EN "Your thoughts can and do create matter," says William Eastwood, who worked with a Yale University professor at a private research facility at age 13.


  • What is the holographic universe?
  • What does journey out of the illusion mean?

I will answer these questions now.


What is The Holographic Universe?

The holographic universe represents the science and intellectual understanding that will keep you safe and destroy ignorance.
Acquire wisdom.

The holographic universe is a scientific concept / paradigm discovered by Einstein’s friend David Bohm. The holographic universe says that the mind and five senses project physical reality holographically. A hologram is a three-dimensional image created by light, and the holographic universe is the three-dimensional physical reality we exist in which is also a projection of light.


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THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE – Journey Out of the Illusion, opens with the historical context of a revolutionary series of giant events from a perspective never before shown.

News of this discovery was blocked by media and the scientific establishment because it threatened power holders in big universities and clashed with the status quo. Specifically, it takes power away from those who hold it over others and invests the common man with power and control over his destiny.

Discoveries, activism and movements together give us a picture that is both profound and original in its nature. What is really happening in our civilization is made clear. It is bigger than anything else that has happened in recorded history.

The discovery offers a solution to our current political and global problems. It has the potential to be a new unifying principle for civilization. The new science can also be applied in your own life. The news affects you because it redefines who you are and reveals how you can actually create anything you want right now.

This book gives specific and easy to understand instruction on how to manifest what you want in life. Transform your life in amazing ways. Get it now and you also help end the division and chaos in the world today by spreading new knowledge that can help those you love and help create a new era for humanity. There is no more worthy investment in your own life and for a far better future for all of us.



45 years of research goes into every book


A journey that will change your life and civilization



This is an article about the holographic universe and a leading book just published.

What is The Holographic Universe – Journey Out of the Illusion?

2021 special release.

Beyond the initial realization that we are in a HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE there is a journey that we must all take. Michael Talbot’s phenomenally successful book, “The Holographic Universe,” told you about the science. This book does that and more.

THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE – JOURNEY OUT OF THE ILLUSION is a culmination of insights gained from perhaps the longest existing study of the APPLICATION of this principle.

Eastwood explains recent history from the perspective of a civilization that unknowingly projects what they believe into historical events… Einstein, Bohm and a small group of leading physicists may be indirectly responsible for the shooting at Kent State and the 1960s civil rights movement. America is in grave danger that cannot be overstated. We may lose the American Experiment because of growing resistance to this new knowledge.

THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE – JOURNEY OUT OF THE ILLUSION tells you exactly what you need to know to journey out of a dangerous illusion created by not only Trump, his allies and conservative thinking, but by the entire scientific establishment. If we do not move forward and accept the new science we will be in deep trouble.

As there is a holographic projection for each person, there is more than one collective future. Eastwood tells you how NOT to align with the wrong sequence of probabilities.

The second half of the book consists of CLEAR instructions. As you are told exactly how to journey out of a dangerous collective future of chaos, global warming and violence. You are also told how to create the ideal life for yourself. There is nothing else out there like this book. Escape and be free or suffer the consequences of nonaction. You have been warned! You are being offered a way out. Take it. Get this book for the good of yourself and those you love. Enter a future in which everyone is good and your dreams have manifested. Buy it now!




This book is a guide for those who want to journey out of the illusion. Go to a place of pure knowledge and potential where there are no limitations and you are able to manifest whatever you want today! The unlimited power and knowledge within you is waiting to be directed to achieve your desires. Journey out of myths of limitation to unlimited personal and social success. Don’t wait! Get this book now!


A true story and book.


What does journey out of the illusion mean?

Journey out of the illusion means that we all need to escape the myths of the past that hold us back personally and collectively. We actually project whatever we believe. If we believe Trump, for example, we become convinced of his lies because we are projecting lies.

Be safe in the future by reading THE HOLOGRAPHIC REALITY Journey of of the Illusion by Eastwood
Paperback edition.

