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Starve problems by becoming positive. Remind yourself that as you give less attention to your problems that you are starving them of energy. This causes them to gradually begin to dissipate, and eventually disappear. At the same time more of everything good and desirable begins coming your way. Your overall experience improves in quality.

It is now easier for you to advance in the specific areas you want to see improvements. You find that it becomes increasingly easy to manifest what you want. With a mind cleared of negative energy and impeding thoughts, professional, financial and social opportunities present themselves with greater frequency. Small gains are replaced by exponential leaps and bounds.

With a positive mind it is easier to manifest your wishes and desires. When you set out to manifest something, your beginning point is already halfway to the goal. Less effort is needed.

You don’t have to spend so much time visualizing or whatever it is you do to manifest what you want. You expend half the energy for twice the result.

As new groves are etched in your psyche all roads lead to success. New neuron pathways become super-highways for manifesting what you want.

Ultimately what you want happens effortlessly as a byproduct of living and enjoying yourself. You have become a master at manifesting.

Success is really just mind over matter! Now everything you touch turns to gold.

Just think about the immense power you wield over reality when you are positive! No force in the universe is more powerful than your thoughts and emotions. A brief but intense positive state of mind can change the outcome of your entire life.

The  universe is predisposed toward the creation of positive events. Once you get the ball rolling all forces inner and outer line up to do your will. The highest level of success becomes maintainable.

Success is inner integrity more so than outer material gain and stature, however, both are within your reach and obtainable if you apply these power principles.

At the next level you achieve the ultimate

Our civilization is entering into a new period of history. Those who do not learn will become "victims" of great earth changes and a reorganization. There will be a new constitution and new laws for those who follow the higher path. They will not be affected by the calamities, chaos and catastrophes others will meet in dire circumstances.

Go beyond common belief and join me on the next level. 

Brand new release: Published on October 8th.

The ALTRUISM CODE is the legal basis of a new civilization. The altruism code which originated with William Eastwood, lays the foundation of human altruism in law. "Consciousness is altruistic and consciousness can change our world." — William Eastwood.

This books lays out everything you will need to know to be safe and to go to the next level.




Brand new release: Published on October 8th.


Civilization is in transition. Great sweeping changes will take place. If you take this path you will not be adversely affected. We will be creating a new civilization.

"The Altruism Code - Your Protection" — A Constitution for a new civilization