Do Real Wizards Exist? How Do I Learn How to Become a Wizard?

Eastwood Interview.

The founder of Earth Network, William Eastwood, worked for a Yale University professor on a secret invention at a private research and development facility at age 13.



Do Real Wizards Exist? How Do I Learn How to Become a Wizard?

  • Do real wizards exist?
  • How do I learn to become a real wizard?

I will answer these questions now.

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Do Real Wizards Exist?

Do Real Wizards Exist? WE How Do I Learn How to Become a Wizard?
William Eastwood.

Yes, real wizards do exist. Scientists are divided about what they believe. The majority believe in physicalism. The others believe Internal Science. You cannot be a real wizard unless you believe in Internal Science.


Of course real wizards exist, you probably are one or you would have already left like a dumb muggle that insists on extreme limitation and overbearing mediocracy.


Take the wizard test below. If you pass the simple test, you will know if you are a muggle or a real wizard.


When you understand even just a little bit of the science, you will be able to understand that real wizards do exist.

You can learn how to become a real wizard by following my instructions on how to become a real wizard below and reading about time travel and your multidimensional reality.

Wizard test

This wizard test reveals if you are a real wizard or a common muggle.

If a wizard sees an old tree in a dark forest, how does he know if he is the tree? He knows because he created the universe. He knows because he is a portion of the one energy that is the intelligent light. He doesn’t have to push the, “I know everything button” because he knows. But if you push it, you will be an initiate.




You know if you are a real wizard or not by whether you pushed the button or not. All muggles are fearful. The whole world is fear-based, which means that fear controls everyone. Fear controls the muggle. As soon as he or she is no longer controlled by fear, everything begins to change and ancient memories are aroused. The inner wizard rises to the surface.

An inner part of every wizard still knows who they are. Part of you knows everything because part of you is creating everything. There is no time.

Part of Einstein discovered that he created the universe. I explain in my book.

Are you now creating many universes as a great wizard? Even the science reveals you are part of the single creative intelligence that existed before the beginning of the universe. This energy creates everything.

Do Real Wizards Exist? EN How Do I Learn How to Become a Wizard?
The Inner UN.

Read the science even if you do not understand it right now. If you keep reading it, eventually you will understand it, and when you understand and apply it, you are the real wizard you will be in the future because the future is now and you will know that.


How you are creating a three-dimensional movie—your life

Thoughts create matter: A virtual reality headset
Virtual reality headset.

Imagine that in your living room you put on a holographic headset. At the click of a switch, you seem to no longer be in your living room.

Your senses are now telling you that you are actually on a tropical beach. As you reach down to touch the imaginary sand, sensor pads in gloves you are wearing give the sensation of pressure on your fingers.

This is an analogy to explain the purpose of your body and brain. Your body and brain are like a holographic headset that allows you to perceive a 3D movie you call your life.

Continues below.


  1. There is no singular, one-world time-line.
  2. You do not progress in a linear manner within time from birth to death.
  3. You are not a three-dimensional self moving through a three-dimensional world from birth to death.
  4. You and the world do not exist that way.




William Eastwood 1975.

"After reducing U.S. energy dependence by age 18, I set out on a more important goal. In a sudden unexpected turn of events, however, a hideous dragon attacked me. My life was thrown into chaos and I had nothing but my thoughts and wits to save me.

"It was the very thing I had warned people about in my message to humanity. [But that is not all:] The prophecy was foretold 20 years prior."

— William Eastwood.




THE SOLUTION TO ALL OF HUMANITY'S PROBLEMS & The Secret to Creating the Life You Want

"We can literally change the course of civilization by lifting the race to a higher path through implementing the solution."

— Mario Fusco TP.D, RS.D, BSC.

As far as we know, neither Albert Einstein nor physicist David Bohm worked for a professor from one of the world's top ten universities at age 13, but Eastwood did.

Eastwood gives you the means to solve world problems and create the life you want.

"If it worked for me under the worst possible circumstances, it will work for you." — William Eastwood.




