Metaphysics Solutions to Global Problems: University School Start-up: William Eastwood Philanthropy


Metaphysics Solutions to Global Problems: University School Start-up: William Eastwood Philanthropy

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My life’s devotion is to create a new global education system, a new field of science, to advance civilization and institutions, & to allocate humanitarian aid to where it is needed most in the world. I want to end pain and suffering on earth.

Earth Network: The people of earth for an enlightened altruistic world without borders

Originally the internet was going to be called earth network. In the same way, this earth network represents the world coming together for higher purpose. Earth network is the goodness and spirit within everyone finding a way to bring about a fantastic future for all the beautiful people of earth.

EDUCATIONAL INTENT: End suffering globally & transition humanity to a new era, transform public institutions and private lives, form a new field of science, and reform education systems globally.

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The True Cause of School Shootings


Is this an academic site with reputable sources?
We refer to the top .1% of physicists because speaking the truth carries certain risks

The only reason why Einstein and a few top physicists speak the truth is because they are such intellectual giants that the scientific establishment doesn’t dare attack them.

  • “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.
  • “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
  • “Education is not the learning of facts, it’s rather the training of the mind to think. “

— Albert Einstein

The fact that most people find quantum mechanics to be so confusing speaks volumes as to their ignorance of the nature of reality and scripting in myth.

Formal education is scripting in collective myths

It is not necessarily wise to ask an expert for the answer to the big questions, such as, ‘what is consciousness and reality?’ Here’s the reason: Most professionals base their theories and ‘knowledge’ on many years of formal education, yet formal education is scripting in collective myth.


Professionals must endure far more formal education than most people, and formal education requires that they pass exams that prove they are scripted in myth in order to be legally designated as an expert in their field! For this reason, most experts are bias in favor of materialism, myth is slow to be challenged within academic circles and tends to be locked in place within society as a result.

History repeats itself

The greater your formal education, the greater your conviction in the generally held false materialistic worldview tends to be. Our schools and professions are based on a false worldview and they do their best to impart it. This applies to lawyers, doctors, psychologists and many other authorities.

Einstein didn’t ask his family doctor if time was an illusion, because had he did, he would not have become the Einstein we know, and he would not have made any great scientific discoveries.

99% of professionals are scripted in materialism

Click on image to read article.

Outdated mainstream science, academia and psychology underlie almost all of our current personal and collective problems from school shootings and political dysfunction to the inability of ordinary people to live happy and successful lives.

You have to learn how to think on your own and judge whether or not certain information is credible and rings true. You must learn to trust yourself or you will get nowhere.

“I spent the last 44 years studying the
paradigm quantum physicists are only now becoming aware of.
If I was a doctor, I would have spent 44 years studying the official worldview of materialism and you wouldn’t be reading any of this or learning the truth about the nature of reality and how thoughts are electromagnetic energy that forms matter.”

The fact that we find quantum mechanics to be so confusing speaks volumes to our ignorance and scripting in myth.

We offer you a more accurate picture of the nature of reality than usual orthodox sources of knowledge and education. And we speak in plain English that is understandable to the people of the world (as well as easily translatable).


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I have the solution to all the world’s problems, but so do you.



IN HOLOGRAPHIC REALITY ANY INFORMATION KNOWN BY THE WHOLE OR ANY PART IS AVAILABLE TO ALL: Each person has the information, knowledge and potential of all Consciousness and the entire Universe within them.

When you break holographic film, you can see the whole image in each piece. As Einstein's friend David Bohm explains; like fractal cosmology, this is a characteristic of the universe itself. Reality itself is holographic and the Universe is one unbroken field of energy.

The solution to any problem you may have is within you and known by your inner self. By focusing inward and using suggestion you can find the answer to any predicament or problem.

Each portion of the Universe actually contains the knowledge of the whole. Each Unit of Consciousness (CEU) can recreate the entire Universe. Since you are individualized Consciousness, the same principle applies to you. Read more...

LEARN WHILE YOU SLEEP: Displace negative mind chatter and stubborn beliefs with specific and powerful success affirmations and encoding programs between activities or at night in the most productive way possible that does not interfere with your busy schedule.