If we do not escape the path conservatives are making by changing election laws and other tactics designed to destroy democracy, we will enter a probable path they create for us. If you understand and apply the principles in HOLOGRAPHIC REALTIY – JOURNEY OUT OF THE ILLUSION, however, you can enter a much better future where people are good and you achieve your dreams.

You are given instructions in the book on how to manifest “being safe and creating what you want.” The book tells you how this science can be a unifying principle to unite the world. Even the book holds the potential to do that. It also explains exactly how to make all people good again. This book is loaded with valuable, practical information.


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Syria represents what the new age is not.
A website article & book.


— © Copyright 2021, By: William Eastwood. The content above is derived from the book, “THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE – JOURNEY OUT OF THE ILLUSION” published in paperback and eBook format in September of 2021.




We all know the power of hypnosis. A stage hypnosis can make an individual believe a pink elephant is on the stage, and they will see it! When an authority like a former US president or the entire scientific establishments says see this big “lie, it is truth,” people see the lie and believe it is truth! website article.


The Holographic Universe – Journey Out of the Illusion,” is a way to remain safe from the many dangers we will be facing going forward in the 21st century.


A website article. article.



45 years of research goes into every book

A prediction: Trump will be indicted, arrested and sent to Prison

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Get rid of Putin's war, Trump and authoritarians, and create the life you want


17 books and four websites are only the preview of the coming attraction. “The Holographic Universe, Journey Out of the Illusion,” will be the game changer for Eastwood, and hopefully civilization.

The crowning glory of Eastwood’s lifetime of work is concentrated in a new book we hope will sweep the international community and put us on the map as a major director of humanity into a new era.

We expect that the reviews of this book will be along the lines of the best book ever written. A final upgrade was made on September 19th, 2021. You are getting a phenomenal product and extensive work of the most profound nature.





William Eastwood in 1979: Founder of Earth Network of Altruistic Individuals Inc.

William Eastwood interview for inventions solar work stolen by government.
Eastwood interview.





William Eastwood journey

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By purchasing through (above) you get these books DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER and cut out the middleman! — most reliable source — fastest delivery — lowest price.



By purchasing through (above) you get these books DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER and cut out the middleman! — most reliable source — fastest delivery — lowest price.


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"Our civilization must be based on a single scientific paradigm everyone can agree on in order to heal division and function properly.

"But it has to be the right science"

— William Eastwood


The right science

David Bohm, friend of Einstein.

Physicist David Bohm, — who Albert Einstein called “a kindred spirit,” and who’s Ph.D. thesis — being top secret and classified — was awarded at the University of California at Berkeley by no other than Robert Oppenheimer — tells us that everything is connected and that each person's physical life is a holographic projection of the mind.

Learn  more...

A good science

Thoughts create matter a world without borders climate change and wars
A Beautiful world.

This is a good science that empowers the individual. It can bring us a future of unimaginable beauty. There are possibilities for the human race beyond our current world problems. We need to be aware of what we are aiming for. We must hold the goal in steady focus in order to prevail.

The problems we face in the world today are symptoms. If we do not solve the underlying problem and change the world's thinking, additional corrupt players in politics, climate change and existential problems will continue to besiege us.

The science we are following — materialism — is NOT working. Bohm's science will solve the world's problems.

Why wasn't this science more widely accepted into the mainstream?

A dramatic conflict arose between the U.S. government and Bohm. Despite Albert Einstein  imploring Princeton to keep Bohm as a university professor at Princeton, Bohm was forced to leave the U.S.

Not even Albert Einstein could prevent the spectacle, and because of this, our entire civilization remains stuck with an inaccurate scientific materialism paradigm.


What happened to this science, and what is this about? Read more...


The science above was silenced for political reasons (and because it didn't fit the picture of the world accepted by the scientific establishment at the time)

William Eastwood discovered that the universe was a projection of the mind in the 1970’s when he was only twelve years old. Eastwood began TESTING holographic reality principles in his youth, years before Bohm even published Wholeness and the Implicate Order” in 1980.

