What is spirit?

What is spirit?

The beauty of Consciousness is reflected in the physical world

Spirit is consciousness. On a spiritual level your awareness transcends the limitations of time-space.

We tend to equate spirituality with an expanded awareness and this is accurate. The role you play within deeper levels of consciousness is different and involves more awareness and a comprehensive view of multi-dimensional reality.

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The scientific View

Spirit energy is in the wave function that scientists know everything possesses. Energy or spirit forms matter. Spirit is the conscious energy within everything that gives it physical form.

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High spirituality 

You do not become spiritual by trying to transcend the physical world. You become spiritual by being positive and appreciating the beauty in everything, thereby creating more of that which is beautiful.

Whenever you appreciate and value something you create more of those aspects, attributes and qualities you appreciate. Whenever you degrade, look down your nose at someone, suggest that somebody should be incarcerated, or view anything in a negative way, you create more of that which you judge as negative.

We are meant to judge our reality and the behaviors of others in order to learn. We are not meant to degrade others or our experience.

You draw that which you focus on into your life. Sometimes the spirit will put you in a role to learn that you can appreciate what you once condemned.

What we focus on we get, this is the main rule of the universe. What goes around comes around. Dwell on the positive and you will get the positive, dwell on the negative and you will get the negative.

The physical world is the manifestation of spirit (consciousness). When you appreciate your physical experience, your body and its appetites, you are honoring your spirit.

In being positive you manifest more that is positive. You are a spirit and you are a Creator.

The way to create positive experiences is to develop positive beliefs, thoughts, emotions and attitudes. You know when you have done this when most of your experience is positive.

If you take the view that the body, its appetites and that which exists in this physical world is tainted, sinful or flawed, you condemn the spirit and you condemn creation itself.

It is important to develop an accurate and positive belief system. Your spiritual responsibility is to be yourself, to appreciate what you have, and to be joyful for it.

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