Do quantum physicists believe that thoughts create matter?

Do my thoughts create? Einstein believed it!Many physicists do believe the universe is made up of or contains consciousness, but they do not usually professionally or publicly announce it.

Most physicists stop short of publicly saying thoughts create matter and that consciousness is primary because saying so is a form of scientific heresy that invites attack from a prejudice majority.

I assure you that these attacks are real. I never intended to get caught up in the conflict, but I have.

My computers and manuscripts have been confiscated numerous times. I never would have believed this could happen. There is nothing more stressful than armed agents storming your residence and confiscating your work. Only by court order have I been able to maintain this website for any length of time.

As we get closer to critical mass, we will see more desperate individuals attempting to enforce previous ignorance. The problem as I understand it is a difference in worldviews. Primitive ignorance tells us that people cannot be trusted and that reality is hostile and antagonistic to our welfare. These beliefs produce behaviors that seem to prove-out those concepts. If you understand holographic reality you are aware of the fact that negative beliefs are projected into matter and events. Thus, we have a world running down on the one hand and a newer, more accurate and much more advantageous paradigm emerging on the other hand.

In each person's personal life there is a conflict between the natural, authentic self and the self as defined by traditional science and psychology. This conflict is often reflected in the outer world. It is therefore important that you understand what is happening within your belief system and in the world. This is the subject of my first book, "The Solution..."




"We can literally change the course of civilization by lifting the race to a higher path through implementing the solution."

— Mario Fusco, TH.D., RS.D, B.S.c.


Here and now we have the power to work magic of such proportions we have never fathomed. Yet unseized, such power waits for us to claim it. It is of no use until we awaken to it. 45 year study. It is all here, in the solution!

NOTE: The content in this website is based on this book.

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Science does not always provide one exact answer. Rather, science is a method of gathering information to determine the accuracy of a hypothesis. As more information is gathered, new insights are arrived at.

Problems only arise when we assume a previous hypothesis is beyond alteration and thus it is unnecessary to investigate further. This is what has happened to the entire field of science and civilization as a whole. We have arrived at a point in which people are emotionally invested in their opinions in a way that is similar to party division in politics.

People will defend their belief systems, and so it is up to you to interpret the information both intuitively in your own life and in terms of the authenticity of authors.

Have you ever experienced coincidences that seem to suggest that something more is going on than official science suggests? This can be explained if you are willing to consider a new scientific paradigm. There are many advantages to be gained for those who do.


"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

— Albert Einstein


Galileo Galilei

Galileo's discoveries were met with opposition within the Catholic Church, and in 1616 the Inquisition declared his views to be formally heretical. His books were banned. and he was forbidden from holding, teaching or defending heliocentric ideas. In his 1633 interrogation, Galileo denied his beliefs to save himself. Galileo was kept under house arrest until his death in 1642. After 350 years the Vatican says Galileo was right.

Present Day

A similar trial 367 years later

My books were confiscated numerous times prior to being published, so I kept rewriting them until I succeeded.

I know how Galileo felt in court. My own views have been treated as modern-day heresy, my manuscripts and all my work to help humanity was irrevocably confiscated, a fantastical false information campaign was waged against me and I was tried and convicted for my heretical writing. I was imprisoned for nine years because of my worldview.

Since the first manuscript was confiscated, I rewrote “The Solution to All of Humanity’s Problems & The Secret to Creating the Life You Want,” only to receive six more years in prison as punishment for doing so and having that second manuscript confiscated. The third rewrite was not confiscated, but instead published. When I was released the second time, I was again forced to sign papers confessing to my sins and retracting my heretical beliefs under the threat of fifteen more years imprisonment, a threat still being held over me.

Like Galileo, I am older now but still under house arrest with many years to go, with the threat of being “tortured” and imprisoned always before me, with electronic devices attached to my body to insure I do not relapse into heretical thinking. Yet this did not happen in 1633 Italy, and in the Roman Inquisition.

