lucky. It could have gotten much more violent.” With concern for his children’s future, he said “I fear for the world, what will happen if we do not hold these leaders accountable for their actions,” Said Van Tatenhove.

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Will America become an autocracy?

About half of Americans blame Democrats for the problems they are creating. When enough people are sure that everything is falling apart, they can create a self-fulfilling prophecy. The compounded nocebo effect of negative thinking can destroy our nation. America could become an autocracy because of the ignorance and blame of a failing far-right segment of the population that cannot accept responsibility for their own failure and/or misguided thinking and actions.

Will America become an autocracy with someone like Trump taking away our rights by 2030? Yes, it can happen. There is a possibility that America will fall to the radical far right as a republican Christian nation. The United States midterm elections may result in Democrats losing the house to Republicans. If Republicans take control the House of Representatives, America may gradually erode into an autocracy.

Battleground states are feared to be slipping to Republicans.


45 William Eastwood’s 45-years of research brings you a path to world peace

Will Trump Be Arrested.


News and conversation do not go deep enough, and so the problem persists. This book is the best Trump book in 2022 because it will help you to understand the underlying problem. Most Americans don’t have a clue as to what the underlying problem is. This book explains.

There is a path to world peace and a world without former U.S. President Donald J. Trump and the kind of politicians we have now.




Republicans will launch their own political investigation of the independent Department of Justice if they take control of the Senate in September — which by all definition is a witch hunt they are counting on in order to destroy our democracy.


They are the witch hunters, and like in the inquisition, everyone with different views is a witch.


Will America turn into a radical far-right nation?

America could turn into a radical far-right nation. About half of Americans want republicans back in control. This means that the country may turn into a radical far-right nation of backwards-sliding Christian authoritarians. Ignorant people blame Biden for problems they are creating. If enough people lack confidence in the economy, for example, this will cause people to spend less and hence trigger a recession. This is called a “self-fulfilling prophecy.”



45 William Eastwood’s 45-years of research brings the world a unique human rights document

Brand new release: Published on October 8th..

Brand new release: Published on October 8th.


To stop Putin’s war, solve our global problems and save democracies worldwide, we need this international constitution on which to base a new set of U.S. and international laws. In addition to providing legal protections, this book contains rare insights as to how you can stay safe no matter what is happening in the world around you.

Internal science has a solution.

By: Eastwood.



A scientific experiment

An alternative for people who do not support fascism and a psychopath as dangerous as Hitler and the Third Reich in 1938 GermanyRather than focusing attention on former U.S. President Donald J. Trump and the raw sewage that flows from his mouth, there may be another way to defeat Trump and protect yourself.

This science is also being applied to stop Putin from doing further damage, to protect people globally and to get grain to those in need.



A plan to save democracy and save the human race individuals from destruction
A WilliamEastwood.com website article.


The same basic kind of authoritarian beliefs are held by Vladimir Putin and former U.S. President Donald Trump. It is a doubly-negative far-right American hybrid belief system causing the nation’s division.


What causes all the Problems in Our World Today? Your Path to Personal Power
A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.


When a ruthless autocratic dictator like Trump is in power, he will certainly disallow a fair election to ensure that he holds on to power. He will take actions to change American laws to ensure that happens. The American Constitution will likely prevent a full collapse of the nation, but it could lead to a protracted period of Christian radicalism and backsliding.

When the Supreme Court took away the rights of women, it demonstrated that radical far right anti-democratic individuals have made it all the way to the highest court. If they also take control of both the Senate and the House, we are in danger.

I believe Trump will be arrested and did when I wrote the book, but Merrick Garland is taking far too long to indict Trump, and this is a problem.


45 William Eastwood's 45-years of research brings you a path to world peace & a global democracy


There is a path to world peace & global democracy


What rights will the Supreme Court take away next List of everything you will lose democracy
A ThoughtsFormMatter.com website article.


The January 6th attack was a coup attempt by right-wing militants motivated by former President Trump’s lie that the election was stolen. Trumps success in breaking down public confidence in our electoral integrity demonstrates one of the greatest dangers facing our nation. Our democracy depends on faith in our democratic elections. Without that kind of faith, a democracy cannot function.


“Trump and his supporters are a clear and present threat to our democracy.”

— Highly respected Republican Judge J. Michael Luttig

They are planning on overthrowing the United States of America again in 2024.

[The efforts made to overturn the 2020 election] “…by the former president were the product of the most reckless, insidious, and calamitous failures in both legal and political judgment in American history.”

— Republican Judge J. Michael Luttig


A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.


If far-right republicans do not have faith in our democratic elections, and distrust others, we have a double jeopardy. If people are willing to believe a lie, they will take measures that they wouldn’t otherwise take, and some may be quite drastic.


Find out if Trump is guilty. Latest select committee investigation findings.
A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.


A ruthless dictator is a person who will justify cruelty because he believes that his enemies are subhuman or despicable. Authoritarians, by definition, are those who believe that some people are superior to others. It is this kind of thinking that represents a threat to our nation and rights.


world's thinking is wrong If our civilization is going to continue how do we change it
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The reason why people cannot learn is because of cognitive dissonance coupled with the fact that they see what they want to see.


A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.


What is Causing all our Problems in Our World Today? Your Path to Personal Power
MindOverMatterPower.com website article.


A plan to save democracy and save the human race individuals from destruction
A WilliamEastwood.com website article.


Republicans and Trump supporters are shocked and offended by a legal search of a private residence for the purpose of protecting our democracy from an ongoing coup attempt to overthrow the United States by a fascist more unhinged and threatening than Hitler in 1938 Germany.