“In editing ‘The Solution…’, my perspective as a scientist with two doctorates in theology is that ‘The Solution…’ bridges science, metaphysics and true religion.

— Mario Fusco TP.D, RS.D, BSC.


A YOUNG ENVIRONMENTALIST, now a young adult and metaphysician, faces the ultimate test

"My work was gone and my life was in danger.

"This was the ultimate test. AlI I had was my mind and my philosophy. If I prevailed, it would mean that my philosophy passed the ultimate test."



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In "The Solution..." a remarkable new way of looking at the universe is supported by two of the world's  most  eminent thinkers ― Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, and University of London physicist David Bohm, a former colleague of Einstein's.

The 2023 edition is available as an eBook or paperback with 460 pages.


Or get Eastwood's autobiography and the Dragon Slayer story!

Dragons hold us back
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Thoughts create matter time space projection
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Stop wasting your time with physicalism myths, go to real school.


Thoughts create matter introduces Real School.
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Break out of ignorance and primitive superstition.


Thoughts create matter Einstein and Eastwood
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Learn real travel and go somewhere meaningful. You don’t have to have a licence, pay for gas or drive a Flinstone car to get to your best future self.


Real time travel
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Einstein even said, ignorance attacks intelligence and dislikes greatness.


Dragons hold us back
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Learn exactly what happens to your thoughts after you think them.


How do thoughts create reality consciousness forms matter turn physical
A website article.


The article continues after the following section on Internal Science, also called the holographic theory of consciousness.


“You can learn how to become a real wizard by following my instructions on how to become a real wizard below.”

— William Eastwood


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Many people are real wizards

Many people are real wizards, and you can learn to become a real wizard, but to do so you must be able to break out of conventional myths and realize what you can do with your mind. The mind is everything everywhere.

Do Real Wizards Exist? How Do I Learn How to Become a Wizard? William Eastwood
William Eastwood.

Our civilization is steeped in the myth of physicalism. We are not physical beings primarily, but are consciousness. Our consciousness creates everything.

When you are able to disengage from collective belief system, you realize many things. On thing I realized at an early age was that I could astral travel in my spirit body.

Over time I learned how to exit my physical body and then travel through time and space. The following excerpts are actual astral travel experiences I have had. In one I became a wizard in the Middle Ages.

Later on in the article I talk about families of consciousness. Some people can do this more easily than others, and so you could say that some people are real wizards. In my assessment, a real wizard must be able to materialize treasure, and I have an account you may want to read below.

To learn how to be a real wizard you have to first learn who and what you are.


Thoughts create matter presents: Who you really are. website article.


To learn how to be a real wizard you have to know what thoughts and physical matter are.


Click on image to learn more.




“You can learn how to become a real wizard by following my instructions on how to become a real wizard below.”

— William Eastwood

Real wizards believe in the power of their thoughts and use mental suggestion to create what they want

Real Wizards believe in their power. Muggles do not. People who disown their power do not like to even consider the possibility that their thoughts have enough power to create events and objects. a real wizard however, is more than happy to entertain these kinds of thoughts. A real wizard believes in the power of his thoughts and wields his thoughts powerfully.

This is not fiction, it is a set of instructions on how to be a real wizard for adults that believe in the power of their thoughts.

Mental suggestion creates reality, which will be apparent to a real wizard because a real wizard understands internal science and the holographic theory of reality. The way to become a real wizard is to accept the power of your thoughts and then train yourself how to think powerful, affirmative thoughts that state that what you want is true in reality. By stating that something is true in present tense, you direct energy towards the creation of the event you are stating is already true. This is how the creation process works. Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions create your reality. There are natural laws of creation that govern the process. There is a time-lag, so that your thoughts do not materialize immediately. All this information is extremely valuable to you if you want to learn how to be a real wizard.

To become a real wizard, visit our affirmation and guidance page at least three times a week. Learn to think in affirmations. Once you learn to control your thinking, you can create anything. This is when you have become a real wizard.