NOTES: I have used archaic terms to illustrate the similarity between what happened then and now. It is the same. Institutions are repeating past mistakes and falling into the old ways. New knowledge is changing the world, and the world is resisting, and this is no different than what happened in 1633 Italy except that the changes in our times will far exceed anything in the past and will lift the race to a higher path beyond anything we can imagine.

The people around me cannot believe I have published so many books and achieved so much under these conditions. I am setting new precedents in my ability to bring you the twice confiscated manuscript in the form of a finished book, "The Solution to All of Humanity's Problems & The Secret to Creating the Life You Want."

Decades ago, 45 days after I founded Earth Network of Altruistic, Autonomous Individuals Inc., I was attacked by an adult who said I made a kind gesture and invitation to him and his family but because he thought I had ulterior motive he called the police who when arriving threw me out of my vehicle and onto the asphalt. When the state was made aware of my worldview, events and circumstantial "evidence" was distorted to fit the state's evolving hypothesis. The state rejected the request for a professional corporate statistical analyst as a juror in favor of promoting fervor over facts. My worldview was read to a jury in angry tones for over an hour. The charge, therefore, was a result of fear and hysteria. Apparently my writing was modern day heresy, because that was what drove the conviction. If that writing was correctly framed and my work had not vanished, the outcome could have been  far different.

This is a perfect example of fervor prevailing over reason in defense of dark myths on which our civilization is based. As inquisitors once conjured evil where none existed, there are people with power within the government today who feel it is their holy duty to protect the world from the evil they are convinced exists, and they will stop at nothing and go to any length to insure they succeed.

The event I described was only a fraction of what ensued.

My philosophy has been tested and proven effective under the worst possible circumstances. Despite all of this and a lot more, I have been published in part and am succeeding in the original mission for which I was attacked.

The beliefs of all participating in any given social event determine the shape and nature of that event.  Anyone can create a personal paradise in isolation, but in order to change the world we need to influence that world and that requires interaction. Once I entered into a public event I could not force the outcome. In this particular situation I had to reach out in the hopes that good people would stand up for my basic rights and good intents. Fortunately many have, allowing the sites and books I am now presenting to you to finally make their way to the public as I originally intended 45 days prior to my arrest when I founded Earth Network of Altruistic, Autonomous Individuals, Inc.






Society is a collection of individuals, and as individuals change, society changes. This is the way change works.

We must wake up to what is really going on and take coincidences seriously. Doing so will bring about more beneficial coincidences and higher energy.

We are altruistic consciousness creating the material universe to learn and express our joy and creativity. Grant others the same altruism and miraculous creative nature that you understand exists within yourself. Above all, be joyful and successful in your creativity and natural altruism.

Do not be against yourself or anyone but do work on inner and outer levels to change that which is harming us or preventing our forward progress.

We must all focus on what we want rather than the obstacles. Remain focused on the progress you are making on a daily basis and it will increase.

An ordinary past

As a child I was brought up as an ordinary middle-class citizen. My father drove trains on the railroad from Grand Central Station in New York to all over New England, and my brothers became building contractors. When I set out on my own, I was only afforded the money necessary for survival and was never given any advantages. I had no connections with Yale University or any educational institutions or educated people. My early life achievements did not seem to fit hereditary or environment. They didn’t fit the pattern I was born into but spoke of the metaphysical influence that I attracted on my own.

EASTWOOD: Magic Universe & Mind Power

I am inner directed and self-educated. I hope this example illustrates the effectiveness of the philosophy on this site.

My early life accomplishments applying this philosophy

At age 13, I designed solar inventions with Yale University Professor, Everett Barber.

At age 15, I designed solar homes which were built in the beautiful shoreline town of Madison Connecticut.

At age 37, I Founded Earth Network of Altruistic, Autonomous Individuals, Inc. to solve global problems – 50% of its revenue went to Feed the Children.

I have published an educational course on metaphysics to help people create what they want in life. I have published on social issues, institution reform, climate change, ocean level rise, quantum biology, philosophy, and US Supreme Court and Non-profit legislative proposals (“The Solution…”). I am currently in the process of publishing a new extensive course divided up into many manageable small, practical segments, (the keys).

