There are many levels of existence

There are many levels of existence.

The physical world is the most superficial and seemingly restricted area. Physical reality is a beautiful place, but it is not a fundamental reality. This entire dimension is a result of what goes on within other levels of existence.

The inner world (levels) is where the actual work of constructing events is done. The medium which forms this reality is not matter, but consciousness.

David Bohm is correct in his concept of dimensions. And Everett Hugh is also correct in his assessment of many worlds. The number of physicists that now accept the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics is growing.

Dimensions exist within the whole in the same way layers exist within an onion. The whole onion is made of consciousness.

Everything is consciousness.

Consciousness is that magical substance that can become anything. It is so highly intelligent that it can form itself into matter-systems as well as realities made of other components we are not familiar with.

Your personal daily reality is manufactured within an inner framework of existence. This larger area in which we reside is the primary reality. Many people believe in a higher self. Such a self exists within the inner primary framework of existence that exists below the subconscious. I call this inner ego the inner self. The inner multidimensional self and its egos in time (you are one of them) are all part of the whole self.  You really are your inner self, you just do not know that you are (at this level of consciousness “while” you are focusing in time-space).

This physical reality is only possible by the hallucination of separateness. While it is true that individuality is real, eternal and indestructible, the ego self exists within the whole self in the same way a state exists within a country. Without states there would be no country. In line with this analogy, you are the whole country, as deep in protected sleep your identity expands to include your whole self structure, including past and future selves.

Consciousness is all there is, and consciousness forms all worlds, including this one. The internal world creates and  encompasses the physical world.

Outside of physics, most scientists are unaware of this true nature of reality. Degrees denote tests were taken to insure that one is scripted in the popular mechanistic paradigm (a false worldview).

Physical reality is a result of a process of separation and amnesia. Consciousness created this situation of seeming separation from the whole in order to create this dimension.

Most problems cannot be solved within the myths by which the establishment and civilization is operating.

You can’t get to a destination in New York with a map of London. It just doesn’t work. Trying harder to make it work is useless and futile. Understand that you create your life by what you believe, think and feel.

© Copyright 2018 By: William Eastwood.