WILL TRUMP LOSE HIS TRIAL? What is Happening Now? Will Trump Be Convicted?

Eastwood Interview.

The author of this article, William Eastwood, worked for a Yale University professor on a secret invention at a private research and development facility at age 13. This is documented in the public record.

Eastwood's 45 year study / 25 books reveal that intensity, conditions and other factors determine when your thoughts are projected into events. He has a daily post to help you create the life you desire.

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Eastwood is a political oracle referred to as "The Dragon Slayer. His Trump book is full of predictions.



WILL TRUMP LOSE HIS TRIAL? What is Happening Now? Will Trump Be Convicted?

  • Will Trump lose his trial?
  • What is happening now?
  • Will Trump be convicted?

I will answer these questions now.


Former President Donald J. Trump will be charged with sedition and murder and he will lose his trial whenever it happens.


“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

― Albert Einstein.


When will former US President Donald J. Trump be indicted? Why is it taking so long?


Updated on 3/25/23:

Why hasn’t Trump been subpoenaed, indicted or in any way been held accountable for his crimes? We can’t blame the courts or the DOJ. It’s Trump himself we must look at. Trump’s beliefs give him immunity.

Beliefs do have energy and power to affect outcomes.

Trump’s immunity claim is a reflection of his beliefs. Trump has not yet been arrested because his belief system has given him immunity from the law. Now that his beliefs are challenged, so too are his protections. Subpoenas and indictments are in his future.

Who is suing Trump for January 6th? How has Trump’s beliefs protected him from prosecution?

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Tired of Trump, Putin and war?


Where we solve all world problems, including your own.

Inner UN where the work to solve world problems is done
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This project is based on the Internal Science of the 20th century’s most influential theoretical physicist, David Bohm. Physicist David Bohm, — who Albert Einstein called “a kindred spirit,” and whose Ph.D. thesis — being top secret and classified — was awarded at the University of California at Berkeley by none other than Robert Oppenheimer — gives us the science on which this humanitarian outreach is based.


Article resumes.


12/13/22 UPDATE:

Special Counsel Jack Smith is acting on behalf of the Justice Department’s investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 election and the U.S. Capitol attack on January 6, 2021 with increasing velocity and momentum.

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12/07/22 UPDATE:

TRUMP COMPANIES FOUND GUILTY! How does this impact Former U.S. President Donald J. Trump? What will happen to Trump as a result of the family business guilty verdict?  Will Trump be indicted or arrested?

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12/05/22 UPDATE:

What kind of president attacks his country’s constitution? Trump is running for president. Attacking the greatest constitution in the world is the best decision if you are trying to lose votes. 

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Update on 11/28/22:

United States Attorney General Merrick Garland should have already subpoenaed, indicted and arrested former U.S. President Donald J. Trump, and his decision to appoint a special counsel may have been a mistake.

It is becoming evident that the failure of Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice requires a systemic overhaul of the entire Justice System before Trump does it.

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Update on 11/16/22.

Action v. non-action and what it means for the future

If missiles were fired at New York, the military would respond immediately or we would all be in peril. The situation is similar. Trump poses a real threat and continued non-action is pure delirium. Trump must be indicted, arrested and sent to prison for sedition and murder, but when will it happen?

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More far-right attacks?

Does the Pelosi attack mean that we are going to see more politically motivated violence?

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A far-right republican nation?

Will America become a dictatorship if Trump is not indicted?

United States Attorney General Merrick Garland, should have indicted former U.S. President Donald J. Trump a long time ago.

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Why Trump is going to be indicted

The reasons why United States Attorney General Merrick Garland will likely bring Trump to trial soon. The United States Justice Department will indict and convict Trump.

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The human race is in the most important transition since the birth of self-consciousness

The chaos in the world today will likely get a lot worse before things get better. It's up to you to protect yourself. You cannot fix a problem that you do not understand. Physicalism is not working.


Trump will be indicted and sent to prison prediction
The Inner UN.