Eastwood may have been the first to test the science. Over a 45-year-period he developed a system of application to help people create what they want in life and to solve world problems.



At age 12, William Eastwood said, "I can change the world," and he picked up a pencil.

Less than a year later, William's school counselor called Yale University.


A website article.


At age 13, Eastwood was working at a private research facility on a mysterious invention with Everett Barber, a professor at Yale University.


how do we create world peace stay safe help others stop war
A website article.


After achieving his goal to help reduce U.S. dependence on fossil fuels and graduating as an environmental solar technician by age 18, Eastwood began to do something even more important for humanity.


A public record of Eastwood's interview at age 16 is available for you to read here.

It is also available to you through the United States library system microfilm database.


By 1979, the effects of my first experiment were astounding


A philosophy that works LIKE MAGIC!

William Eastwood interview for inventions solar work stolen by government.
William Eastwood 1979 interview.

Teaching the world thoughts can and do create matter education charity science

How did a thirteen-year-old kid manage to retain a Yale University professor’s request to work on the design of a secret invention at a private research facility? ...on his own without anyone helping him?

"I simply tested the science and it worked. I was immediately able to achieve many things that seemed impossible and improbable, culminating in the founding of Earth Network in August, 2000." — William Eastwood



Bring an end to suffering and conflict globally; distribute food and supplies to where they are needed most in the world; provide opportunity to all people across the globe; transition humanity to a new era; transform public institutions and private lives; form a new field of science, and reform education systems globally.


A world without borders by Earth Network.
A website article.


What is the main problem, that if solved, would make your life and the world right?

The problems you are dealing with in your life, the injustices, as well as world problems such as Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine, climate change, the rising cost of living, bullying, the difficulty in achieving your goals and dreams, would all be solvable if the science of Albert Einstein's colleague, physicist David Bohm was understood and accepted.



There is no problem that cannot be solved, no obstacle that cannot be overcome, no circumstance that cannot be transformed, no goal that cannot be achieved, and no dream that cannot be attained.


A new science and practical life philosophy

William Eastwood science and philosophy: The poor will become rich and the hungry will feast.


William Eastwood journey website.


Is there an easy answer to your problems and easy way to manifest your dreams?

Magic goal delivery system.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a kind of magical solution to all your problems? There is, and I am not pitching a religion or cult.

If you seek love, money, freedom, or something very vital and important, you can have what you want. This is a truly amazing way to create the best possible reality for yourself and others!


“When the science came out,” Eastwood adds, “I had already been testing it for over five years. By the time I was 22, I owned three large historic homes on the coast of Maine. If we apply the science and change our core beliefs in a specific way, we can achieve any goal, which my achievements early in life reveal. You can create anything you want LIKE MAGIC with this worldview.”


Based on the science of David Bohm, a philosophy that works LIKE MAGIC!

A website article.


When we awaken to our true nature, we begin to realize that we are supported and graced by an altruistic consciousness of which we are a part. When we become aware of how the universe works, we begin to notice how the universe bends in our direction and works to our advantage.

An entirely new worldview begins to set in. When that begins to happen, I can help you to create what you want in life.





45 years of research


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Your mind can and does create your reality resource Tool for Reprogramming Mind Create New Self Better Life
A website article.


A website article.







William Eastwood in 2022

William Eastwood, universal author teaching international philosophy
Eastwood today.

"Consciousness is altruistic, and that means that you are an amazing, powerful and beautiful person."

— William Eastwood



William Eastwood is a humanitarian working to improve the world. His intelligence and intent to make a positive difference in the world was recognized by a Yale Professor when he was 13 years old. This is documented by the press in this public newspaper interview that took place when he was 16 years old.

In 2000, he incorporated Earth Network of Altruistic, Autonomous Individuals. This stock company mission was to become a vehicle for positive global change.


Altruistic movement toward a world without borders by William Eastwood for Earth Network all people website article.