The books and websites I have created despite the government bringing its full powers to bear to try to stop me is evidence that the philosophy works. There is nothing more powerful than your own thoughts and emotions. What you desire will manifest no matter how powerful your opposition is, what lies people make up about you and how hard they work to stop you.

Earth Network
PO Box 2194
Bayfield, CO 81122

Contact us from anywhere


The only effective way to help people

Learn about the Altruistic Autonomous Movement (AAM). This is a movement that was initiated in 2000 by William Eastwood.

Click on image to read article.

AAM is based on the philosophy that the only way to change the world and change lives in practical and powerful ways is to teach a man to fish rather than to give him a fish.

By showing people that they are good and that they can create what they need in life we will change the course of civilization.

Nothing could be more simple and more effective.

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Invisible Barriers to Your Success

ARE YOU FREE? Internal Judge & Victim

DAILY AFFIRMATIONS The Only Real Insurance


Do thoughts create reality flashing Blue Bar

New Institution Can Heal Society



What is The New Enlightenment?

What is the New Enlightenment?

The New Enlightenment is the awareness and ownership of your goodness and power, also called the Altruistic, Autonomous Movement or philosophy. Collectively it represents the success of civilization and the future of humanity.

Click on image to read article.

Are you powerful and free?

  • Altruism is your goodness.
  • Autonomy is your right to free will and self determination based on recognition of your goodness.



The original Enlightenment

The original Enlightenment led to the American revolution, the Declaration of Independence and the unprecedented liberties that we now take for granted in the USA.

The New Enlightenment

The New Enlightenment is an extension or renaissance of the original enlightenment.  Learn more.

the new enightenment for humanity
Click on image to read article.


“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.”

— Albert Einstein

William Eastwood is a blood descendant of King John, signer of the Magna Carta.


King John.

William Eastwood is a descendant of King John, who signed the Magna Carta, and King Henry Il.

King John signing the Magna Carta.

William's mother is Ann Borden Doolittle. William is related to General Jimmy Doolittle, who turned the tide against the Japanese in World War II, and Clint Eastwood. He is also 10% Mohawk Indian.

William's appearance resembles the Doolittle's more so than the Eastwood's.

William Eastwood is the 11th generation from Abraham Doolittle who was born in England in 1620. Abraham emigrated to Boston in 1641.

The planters (Doolittle family) that came from England were descended from nobility and educated. Abraham Doolittle was a Puritan and disagreed with the government and the Church of England.

The Doolittle family was well to do and were seeking religious freedom.  They were afraid the government would confiscate their possessions.

Samuel (Chief Executive Officer of New Haven Colony in the early 1600s) who was one of Abraham’s sons, was married to Mary Cornwall, (who's father, Reverend Peck, was an original proprietor of Hartford, the capital of Connecticut, [the Constitution State]). 

William is from the line of Samuel.

Mary’s ancestry goes back 15 generations to her direct ancestor, John Plantagenet, King of England. King John signed the Magna Carta and his father was Henry Plantagenet, King Henry ll of England.

All descendants of Samuel are descendants of two of the Kings of England.

William Eastwood is a descendant of two kings of England, one of which signed the Magna Carta, which some consider the greatest document in the world.

The Magna Carta is a human rights document, the first of its kind in world history.

Altruistic Movement Redirect Civilization

A book that is the solution to all your problems

All time is simultaneous. The past and the future exist now. You can reach probable futures and probable pasts through inner channels through which your consciousness flows.

This is done through expansion of consciousness, a subject fully covered on this and other EN websites.

The past can be changed to change the future. And the future can be changed to change the past. All parts of the whole interact and change each other.

All Times & Physical Experiences Exist Now

Book solves all problems


New Institution Can Heal Society

A cult vs. knowledge to create a great civilization

This information empowers the individual

We will not create a great civilization through application of limited mechanistic science, archaic religion or some cult or fascism. Those philosophies are disempowering and false.