The president of the United States says that Vladimir Putin may trigger a nuclear “Armageddon. A potentially catastrophic climate emergency threatens our very survival, democracies across the globe are under attack, the UN warns us of a coming world food shortage and the World Bank says a world recession looms.


Knowledge is power, and protection

The same thing that caused the great Indus civilization to collapse is causing our civilization to begin to fail. Western beliefs like those embodied by the former U.S. president and Vladimir Putin brought about the downfall of this early civilization.



Your consciousness creates your reality and your thoughts create matter
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"Trump and Putin are symptoms of a bigger problem."

— William Eastwood, founder of:


What can be done when the world has become a cult?

Much of the world has been poisoned by destructive misconceptions about reality and human nature. People see what they want to see.

The many challenges facing humanity at this time — an overcrowded planet, climate change, war, food shortages, divisiveness, personal economic struggle, inflation, the pandemic, health issues, mental disorders and emotional suffering — are all a result of one thing.

"Everything people think and believe is projected into reality. Help us wake the world up and begin a new chapter in human history."

— William Eastwood.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump and his base represent a specific paradigm of beliefs. Trump has evaded prosecution because of his belief system. His beliefs form his reality.



Thoughts create matter presents William Eastwood 2023



I am offering the world something that actually works

Thoughts create matter presents William Eastwood
William Eastwood.

When it comes to improving the human condition, helping people to achieve their goals, and solving world problems, the more conventional approaches don't work — they are what got us into trouble in the first place. I am offering something different that will stop violence, division, unhappiness, illness, and will allow people to create their dreams with ease.



Your beliefs protect you regardless of their accuracy. If this was not true, people would not see what they want to see. That phrase really means, “People create what they believe.” It's the placebo and nocebo effect scientists are aware of but do not fully understand.


An American President may go to prison: Why is this happening?

The conflict is at the heart of the danger we face. More is going on than meets the eye.


Does consciousness create matter thoughts form reality Trump conflict
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Trump will be Indicted, Arrested and Sent to Prison book
Trump will be indicted, arrested and sent to prison.


In his book, Eastwood reveals the reasons why Trump has not yet gone to prisonIn 2020 Eastwood predicted that Trump would eventually be indicted and sent to prison.





The drama we see playing out on the news is a scientific manifestation of collective beliefs. What happens to Trump himself is a product of an array of conscious and subconscious beliefs Trump holds.



EASTWOOD (predicted what is happening now years ago)

Trump will be Indicted, Arrested and Sent to Prison book
Trump will be indicted, arrested and sent to prison.

Trump reflects the cynicism of a growing body of people in America who degrade and destroy as a way of life.

People who degrade others as a way of dealing with their own frustrations blame the problems they cause on those they do not like. This book explains the real problem.





Many of Trump’s beliefs are derogatory and incorrect, yet they still have prevented him from being more severely harmed by the multitude of agencies attempting to hold him accountable for trying to overthrow American democracy and the United States of America.



What are Trump's beliefs that protect him from indictment and arrest?
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Trump will be indicted, arrested and sent to prison

Trump will be indicted, and he will go to trial and lose.

Trump will be indicted, arrested and sent to prison.
Trump will be indicted, arrested and sent to prison.




Eastwood is a political oracle referred to as "The Dragon Slayer. His Trump book is full of predictions.


Dragons hold us back
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What causes all the Problems in Our World Today? Your Path to Personal Power
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The unthinkable

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can Putin be stopped disempowered murdered impaired sabotaged
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You can prove anything.
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Thoughts create matter gives you a way to stay safe in all situations.
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William Eastwood new science Protecting you from cults
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Published in October 2022.


A world constitution and a powerful source-code for a new system of U.S. and international law. A unifying principle to unite the world.



Help create world peace.

how do we create world peace stay safe help others stop war
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The secret power of your thoughts universal principles
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45 years of research goes into every publication


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Why was "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium," so important in world history?

