How to Make Money with Metaphysics: Materialize Cash, Success & Wealth


How to Make Money with Metaphysics: Materialize Cash, Success & Wealth

How to Make Money with Metaphysics

Making money with metaphysical principles is the only real way you can make money, as the new science on this site reveals. I have always been able to manifest the things I want with metaphysics.

I manifest gold and platinum, cash money, everything I desire, and I do it by enjoying myself and writing books. I have had the worst setbacks of anyone (have been attacked by my worst fears), and I have not only survived, but have come right back and have gone higher and higher until reaching international author status.

But we are all the authors of our lives, which unlike books, are three-dimensional dramas we walk into and live from the inside out. In that sense we are all scientists and magicians of the highest possible caliber.

I have always followed my higher path, and this has been my strength. The basic science is simple, however, and you can apply it right now to improve and transform your life situation in any way you please.


The most advanced and credible science in the world (below) is leading us to the truth that shall set us free. And the truth is more positive than we can presently conceive.

We are capable of using this knowledge to create a new kind of civilization. Our problems are meant to lead us to these answers.


You have to change your thinking to change your life, there is no getting around that fact. But it does not matter what your “past” was or where you are, all that matters is how you think and feel.

Everything in life is materialized by the thoughts you think because everything is a materialization of your consciousness. All cash money, debt or success, wealth or poverty are a direct result of dominant areas of thought.

Failures or problems should not be considered a blemish or taken as evidence that you are doing something wrong because we come here to learn. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

The most advanced consciousnesses choose great challenges before they are even born. Then they find their way to success as they navigate the fantastic complicated problems they have set for themselves. This is just how it is. The challenge makes life incredibly satisfying and develops your abilities at the same time.

This is how we make money with metaphysics. What could be better? We create our reality by the thoughts we think. We choose everything. In the bigger picture there are no accidents or mistakes.

Everything happens twice

Everything happens twice, first in your mind and then physically. To create something, you must first be aware of it. Form in your mind a picture, feeling and/or thought of what you want. Now it exists.

You have brought something new into existence by thinking it. No thought is predetermined, each is an original creation by you, the magical author. Once you create an idea, it will develop further in the same way a seed does, only this is an inner, non-physical incubation, and it takes time before it blooms physical fruits.


Create what you want in thought, emotion and imagination. See yourself as a person who is healthy, wealthy, happy, prosperous and is enjoying every minute, hour and day living out your dreams.

Create a movie in your mind in which you are the central character living the kind of life-style you want.

See the jaw-dropping reactions of friends, lovers and associates you are interacting with.

Feel deep gratitude and thanksgiving for such a kind life and reality where all your dreams are forthcoming and materialized all around you.

Re-pattern your mind to think in line with these principles at all times. Change your focus and attitude and be patient.

Photo By Ken Horkavy.

Rainbow of consciousness

Money & success out of thin air

These methods can attract money from seemingly nowhere, defying logical notions of cause and effect. Your thoughts connect you to everything in the universe. You draw what you want to you through the law of attraction. Whatever vibrations matches your thoughtform is attracted to you.

We normally materialize through normal channels, such as stores and people, but occasionally we find things or manifest them in highly unusual ways. When this happens we know we are in tune with the universe and are manifesting effectively.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla

Materialize Cash, Success & Wealth


I found (materialized) this Italian white gold BVLGARI ring in March, 2020 at the time I was uploading images of foreign luxury to this site. I was shocked to see the exact same ring for sale on a BVLGARI website for $2,350.00. I internalized the energy of the photos (example below) and manifested it.


The energy I am projecting is of higher and higher quality, which is why this ring appeared to me. I used the ring in the photo of my manifesting course below.

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Readers sometimes say I am able to attract money because I already have money. I tell them, but that was not always the case.

How do I materialize cash, success & wealth with metaphysics when I have no money?

At age 13, I found a 1921 watch with 36 diamonds mounted on a platinum case with a white gold band. I still lived with my parents at the time. In my teens I sold solar home designs and began studying metaphysics. I used the principles I was learning to leverage greater and greater amounts of success.

At a young age I loved to find treasure, but I usually manifested money and the things I needed in other ways. I worked part time and made extra money as a result of my manifesting expertise. I manifest cash, success and wealth with metaphysics when I had no money of my own.

At this early age, most of what I acquired I got for free. This allowed me time to feel good and do what I wanted to do. When I was extremely happy I would think positive naturally. The result was the sale of my first book, and eventually many books.

Something as simple as the pillow below can be manifested. Why buy pillows when you are still just getting by? This pillow came to me on a conveyor belt.

Before I was making a lot of money I created a bedroom theme that allowed me to feel the way I would if I were wealthy and successful. This worked very well. The pillow, murals, computer and original oils on canvas were obtained for free, usually as gifts.

You do not need a lot of money to make money, only an imagination and a willingness to apply these principles correctly.

By age 26 I owned three historic homes on the coast of Maine. After that it was not all smooth sailing as I learned what did and did not work, but I always came out on top. I learned as much from setbacks as I did from success. I share all I have learned to help people improve their lives and manifest their dreams, and my job is to do the same as I teach.

Prerequisites to manifest money

  1. You understand your thoughts and emotions create your reality.
  2. You minimalize contrary thought energy by focusing on what is working in your life.
  3. You manage your thoughts and emotions consistently, aggressively visualizing and affirming what you want multiple times every day.

The second requirement is a challenge for most because your mind is restless and tends to try to solve problems by focusing on what is wrong. This is a very poor policy unless you want to materialize more problems.