EN protects & empowers

A repressive dogma,  religion or cult takes power away from the individual and invests it in a leader who claims all power and adoration, whereas the facts conveyed in this website do the exact opposite. Within you will find a body of knowledge that takes power away from ideologies that traditionally have controlled the populations of the world.

Here you will find knowledge that immediately gives you natural and good power, and affords you trust in your own self and judgment.

This information empowers the individual. The information that follows offers freedom from bondage. It gives you reliance on the self and personal judgment. It invests the individual with the highest wisdom and integrity.

Book solves all problems

DAILY AFFIRMATIONS The Only Real Insurance

A book that is the solution to all your problems


New Institution Can Heal Society

Do you want to change the world?

You can help change the world

The New Enlightenment & The Altruistic, Autonomous Movement implementation



Be an emissary to earth

EN wants everyone to have the means to be an emissary to help other people. We can heal areas of the globe that have experienced pain and struggle. We can end hunger and bring prosperity to everyone.

We will create missions to heal the planet all over the globe. Do you want you to create a new civilization on earth based on human altruism and cooperation?

Altruistic Movement Redirect Civilization

We do not want any more of this miserable mentality that we have in politics and in general. The earth can resemble a playground more so than a warscape.

You are powerful, and you can direct that energy toward doing good.

By: William Eastwood

There are several new institutions that can potentially heal the earth. I introduce a new Criminal Justice System in my book, “The Solution….”  There is a supreme court act that would require all restorative justice options be exhausted before anyone could be incarcerated in any state. These restorative justice options would be constructive and would lead to the healing of all social illness coming from the internal judge and victim, and hence all social problems, cruelty, fear and crime.  The plan encompasses several chapters in my book.

A new education system could also serve as the entity to heal the earth. The model for this new educational system is also provided in the solution.

The other institution that could heal the earth would be EN. Anyone can help me to create  missions covering the earth that would implement the changes desired.

Another option could be a new scientific establishment based on the concepts in this website and my book, “The Solution…”  EN or someone else could do this.


Altruistic Movement Redirect Civilization

ARE YOU FREE? Internal Judge & Victim

Can Your Thoughts Affect / Create Matter?


Anything is possible! Create your dreams. Start today!

DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE? We need to wake-up within the dream, and enter our true life.


How to keep yourself 100% safe.

You can be 100% safe from all threats

Is it possible to be safe from all threats, regardless of their source.

Solving social problems & remaining forever safe

You are safe when you know how to think beyond cause and effect, because you will be operating by a primary rather than secondary law of the universe.


Our institutions, societies and accepted methods of doing things are all based on the idea that things happen in accidental and haphazard ways. This paradigm, as you probably know, is false. It is based on a mechanistic universe and a religious—Darwinian world.

Events happen for a reason and we control everything that happens in our lives. But how many new authors will tell you the truth? The answer is, very few. Most authors do not want to alienate you, which will happen if they say something contrary to  your most basic beliefs about reality. That doesn’t happen here at EN. The fact is, we will tell your right-away, that your reality is a projection of your consciousness.

The reason for school shootings. The solution to violence.

Click on image to read article.


Civilization's Distrust of Human Nature

We can solve not only the problems of violence in our culture, but also eliminate barriers to success so that we can achieve our personal goals and ambitions. Bullying or personal degrading and institutional hindering of the individual leads to most personal and social problems.

Remove Invisible Barriers to Success


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Earth Change Predictions By William Eastwood

Solutions to Global Problems


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EN  Earth Network

Metaphysics School.  University Initiative.  Solutions to Global Problems.  Metaphysical Philosophy Books.  Free Articles.


Earth Network will feed the starving people of the world and create an era of advance for humanity.

Why we have school shootings & violence in America

The real source of the problem & the real solution

The male psyche, as we know it now, is an artificial product of our culture. It is not natural for males to become cruel later in life or in late childhood.

The real cause of domestic terrorism, gun violence and school shootings.

A book that is the solution to all your problems
Click on image for "THE SOLUTION TO ALL OF HUMANITY’S PROBLEMS & The Secret to Creating the Life You Want," 424 page new edition.

The only way we can understand the situation is to go way, way back in history and look at a time when a shift was made in human consciousness itself.

