Why is a cruel male running the country?

What does Donald Trump, a school shooter and a school yard bully all have in common?

They all hold the core belief that human nature is untrustworthy (bad) and that the world is an unsafe place. This is the core belief that is held by a growing proportion of the US population which is causing most of the problems in the country.

This belief is not so much applied to the self as it is projected on others (and then those others are attacked). When we believe human nature is basically bad, we attack others.

Donald Trump has particularly cynical beliefs toward people unlike himself. He sees refugees as being a threat because he distrusts human nature and sees it in a very negative light. His entire belief system is negative. It also reflects mainstream beliefs, particularly those from this country’s past era.

He doesn’t have many values. He embodies the worst of our conservative Darwinian and religious heritage (beliefs) from the past in contemporary guise.  He believes the end justifies the means. He can’t work with people he can only compete. He is selfish and egotistical and has little compassion and empathy.

All the destruction and chaos in his wake are evidence of the ineffectiveness of those beliefs. It is the belief system (worldview) that is causing the evil-like effects that now threaten the entire world.

Negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions on the part of the majority are manifesting the nation’s current problems..

A nation with a divided and negative psyche

The U.S. takes a ‘male’ stance as a country. There are a lot of people with negative beliefs in the U.S., and the way they deal with their problems is similar to the way Trump does.

The problem is that negative beliefs and a negative focus generates destructive energy. Misguided energy destroys everything it touches, much like Trump does. He should serve as an example to all of us of the ineffectiveness of our nation’s negative attitudes.

Our entire civilization is based on the differences between males and females. This makes as much sense as building a civilization on the differences between arms and legs. When we isolate aggressive characteristics in the male we create an unnatural off-balance identity. If we developed natural balanced people with both ‘male’ and ‘female’ psychological characteristics humanity’s problems would be gone.

There really are no male and female psychological characteristics. Those that we believe in are contrived and unnatral. There are only human Characteristics shared equally (in ideal, natural settings) by both sexes.

We have an old-world macho, cruel male running the country. We have lapsed back into an era we are pulling out of. Donald Trump is a reminder of what we are all leaving behind. If we don’t leave it behind it will be our destruction.

The division between males and females is driving all our problems. You can learn more about this by clicking on these two buttons (below). They go to my articles which elaborate.

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