"De revolutionibus orbium coelestium," was important because from it we learned that the earth was not the center of the universe. The same thing is happening again. We are learning that the universe is not what we thought it was.



Previous reporting:


Trump was acquitted. There were not enough republican votes to convict him, even though the evidence of his guilt is overwhelming. Trump, however, may still be convicted in criminal courts for other criminal actions.

There has never been a situation in the history of the United States where we were teetering between being an autocracy and a democracy. This is no longer all about Donald Trump. The republican party is trying to steal the country and create a totalitarian government.

It is important to understand how calculated Trump’s assault on the White House was, and his focused and precise objectives going into his insurrection.

The timing of the attack on the White House was precise. Trump ushered in his angry mob at precisely the point in time when all the Democrats  were present in the White House. Furthermore, Congress was in session to certify the election result. It was known that if the certification was halted and certain Democrats assassinated as intended, that the United States would no longer be secure as a democracy. Donald Trump probably intended to invoke military rule, and without the election being certified, would have remained in power.

Will Trump steal the country and Democracy? What is the possibility of all-out civil war?



Educated people know what autocracies are like inside places like Syria and Afghanistan. That’s why they do not like Trump, they do not want our country to end up like Syria or Afghanistan!  Share this with your friends and loved ones so that they know what it will be like. We need to protect our friends and those we love. It can happen here, the Republicans are already half way there.

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Help support democracy, our planet and the survival of the human race!




Someone has been telling you this for years.


Trump will be Indicted, Arrested and Sent to Prison book
Trump will be indicted, arrested and sent to prison.

A powerful underlying threat


As previously reported,

What is happening now?

What is happening now? It is looking much worse for Trump now because of the clear and powerful case against him. It is hardly possible to even have a stronger legal case for incitement of resurrection against a president.

This is an ironclad case, and if it were not for republican dissent, would result in an immediate verdict of guilty. Trump would be prevented from ever holding public office again. However, republican senators also need to be impeached in a trial. We have a large scale coup attempt in which a significant portion of the republican party is complicit.

Because it was recently reported that Trump wanted to replace acting Attorney General with a loyalist to advance his baseless election fraud claims, it is likely that Trump will lose his trial and be convicted. The consensus is that this plot was insane, guaranteed to fail and that Trump will lose his second impeachment trial as a result.

McConnnell privately says that he wants Trump gone. This is also a strong indicator that Trump will lose his trial.

However, many republicans appear to be regressing. More republicans have recently realigned with the war against Democracy by believing that Trump will be acquitted. They are doing so for political reasons. They want to appease the brainwashed base in southern states primarily who believe in the alternative reality that Trump has sold them.


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Why was "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium," so important in world history?

"The Solution..." has the intrigue of Nicolaus Copernicus's "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium," a book that was important because from it we learned that the earth was not the center of the universe.

Now another paradigm-shift is taking place, and "The Solution..." has many similarities to Copernicus's book.

"The human race is in the most important transition since the birth of self-consciousness." — William Eastwood.

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This unique book has the potential to stop violence, division, unhappiness, destructive institutions and even illness, and will instead create peace and prosperity for humanity.

More importantly, Eastwood's book tells you exactly how to create wealth, money, love, health and everything desirable based on his formula derived largely from the science of theoretical physicist, David Bohm, a former colleague and friend of Albert Einstein.


The intrigue, the mystery... what is so important about this book?

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Eastwood's 450 page debut.

"The Solution..." has the intrigue of Nicolaus Copernicus's "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium," a book that changed the universe.

"We can literally change the course of civilization by lifting the race to a higher path through implementing the solution." — Mario Fusco, TH.D., RS.D, B.S.C.


The Rosenthal effect explains why scientists can prove their theories even if they are incorrect! This is the reason for dangerous fake news and division in America.

Eastwood does not use scientific terminology that is difficult to understand. Every book he writes tells you how to create what you want in life in a plain and simple language that anyone in any country can understand. 