The majority of problems that  humanity faces are dependent on an understanding of conscious evolution. It is only with this knowledge that we can reverse the problems that we have set in motion and end  violence and other problems that plague our civilization, personally and collectively.

Your Authentic Human Nature

Authoritarians & Bullies WHAT? HOW? WHY?

Humanity would adopt a new form of consciousness

On a collective subconscious level, about 5,000 years ago humanity set out to develop a new type of consciousness. In order to achieve these ends, a new orientation that emphasized what we think of as male characteristics was adopted by the race as a whole.

Consciousness Shift 5000 + years ago

As a result of our “male” orientation, over the past 5000 years we have successfully evolved a new type of self-awareness and ego consciousness. However, we have overdone the process and as a result ego, or male consciousness is cut off from his inner intuition and sensitivities. This produces unnatural behavior as males often express cruel, insensitive and intolerant tendencies.

USA TODAY on False Self & Male Behavior

That is far from all the problems produced by unnatural male ego dominance. Male nationalistic tribes and patriarchal systems have produced excessive cruelty, violence and other problems for 5,000 or more years as a result of the historical shift in consciousness that I described in several articles.

When the male psyche is divided at puberty, and deprived of a whole set of what we call feminine emotions, the void left by their absence is filled by a far less pleasing set of emotions.

Many males in our society are unable to feel much or any love, and this happens because of cultural directives rather than anything natural. We end up with raging emotions, much more negative attitudes later in life, hostilities and conflicts.

Behavioral Scientist on Exaggerated Maleness

Whenever the emotion of love is lessened in someone, the tendency is that it is replaced by emotions of anger, and hatred or frustration.

The male psyche can be tormented if the artificial psychological differences between the sexes are carried to an extreme, as we see happening in politics in America today, as well as in school yards and private homes. This is a clear and present danger.

Full articles

The Cause of All Hate

New Institution Can Heal Society


A book that is the solution to all your problems

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The True Cause of School Shootings



“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”.

— Albert Einstein

Published Books



2017 (New edition in 2019) “The Solution to All of Humanity’s Problems & The Secret to Creating the Life You Want.”

Learn how to create what you want in life. Learn the solution to school shootings, bullying, political & social degradation, poverty, conflict, crime, inequality and more.

2018 – 2019 books published 



“Mind Power for Success Guaranteed – Mind Over Matter for Money, Success and Health.”

EN Course to create any reality



“You Are a Beautiful Person – Key to Freedom” Basis of the KEY series of guidebooks.

KEY Series



 “…The First Key to Freedom” – How to be free from all limitations.


All the above books are 30% less here than at Amazon or any other retailer.

Each of the above titles are available are published as eBooks.

Help me achieve my mission

Buy a book, make a donation or contribute professionally.






Contemplate life’s possibilities. You can achieve or do anything if you put your mind to it.


Read the story about how my destiny was changed by an amazing event that happened to me when I was seven years old. (Click on image.)


Advanced-metaphysics-school-icon-150The time has come to dispense the great myth of modern man. The world is currently in the initial stages of a major paradigm shift. Learn the truth about your unlimited potential and ability to create events with your thoughts. Explore undiscovered new knowledge that will make you powerful & successful. Learn the solutions to all of humanity’s problems.

WORLDWIDE Shift in Thinking


metaphysics-school-university-books-education-1a-320 Many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics gives us a new understanding of reality. Thoughts create matter. New scientific paradigm. Very real metaphysical knowledge to manifest money & desires. 43 years deep study into multidimensionality and the secrets of the universe. Teaching application of principles to allow you to create your desires. Free library. Your thoughts create your reality. Gain serious & very real metaphysical knowledge to manifest money & desires. 43 years deep study into multidimensionality and the secrets of the universe. Mind forms matter. Scientific application of principles. Teaching scientific application of mind over matter principles to allow you to create your desires. Free library of powerful articles. Same type of content as above two sites but with additional health related content. Contains warnings about the dangers of Western medicine & beliefs. Gives you the knowledge you need for perfect health and a successful life.