Astral travel can reveal the ability some people possess to travel through time and dimensions

Yes, real wizards do exist. William Eastwood time traveled to the Middle Ages and came back reporting this: “With great confidence, I swung my arm in front of me, throwing a great emerald-green lightning bolt over tables, benches and people in the castle great room. I felt great joy and power in my display that terrorized the stunned townsfolk. It was the Middle Ages.  I felt as if I were a great wizard.”

— William Eastwood


These are non-fiction accounts of lucid astral projection through time.


Do real wizards exist? Yes, real wizards exist if travelling hundreds of thousands of years into the future to bring back knowledge to save the human race is something a real wizard does.


Another astral projection into the future: “I knew exactly what to do. I placed the gold obelisk of alien origin on my forehead between my eyes. In an instantaneous process, the entire knowledge of a civilization that had come and gone was transmitted into my mind. I experienced legions of information in visual format. I was cognizant of the civilization’s mistakes as well as everything they had done right.


“Upon awakening from this astral projection, I interpreted it as having received the history of (our?) entire civilization from many thousand of years in the future.

“As a result I have created Earth Network to convey information that will change the trajectory of our species.”

— William Eastwood


William Eastwood visualized everything he later manifested as a teen
A website article.



“After reducing U.S. energy dependence by age 18, I set out on a more important goal. In a sudden unexpected turn of events, however, a hideous dragon attacked me. My life was thrown into chaos and I had nothing but my thoughts and wits to save me.

“It was the very thing I had warned people about in my message to humanity. [But that is not all:]The prophecy was foretold 20 years prior.” — William Eastwood.



The account of the attack.




Dragons hold us back
A website article.


A website article.

Real wizards do exist now

Real wizards exist now, they existed in the past, and they existed before the creation of the earth. They created time and they created the earth.

They did not go by the designation, “wizard,” but have always been known as the great multidimensional entities that have always existed and who created the physical system with their consciousness. You too, existed before the earth was created.

We come from an inner world where wizards always existed and still do. Before any physical world existed, consciousness gave its imaginings independent life. The inner imagined realities are infinite and do contain realities with wizards and more that you can imagine.

The story of conscious evolution explains some of this. Those who know all of this may be called great wizards, or may simply be educated people. “Muggles” or disbelievers (regular people who are programmed by physicalism) cannot accept greatness.


how ego perception developed.
A websites article.


Prior to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution people did believe that their thoughts and emotions affected their reality. Respect was given to those who professed great ability in manipulating matter with their mind. However, many people were also afraid of this ability. Those who were feared were sometimes severely punished and even some “witches” were burned at the stake.

Going back further, inquisitors did not burn witches because they thought it was irrational that people could manipulate matter with the mind. They did it because in those times it was generally accepted that people could manipulate matter and affect other people with their thoughts. It was misuse of this ability that was alarming. Witches were burned for what was considered evil intentions and use of the ability to affect people in negative ways.

This extensive article by William Eastwood continues below.


Albert Einstein.


“As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it.”

― Albert Einstein



Are negative beliefs about my human nature preventing my success?
A website article.

Humans have been pulling other humans down for generations. This is done in many ways. The core belief of our civilization is a miscalculation that is driving humanity’s problems. Negativity and degradation are out of control. The world is in a downward spiral. The Altruism Code stops it all now.



In the Middle Ages, wizards were sometimes highly respected as those who were able to manipulate matter with great power and skill. This was a more magical time because people were more open-minded to the entire inner dimension of a reality from which we come as well as the ability to manipulate matter with the mind. Those who were called wizards were both feared and revered.

Currently, quantum physics is bringing what was known in the past back to the forefront of attention. Wizards are now becoming popular; with the younger generation especially. The Harry Potter productions mark the beginning of a new era  humanity is entering.

This new era we are entering now is being spurred on by a renaissance of these ideas caused by recognition of quantum mechanics. But it is also happening because we are all connected on inner levels. At an inner subconscious level there is agreement that we must all awaken to our true nature.

How do I learn to become a real wizard?

