You Are a Beautiful Person – First Key to Freedom

New Series

Instead of publishing a large and expensive educational course, I decided it would be more affordable and convenient to make it available to readers in a series of small “key” books.

The keys will be based on You Are a Beautiful Person – Key to Freedom, which has been reintroduced as a new edition with greater content.

Do you have one of these problems?

• An unfulfilling job.
• Controlling people and agencies.
• Relationships that are not working.
• Low wages.
• Bullying or degrading treatment.
• Internal and external barriers to success.

If so, the key to freedom series will help you.


You Are a Beautiful Person – First key to Freedom

6″ by 9″ Full size paperback.

$7.49 Deluxe Paperback.


This guidebook is the first in a series of keys. 

Learn to create only what you want in life. If you don’t want to experience it, you don’t have to.

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You Are a Beautiful Person – First Key to Freedom

Compact 4.25″ by 6.88″ Pocket Book available only at

Only $4.79 in pocket-sized condensed paperback!


Compact, concentrated and highly affordable edition of the above described book. 

90% of the content in the above version.

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