Metaphysics-School-University-Start-up-William-Eastwood-icon-1b-150 Same type of content as the above three sites with additional advanced content. Go to the Command Center: REAL SCHOOL: Metaphysical Conscious Creation School, Education & Books. Look here for new articles coming soon. These will contain more advanced conscious creation principles and the finer points of manifesting.

I Want to Get You a Real Education. So I created the REAL SCHOOL: The Metaphysics Solution for Learning. Learn metaphysics, philosophy, Consciousness Creation and manifesting here.



The author’s personal story of triumph, and what needs to be done to bring about a new civilization and better future for humanity.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”.

— Albert Einstein.

“Education is not the learning of facts, it’s rather the training of the mind to think.”.

— Albert Einstein


Manifest the Best Future

Your Amazing True Nature

Beautiful fireworks represents the explosive and natural beauty of consciousness manifesting


Primary article concludes here.

Metaphysics Solutions to Global Problems: University School Start-up: William Eastwood Philanthropy

© Copyright 2019, 2020, By: William Eastwood


6" by 9" paperback



“In editing ‘The Solution…’, my perspective as a scientist with doctorates in theology is that ‘The Solution…’ bridges science, metaphysics and true religion.

We can literally change the course of civilization by lifting the race to a higher path through implementing the solution.

- Mario Fusco TP.D, RS.D, BSc.


From the upper echelons of the scientific establishment comes a completely new definition of reality and the human being. The most advanced physics in the world suggests that accumulated knowledge in all fields is based on a false premise.

If so, all curriculum from grade school to university will need to be entirely overhauled. The end result will be a complete and total reversal of focus that will bring about a new human with entirely new and radical ways of achieving goals and solving problems. But we cannot do that while the pestilence prevents us and civilization from entering the promised land.

Learn how to become powerful and unstoppable by having the right knowledge. We unknowingly wield immense power. We must recognize the fantastic power we possess and learn to use it constructively.

Here and now we have the power to work magic of such proportions we have never fathomed. Yet unseized, such power waits for us to claim it. It is of no use until we awaken to it.

It is all here, in the solution.


Click on image to learn more.


This remarkable new way of looking at the universe is supported by two of the world's  most  eminent thinkers ― Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, & University of London physicist David Bohm, a former protege of Einstein's.



A book to help civilization & individuals that contains information that was silenced because the government does not want you to know what it conveys

Over-policing & brutalizing: Seizure & vexing of humanitarian efforts to elevate humanity

It is December 2018, and I am pressured to write about this after receiving $50,000 in support for funding to secure an attorney in a wrongful incarceration lawsuit. However, I do not want to write about it because the whole ordeal has been so disturbing and dehumanizing to me, and because after losing in trial I can easily be thrown back in prison just for claiming innocence, so I will not make that claim here. The system is corrupt and impossible to fight.

Almost two decades ago, a police officer pulled me from my vehicle and threw me on the asphalt because a man could not understand why a stranger would invite him and his family to a state park and proceeded to call the police.

Poor inner-city youth had stolen my cell phone and I was showing this adult that I was not his competition (selling drugs) or critical of him and his children (he was on probation) but was altruistic and wanted to help these people.

At that time, my work and property was confiscated. Instead of getting my work and property returned I spent 15 years in prison. The manipulation and fabrication was so extensive and vicious that this is not the place to try to unravel the falsities. The affair was about my thoughts and writing and not anything else. Only by court order have I been able to publish.

My computers and manuscripts have been confiscated numerous times. I never would have believed this could happen to me. There is nothing more stressful than armed agents storming my residence and confiscating my manuscript and preventing publication.

My yet-to-be-published book The Solution to All of Humanity’s Problems… was confiscated twice; the third version has finally been published.

I also received an additional six years in prison for my second attempt to publish this book. It would have been 15 additional years for trying to publish this book had I not received funding for an attorney (which the state took note of). But because my attorney was corrupt and the police and state too powerful to fight, I withdrew the civil suit for the right to leave the state of Connecticut.