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We all knew that former President Donald J. Trump is insane, and now it may be playing out in the courts. If Trump’s legal team continue to fail, Trump will go to jail or prison for espionage before he goes to jail or prison for  the January 6th Capitol Attack.

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06/28/22 update: The January 6th Committee presented the sixth televised hearing and it was as compelling as the other five:

Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani had a meeting with Trump on the 4th and immediately afterwards tells White House staffer Cassidy Hutchinson, January 6th “will be great.” Mark Meadows says “things might get real, real bad.” Hutchinson, who had supported Trump and his agenda, was disgusted by what she learned and described Trump as “indecent, vile and uncivil.

AR-15s and Glocks — semi-automatic rifles and pistols — were reported in the crowd at the Ellipse White House visitor’s center.

Trump said, “I don’t effing care that they have weapons… Let my people in…. Take the effing mags away,” [metal detectors] according to Hutchinson.

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We don’t know if America will become a far-right autocracy by 2030. Yes, it can happen.


William Eastwood new science Protecting you from cults
A MindOverMatterPower.com website article.


A Canadian newspaper warned Canadians that American democracy may collapse and that Canada must get ready. Canadian political scientist Thomas Homer Dixon paints a bleak picture for America, and for the first time, many are listening.

By looking at what may ensue we may so shocked as to take drastic action and solve the problem.

The Republican party is as much to blame as Trump because they are rigging the electoral process in order to steal the next election. They have positioned people in state governments to overturn the elections in each state if Democrats win.


Even if we were to arrest and imprison both Trump and Putin, if we don’t solve the underlying problem, more people like Trump and Putin will show up.



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See 1979 press interview on this site.

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45 years later

Thoughts create matter International philosophy and internal science
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The president of the United States says that Vladimir Putin may trigger a nuclear “Armageddon. A potentially catastrophic climate emergency threatens our very survival, democracies across the globe are under attack, the UN warns us of a coming world food shortage and the World Bank says a world recession looms.

All these problems stem from external science, when an internal science gives us the solutions we so desperately need. — William Eastwood



David Bohm, Einstein's friend and one of the most important 20th century physicists that said there is not sharp distinction between thoughts and matter
Einstein's friend, David Bohm.


Physicist David Bohm, — who Albert Einstein called “a kindred spirit,” and whose Ph.D. thesis — being top secret and classified — was awarded at the University of California at Berkeley by none other than Robert Oppenheimer — tells us that our reality is a holographic projection of the mind.

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Eastwood has what he has been working a lifetime toward.


He has a working solution to world problems.


Released in October of 2022.



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Our world's problems are symptoms of a flawed model rather than flawed people. If Vladimir Putin was to suddenly believe that human nature is good, for example, the war he has going in Ukraine would cease.


At the next level you achieve the ultimate

Our civilization is entering into a new period of history. Those who do not learn will become "victims" of great earth changes and a reorganization. There will be a new constitution and new laws for those who follow the higher path. They will not be affected by the calamities, chaos and catastrophes others will meet in dire circumstances.

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The ALTRUISM CODE is the legal basis of a new civilization. The altruism code which originated with William Eastwood, lays the foundation of human altruism in law. "Consciousness is altruistic and consciousness can change our world." — William Eastwood.

This book lays out everything you will need to know to be safe and to go to the next level.





Civilization is in transition. Great sweeping changes will take place. If you take this path you will not be adversely affected by planetary reorganization.

"The Altruism Code - Your Protection" — A Constitution for a new civilization. Which side are you on?


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Brand new release: Published on October 8th.


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THE ALTRUISM CODE  is a reset button for civilization. Lets put an end to cruelty in the world and begin creating something better.

Seeming evils from the war in Ukraine to evictions, incarcerations and lawsuits are symptoms of a flawed model rather than flawed people.

I can show you how to achieve any goal and solve the world's problems using international philosophy, which is based on the facts of internal science.


A plan to save democracy and save the human race individuals from destruction
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A new civilization has to begin somewhere.

Thoughts create matter affirms your intrinsic rights in law code
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William Eastwood founded Earth Network of Altruistic, Autonomous Individuals in 2000. This was the initial but not the last initiative.

The altruistic movement

If we implement the new science, where does this lead?

altruistic movement by William Eastwood Earth Network for a better world future earth civilization
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The new enlightenment meaning history you are good altruistic movement
A MindFormsMatter.com website article.

Distrust is creating chaos

The same distrust of human nature that caused the great Indus civilization to unravel formed the emerging basis of Western civilization with its wars and power structures. International Philosophy explains that we incorrectly assume that humans have always been warlike because we read history through the filter of our distrust-based Western paradigm.

The Indus and other ancient civilizations such as Coral Peru were peaceful democracies that had no wars or central religion because they were built on human altruism and trust of other humans. Western beliefs like those embodied by the former U.S. president and Vladimir Putin brought about the downfall of these early civilizations.

Distrust of human nature and democracy is the threat that will destroy our civilization as explained at length in The Solution…and several of my other books. We see distrust threatening to throw America into chaos. American Democracy may be something "that once was" by as early as 2024 if we do not take immediate measures to save our country and civilization. My plan to save democracy is a long-term solution based on bringing back the trust of human nature.



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Find out if Trump is guilty. Latest select committee investigation findings.
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greatest news story and scientific discovery William Eastwood science
A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.


Inflammatory words and attacks can spread and reinforce division in the same way a virus spreads itself. Our country is afflicted by a kind of social virus most of us are unaware of yet not necessarily immune to.

This article explains why former President Donald Trump will be indicted, arrested and sent to prison.

Why it is taking so long?

There is one thing that can be done to stop the process. This book reveals what it is and can help to unify the world.



Will America Become an Autocracy? Radical Far-Right Shift

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Will America Become an Autocracy? Radical Far-Right Shift

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