Why is Eastwood someone we should listen to?

Is it because he worked for a Yale professor in a research and development facility on a mysterious invention at age 13 — a modern version of an astrolabe accurate enough to be used by surveyors?

Not necessarily. But it does make you wonder what this kind of person wants to tell you after 45 years of research into the real cause of humanity's problems and the science of someone Albert Einstein worked with and defended at Princeton.

Do not neglect the solution to all of humanity's problems and the secret to creating the life you want! Everything you need to know to create anything and solve any problem, public or private. Get “The Solution...” now, and add it to your best book collection!

"People who go around learning on their own often turn out to be pretty interesting themselves." — Carolyn Battista, 1979 interview of Eastwood at age 16.


A book that is the solution to all your problems


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What prison or jail will Trump have to go to and for how long? The reason why former President Donald Trump has not yet been sent to prison has to do with his beliefs.

For the most part, violence and school shootings are a result of beliefs.

How do we save democracy from radicals?

Rather than offer something constructive or logical, many leaders feel it is more effective to tap into an underlying collective negativity and use that to harm those who disagree with them. So strong is this negativity that it caused the thinking behind the Capitol attack on January 6th, 2021. A new way to save democracy.

Will Trump go to trial and lose? When will Trump will be subpoenaed, indicted, arrested and sent to jail.

The January 6th Committee hearings have shown the American public exactly how Trump attempted to overthrow the United States of America. Will Trump go to jail?

Jan. 6th Select Committee latest developments.

Negative beliefs about human nature led to the Capitol attack.

Trump will be indicted, arrested and sent to prison if U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland does his job.

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What rights are the Supreme Court taking away from you next?


Former U.S President Donald J. Trump.

I wrote a book on former U.S. President Donald J. Trump to provide a unique perspective that shows what is happening rather than blaming.

Why did we create this reality and where are we headed? Why do so many people create this situation with their thinking? Can we reach them? What needs to be done to bring the world together?

If you want to know the answers to these questions and stay safe in tumultuous times, get this book and learn all you can. This information is not in the news, you will only get it here.

In politics, degradation and violence are not more effective than constructive words or programs to help people except to people who are angry at the world and blame others for their problems.

If you wonder who will they prosecute next or want to know how to stop Trump and save democracy, you can protect yourself from bullies and violent attacks.

Inflammatory words and attacks can spread and reinforce division in the same way a virus spreads itself. Our country is afflicted by a kind of social virus most of us are unaware of yet not necessarily immune to.

This article explains why former President Donald Trump will be indicted, arrested and sent to prison.

Why it is taking so long?

There is one thing that can be done to stop the process. This book can cause an opposite effect to unify the world.

A plan to save democracy (The stronger post on WilliamEastwood.com).

A plan to save democracy (ThoughtsCreateMatter.com).

Is this a civil war? Are Trump allies creating a civil war?

Our Trump riot article has remained #1 on Bing since it was published during the riot. You can learn more about the greatest crime in history and how far-right radicals pose a continuing risk to Democracy. There is a way to protect ourselves from more Capitol attacks and radical authoritarians.

Learn about the kind of future Trump’s beliefs would lead to.


If a civil war or a war between Russia and the U.S. occurs you can avoid it using new science principles. Could a Russian invasion of Ukraine turn into a war between the U.S. and Russia? ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article on Russian attack of Ukraine.


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Conscious co-creation can be used to solve all problems in life, to become a millionaire, and to advance more rapidly.

Mind over matter is simply a statement of how reality works. Understanding the basic science that is accepted by all physicists tells us that particles do not exist, only fields of information.

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The insanity has a cause, which is provided in my books and over 100 free articles.


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Will Trump lose his trial?

Will Trump lose his trial?

According to the New York Times there is strong evidence Trump conspired to overturn election results. Trump and a Department of Justice lawyer plotted to get rid of the acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to replace him with Mr. Clark to improperly use the Justice Department to overturn the Georgia election results. This is criminal fraud that will be exposed in Trump’s trial.