A world without borders one planet and people
A website article.


Eastwood's international philosophy is unique in the manner in which it recognizes the good in all people.  His current websites and many positive books speak loudly of his unrelenting efforts to help humanity, and his intent to assist people in realizing their "unlimited" power and potential to improve their lives and the future of our civilization.


A website article.


Highly practical instant magic

The practical magical power within you in this moment can be relied upon to change any situation, regardless of what it is or how boxed in you seem to be.

In simple terms, everything is energy. If your thoughts are positive they will manifest positive events. Joy, for example, can transform your life.

Thoughts do create matter: William Eastwood manifests treasure at age 7
W.E. age 7.

All time is simultaneous. Through emotional association we can activate cellular memory playback of times when we were young and in a spring rain in a natural garden paradise of our own making or whatever is most impactful to us. Our body's cellular past memory bank can bring the full reality of any such "past" moment into the present. This is because the past is still alive and real to the body consciousness which transcends time limitations.

Your power to create incredibly positive events immediately is within you right now in this moment. The beauty and power of the universe is at your mental fingertips.


Albert Einstein



"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."  

— Albert Einstein


The books by William Eastwood contain the new thinking that Einstein spoke of when he said "A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels."



45 years of research goes into every book

The Solution.


"We can literally change the course of civilization by lifting the race to a higher path through implementing the solution."

— Mario Fusco, TH.D., RS.D, B.S.C.



A book that is the solution to all your problems
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Nicola Tesla.

William Eastwood is the new scientist of which Tesla was speaking when he said that "The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”



The greatest news story and scientific discovery ever has just been released! This book will be the news story that should have flashed before the people of the world in the last century. But we were not ready for this mind-blowing picture of reality! We will reverse the problems we face as a global community. As Einstein correctly said, reality is an illusion, and we each create our own. This book is the catalyst that will bring humanity to a new level way beyond where we are now.



45 years of research goes into every book

Scientists know that objects are not actually solid. So why do we perceive physical objects as being solid?

The Holographic Universe Journey Out of the Illusion by William Eastwood book thoughts create matter reality
The Holographic Universe by William Eastwood.



Is it because reality is a consciousness hologram only our senses perceive as being solid — a construction and projection of the mind?

About eight billion people are living in an illusion cast by their own senses and they don't know it. Those who are fooled by the illusion are powerless to control their destiny. This book gives you the understanding necessary to change the projection and to become part of a new and superior species.

Make the evolutionary leap with a revolutionary book by William Eastwood that gives you an easy-to-understand guided journey out of the illusion.


6" by 9," 301 page paperback direct from our manufacturer.




45 years of research goes into every book

YOU ARE a beautiful person by William Eastwood a thoughts create matter book
You Are a Beautiful Person by William Eastwood.


One of many books by William Eastwood containing everything you need to know to create the life you want. This book is the key to freedom from all limitations. Another revolutionary book by William Eastwood.




Book solves all problems
Click on image for, "You Are a Beautiful Person - Key to Freedom," 385 page recently published EN course.


A website article.


A website articles.


A website article and book.


Best free articles on all five sites.


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 More great books from William Eastwood






We have the solution to all problems

William Eastwood interview for inventions solar work stolen by government.
Eastwood interview.

"It's not that we don't have the solution to all problems in the world today, it's just that people don't want to believe we do.

— William Eastwood, universal author.



There is no problem that cannot be solved, no obstacle that cannot be overcome, no circumstance that cannot be transformed, no goal that cannot be achieved, and no dream that cannot be attained.


A new science and practical life philosophy

William Eastwood science and philosophy: The poor will become rich and the hungry will feast.


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Thoughts do create matter: William Eastwood manifests treasure at age 7


"If you do good things, good things will happen to you."

— William Eastwood quote at age seven.


"When you buy a book here you are doing a good thing because all proceeds are used to help people struggling in over 170 countries. Our clients who do not have any money to buy books rely on you to fund this website through book purchases."

— William Eastwood



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