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The altruism code is a code of law and life. The author applies the Altruism Code to our legal system and to your life. Based on the worlds greatest scientific minds, the altruism code, is the centerpiece of a new understanding of reality.

We will revamp our civilization, our legal system, and lives with the altruism code.

The most brilliant physicist in the worlds says that reality is not at all what we have always believed it was. Do we listen to him, or do we just write it off?

William Eastwood has tested this new view of reality for 50 years. His results have been most startling. Now he applies these findings to amend our legal system, and to usher in a new civilization.

with practical advice for you on how to create what you want in life and stay safe from harm.

According to this science, this is the only way to be afforded protection in all circumstances in life. It is the ultimate guidebook for everyone, including lawyers and defendants.