When the time is right and I feel confident and safe I will publish the full story of what happened. I believe The Solution… and my intent to reform society set this all in motion because the seizure occurred 45 days after I founded Earth Network of Altruistic, Autonomous Individuals Incorporated.

I do not believe I am a victim. I set all of this in motion, and for a reason that is being fulfilled now, as the book’s content provides a systemic reform of policing and elimination of incarceration and what that title says — the solution to all of humanity’s problems and the secret to creating the life you want.

“THE SOLUTION…” Learn what is so powerful the government will go to any length to stop you from reading it.

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Anything is possible. Create your dreams. Start today. KNOW WHO YOU ARE: We need to wake-up within the dream, and enter our true life.


Anything is possible. Create your dreams. Start today.

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New paper published by Science Advances

“Science Advances” reports in November 2019, “The scientific method relies on facts…. In quantum mechanics the objectivity…”  continue reading

If you are not a scientist, this article in “The Conversation,” explains how each person creates their own facts.

CONCLUSION: Reality is subjective. However, the sciences are isolated in that other fields of science do not communicate well if at all with quantum physicists in order to come up with a consensus as to the true nature of reality. As a result, we live in a confused, disjointed world of myth that continues largely unchallenged. Other scientists in fields outside of physics and the world as a whole goes its merry way oblivious to the fact that they are organizing their thoughts and theories according to bygone science and myth. Other scientists, doctors, attorneys, psychologists, etc., base their work on classical physics and a toxic soup of materialism, Darwinistic and Freudian psychology, lineal time, cause and effect and other myths. The result is a confused world and civilization which has no consensus as to what reality really is. Who pays the price? We all suffer in our lives as a result.

Buy book: consciousness creates matter. We create facts by what we believe, think and feel.

The scientific facts and proof that consciousness creates matter are right in front of us. Don’t rely on others, however, find out for yourself by applying and testing these concepts in your life.

Physicist's have just now discoved what I've been saying for decades

Quantum physics now tells us that reality is subjective. Like I said, we create facts by what we believe, think and feel.

We create our facts. I have based all my books on this knowledge.

Human nature is only untrustworthy when we base our civiliation the belief that it is. If we base our civilization on the idea that human nature is altruistic and good, then that will be the reality we create.

Scientific and philosophical reasons why the soul and all people are good and are altruistic inside.

See mind forms matter altruistic, autonomous philosophy and movement by William Eastwood.

You can become anything by believing you are already who and what you want to be, and it is far more truthful to say that you are altruistic than that you are unworthy or bad.

Friend of Einstein, David Bohm, gives as a visual concept of a new paradigm of reality and explans how our thoughts can affect people and reality and create physical matter. We can and create syncronistic fortunate events in our lives.

Our civilization's most cherished, seemingly ironclad law of cause and affect is a myth

There is no time as we know it. There is only a spacious present. Continuity is a result of consistency of thought. The past does not create the present. Reality is completely destroyed and recreated millions of times a second.

If you are convinced your past determines your present, then you are bound by what you perceive to be the ironclad law of cause and effect. You can and should escape the stifling confines of belief in cause and effect.

The content in my sites explain how.

See: Are time and space an illusion? Is this the only reality or do other parallel inner dimensions exist?

Top physicists know that thoughts create matter, but...

Top physicists know that the facts prove that consiousness creates matter, but the rest of us are slow to learn, including people who are highly educated in the old paradigm.

When we are educated and scripted in the false  scientific worldview of materialism, Darwinism and psychology, it can be difficult to escape the mass-hypnosis. But a lot of people are getting close to figuring it all out.

Consciousness and matter are electromagnetic fields which form electrons which compose events.

Do real wizards exist, and if so, can I learn how to become a real wizard?

When I was very young I used to fly around our family home in my astral body. And until the age of about ten I could focus on inanimate objects at night and will them into small animals that I would watch scurrying around my bedroom. Now I am helping to create a new future for humanity. If these achievements don’t make me a wizard, I don’t know what does.

Real wizards do exist and you can learn to become one.

William Eastwood’s early life experience and how to use your mind over matter mind power to manifest.

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