Trump wanted DOJ to just say there was an ongoing investigation. This would have had a huge impact and ripple effect.

This is more evidence of his effort to hold onto power by means of a fundamental attack on our Democracy. It is now highly likely that Trump will lose his trial.

Will Trump be convicted?

Based on what is happening now it is much more likely that Trump will be convicted. This is evidence of a real plan and plot to conspire to defraud the American public and to steal the state of Georgia election result.

Department of justice officials refused to be complicit. They stood up to Trump. This happened at the time Bar resigned. This is nothing short of criminal activity that will lead to a conviction.

It is likely that more republican senators will go along with democrats to convict Trump in his impeachment trial.

With more evidence and a conviction almost assured, will violent attacks continue? The short answer is, “yes.”

This horrible man and his corrupt senate supporters were not able to destroy our democracy. However, the fire he created will continue to rage.

With the conviction of Trump, his cult following will be incensed and will want to defend their cult leader.

A possible solution to all these problems

Something else is happening while US problems intensify. There is another perspective on all of this that stems from quantum mechanics and a new science emerging at this time in history. Potentially this new science could solve America’s divide and many if not all the problems in the news, both public and private.


A new science necessary to describe true reality.

Why are Trump supporters still planning violent attacks?

The expertise expressed within this article is coming from a specialized knowledge of psychology and quantum mechanics. This is new information not many are privy to. Those who want to do more than skim the surface of national and international problems may want to think deeply about what I am about to say.

New science explains why Trump will be impeached and will lose his trial. New science tells us why Trump will be convicted. But more importantly, the new science within this article explains why all of this has happened.

The reason why millions of Americans have accepted an alternative reality is due to specific underlying beliefs that are homegrown. There has been a rise in extremism in the U.S. because of trends in thinking. These trends are negative and are based on specific negative beliefs that are particularly American.


The biggest problem in the world today. President Trump is an authoritarian.


Authoritarianism is the biggest challenge the world faces at this time time history. But authoritarianism is a result of the real underlying problem.

The core belief on which our civilization is based is the idea that human nature is tainted, flawed or both, and therefore cannot be trusted. It is this conviction on which the perceptions and biases of radicalized Americans proliferate.

“They are all lying! The election was rigged! ,” they shouted as they stormed the Capitol even though it is well known that this may have been the most secure election in history! These are concepts growing out of a distrust of human nature that has been developing in the psyches of these individuals. It is a core belief finding a specific explanation or branch to roost on.

Beliefs are so strong that they overlay reality. These events are evidence that the new science of consciousness is accurate.

There is a very specific and definite scientific process involved. I warned the world about the problem in America in the first of my recent 11 books, “The Solution to All of Humanity’s Problems…”


What is really driving fake new and division? Click here to find out.


A superior method that will work for any problem or deficiency.


Eastwood’s group of solutions for humanity.


We are in a transitional period, also referred to as paradigm-shift.


Click on image to learn more.

Underlying reason for conflict and attacks

Beliefs dictate perception and determine individual experience and behavior. Ignorant people are easy to radicalize, and this is what Trump has done by telling lies in the same way Hitler did 1939 Germany.

College educated people did not elect him, the least educated in rural America did.


Fireworks expresses the explosive creativity and beauty of consciousness



Primary article concludes here.





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Thoughts Create Matter international philosophy


WILL TRUMP LOSE HIS TRIAL? What is Happening Now? Will Trump Be Convicted?

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WILL TRUMP LOSE HIS TRIAL? What is Happening Now? Will Trump Be Convicted?


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Classic dictator and bully tactics

Trump is appealing to the frustrations and fear of a segment of the population that cannot keep up with humanity’s progress. His base seeks a return to a more primitive era of less liberty and more strict patriarchal control.

This is why we can’t solve our problems.