Seeking an Investment in Humanity: A Vision and Plan to Solve World Problems


Seeking an Investment in Humanity: A Vision and Plan to Solve World Problems.


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I am offering the world something that actually works

William Eastwood on world problems and climate change
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When it comes to solving world problems, the more conventional approaches don’t work — they are what got us into trouble in the first place. I am offering something different that will stop violence, division, unhappiness, illness, and will create peace and prosperity.

I have done the work to solve world problems and I have a plan that will work, but I need an angel investor and donations to put my plan into action. It takes so much time to write articles, books and manage six websites along with supporting myself that I do not have the time or ability to search and apply for an investor or to seek donations, and so I am asking you for your help. I have made it easy for you if you can help me. Click below.


Seeking an Investment in Humanity: A Vision and Plan to Solve World Problems

I am seeking resources to make my vision for humanity a reality.

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“The many challenges facing humanity at this time — an overcrowded planet, climate change, war, food shortages, divisiveness, personal economic struggle, inflation, the pandemic, health issues, mental disorders and emotional suffering — are all a result of one thing.

“Everything people think and believe is projected into reality. Help us wake the world up and begin a new chapter in human history.”

— William Eastwood.



William Eastwood brings you this and five other free sites, world help, over one hundred free articles for people around the world, and over twenty books on how to realize our human potential and solve world problems. Money received will insure that the effort continues and expands further to reach more people and offer greater world help.


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More can be done with your help!

I am seeking the money, resources, skills, and connections I need to make my vision for humanity a reality

Do you have resources or skills we can use? I am seeking an investor, but I also need editors, etc.. If you just want to make a small donation, you can do that safely through the PayPal form below. or


Founded in 2000 by William Eastwood

In 2000, William Eastwood founded Earth Network of Altruistic, Autonomous Individuals, Inc.,in Connecticut, USA (PDF: Proof of Inc). Since that time the corporation has been dissolved. We are seeking to form a nonprofit organization and need help, from small donations to an investor to implement a plan to save democracy and solve world problems.



“I have a plan to save democracy and to solve world problems, but I need help to implement it.”

— William Eastwood.


World Help

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The Inner UN. The inner reality where we are creating a new world. The Inner UN.



A new science and practical life philosophy
William Eastwood Internal Science and International Philosophy: The poor will become rich and the hungry will feast.



You have an opportunity to…



Thoughts create matter presents your opportunity to help create a great civilization.
Your opportunity to help create a great civilization.