THOUGHTS CREATE REALITY: Many Are Clueless & Stuck In Ignorance & Myth



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How-can-does-consciousness-thought-create-form-reality-matter-spinning-earthTHOUGHTS CREATE REALITY.

Many Are Clueless & Stuck in Ignorance & Myth.


Why don’t people believe thoughts create matter?

People want and need to believe what they were taught, but what they learned is based on sixteenth-century science which Nobel Prize winner’s findings and quantum physics proves wrong.


How can my thoughts create matter?

The entire universe is thought energy, even matter. According to laws of physics, when thoughts reach a certain intensity they create matter in the same way water forms ice.

How does consciousness form into matter?

Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions create conscious units which grow and combine in your subconscious. When they reach sufficient intensity they manifest as events or objects in your life.


Simultaneous time means the past is not done with. All people and all places that have ever existed and all that shall exist in the future exist now.

All actions and all events reside within the inner levels of reality which form this dimension. Think of the majority as fish in a puddle who do not believe there is an ocean, or a caterpillar that refuses to believe that it will turn into a butterfly.

The inner world from which we come contains all time. We draw from this infinite pool of reality to form our current experience according to our beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

So many people spend their lives facing the fact that they are going to get old and die, and all their childhood moments will be gone forever. They are quite incorrect in thinking that.

All events in all times exist now and continue to evolve. All events are eternal and indestructible.


There are many levels of reality.

The physical world is the most superficial and seemingly restricted area. Physical reality is a beautiful place, but it is not a fundamental reality. This entire dimension is a result of what goes on within other levels of existence.

The inner world (levels) is where the actual work of constructing events is done. The medium which forms this reality is not matter, but consciousness.

David Bohm is correct in his concept of dimensions. And Everett Hugh is also correct in his assessment of many worlds. And both know intelligent energy forms these spheres of existence.

Dimensions exist within the whole in the same way layers exist within an onion. The whole onion is made of consciousness.

Thoughts-create-many-lives-dimensionsConsciousness is that magical substance that can become anything. It is so highly intelligent that it can form itself into matter-systems as well as realities made of other components we are not familiar with.

What is important for you to know is that your personal daily reality is manufactured within the inner framework of existence. We can’t really understand anything until we realize this basic truth.

The larger area in which we primarily reside is the inner or spiritual framework. Our main consciousness is there. We are an offshoot here, but there are no divisions. You really are the whole self, you just don’t have that awareness at this level.

This reality is only possible by the hallucination of separateness. While it is true that individuality is real, eternal and indestructible, the ego self exists within the whole self in the same way a state exists within a country. Without states there would be no country.

Consciousness is all there is, and consciousness forms all worlds, including this one. The internal world creates and  encompasses the physical world. Look around you. Everything is inside. There is no outside.

Outside of physics, most scientists are unaware of this true nature of reality. Consciousness created this situation of seeming separation from the whole in order to create this dimension. However, the plan was to regain awareness of true reality.

A successful civilization must become aware of all of this. Most problems cannot be solved within the myths by which the establishment and civilization is operating.

This knowledge needs to be know now by all. You will be able to advance conceptually, spiritually and in your life when you understand reality. You will not really advance on any level to any significant degree until you embrace this awareness.

We cannot continue to make errors and succeed. To continue within the current paradigm is to make blatant errors. And that is why I am pointing out the errors our institutions and people are making.

You can’t get to a destination in New York with a map of London. It just doesn’t work. Trying harder to make it work is useless and futile. We have to get rid of the wrong map and get the right map.

Understanding reality, multiple dimensions and probabilities is the right map. Understanding that you create your life by what you believe, think and feel is the right map.

Every decision you make creates another you in another universe. However, all these probable selves represent the whole self. The whole self is who you really are.


According to physics (and what I have always believed) there are no definite physical locations, with definite divisions between environments and objects.

Other dimensions coexist in the same space you are in now. You do not see the people walking by in those realities only because you are not attuned to those frequencies. If you change your beliefs you will change what you experience as reality.

Our thoughts create the illusion of time, space & matter and they can free us from all restrictions.

The past does not create our reality, our thoughts create our reality.

The number of physicists that now accept the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics is huge. But we still need a lot of professionals and others to join the ranks.

This is treated as a theory by most, and few practice a philosophy of conscious creation based on the true nature of reality. We need to apply this knowledge in practical terms.

Create Quantum Doors to Your Desires

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The world’s greatest universities like Yale and Harvard, and our medical institutions, are all based on fantasy.

Is that a disturbing thought to you?

The fundamental premise on which the official worldview is built is nothing but a child’s fairy tale.

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. “

— Albert Einstein.

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