Magical manifestations of money

Your thoughts are made of the exact same substance as material objects and events. Thoughts have a lesser intensity of electromagnetic energy than physical events, otherwise there is no basic difference between the two.

This is magic in and of itself. When you see reality in this way, as being magical, it seems like anything is possible. When you have this attitude, Anything is possible.

It is your thoughts that manifest. Therefore thinking that anything is possible makes anything possible.

As you study the subject you learn that it is really all about emotions. However, emotions come from thoughts and thoughts come from Beliefs. Therefore, beliefs are important because they generate thoughts which generate emotions.

If you just suppress negative emotions you’ll end up with lots of problems in life. So you have to work on your beliefs.

Then when you encounter a negative emotion you have to recognize it briefly. Face the negative emotion for a few seconds, identify what you want to believe, and then imagine plucking the emotion out.

Then replace it with a positive thought and the belief you would rather hold.

Although I believe in everything I just said, the most effective way to magically materialize money is to create an air of magic. What I mean by that, is to feel the magic in the moment, and to combine that with the highest possible vibrations.

I find thoughts of the most optimistic kind are the most powerful.

Go as you can and think of all the most positive things that have ever happened to you and combine that with your best memories, fantasies and desires and watch the magic happen.

Rainbow of consciousness


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Rainbow of consciousness