Yes, you can become a real wizard. You can learn how to become a real wizard by reading and learning how a real wizard uses his power.

Real wizards learn. Read articles and books by real wizards and you will learn how to become a real wizard.

First understand that you are not really a physical being in a physical world. This is a dream you are having.

To become a real wizard you must use affirmations.



"I can get you out of your current situation, no matter what it is, and it's completely free." — William Eastwood.


How to reset the mind



My daily affirmations and guidance post.


Thoughts create matter and reality daily guidance. affirmations & guidance posted daily.


  • Get out of unwanted experience and into the life you desire.
  • Success is as easy as your next thought.


By going to my daily affirmation page, you can bring success and happiness into your life immediately. Keep going and you will keep it there. Do nothing and nothing will happen.




This daily post is designed to help you. You can extract yourself from the most difficult circumstances, and you can manifest your dreams and goals. If you read the affirmations on the affirmation page first thing when you wake up, you will change what happens on that day. If you continue every morning, you will change your whole life. But if you don't go to this page, don't follow your intuition, or don't apply the principles, nothing will happen.


Do real wizards exist? How do I learn how to become a real wizard?


A website article.


A website article.





“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”

― Albert Einstein




A portal for entities, wizards and spirits to time travel trough dimensions.
A website article.



I couldn’t tell most people what I was doing because they wouldn’t have believed me. They would have told me that only real wizards can fly through the galaxy at the speed of light, but that real wizards don’t exist. They would have told me that only real wizards can throw emerald lightening bolts in front of startled townsfolk in a Middle Ages castle, but that only happens in movies like Harry Potter. They would have told me that only wizards could absorb the knowledge of a future civilization to use it to chart a new path for the human race, (another even more amazing experience of mine).

I couldn’t tell them I had done all of that, they would have laughed at me. But I can now, and I have. Click below to read my account of my adventures travelling through time and space.


Probabilities multidimensional self time travel William Eastwood science actual experiences through Einstein-Rosen bridge wormhole
A website article.


“You are projecting one of many probabilities within an infinite holographic universe. That’s just simple fact, its not theory or science fiction.”

— William Eastwood


Many-worlds multidimensional existence is no longer considered fantasy among many mainstream serious scientists, but very few have been able to apply the science, as for example, William Eastwood has done.


“I placed the obelisk on my forehead between my eyes. Immediately, the entire experience of an advanced future civilization was directly communicated to me.”

— William Eastwood

Read more…


I was so successful projecting my thoughts into matter and events that I set my goals higher. I had something more important to do.”

Nicola Tesla.


“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

— Nikola Tesla.



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Thoughts create matter presents internal science.
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Be a part of…

Thoughts create matter presents a new and superior species and a new civilization
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How Can I Save the Earth Planet World Mankind Myself Everyone
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Thoughts create miracles and good luck.
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How to manifest success with metaphysical principles.
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Thoughts can and do create matter says William Eastwood with AMAZING credentials!
A website article.


Eastwood is a blood descendant of two kings of England.

Do Real Wizards Exist? How Do I Learn How to Become a Wizard? Eastwood is a wizard
Eastwood Wizard.

Questions you may ask.


Thoughts create matter introduces holographic reality.
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Thoughts can and do create matter presents: Eastwood and Einstein
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Consciousness equals an electromagnetic field which equals matter
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Positive thinking doesn't work.
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Time travel to the future to learn what our civilization did wrong.
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Do Real Wizards Exist? How Do I Learn How to Become a Wizard?

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Primary article concludes here.






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HOW TO BE A REAL WIZARD: To change any element of the movie you call life, you have to change your thinking. Altering the mind alters your life. There is no other way to change your life.







HOW TO BE A REAL WIZARD: Learn how Thoughts create reality






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Do Real Wizards Exist? How Do I Learn How to Become a Wizard?

Real wizards do exist and you can learn how to become a real wizard.



You become a wizard by first learning how your beliefs, thoughts and emotions form your reality. Then you learn how to project the right intentions, thoughts and emotions to materialize the best possible events.



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