Why can’t I solve my problems using metaphysics?

The problem may be your focus on “the problem.” Too much time spent on trying to solve a problem or change a negative belief can be counter-productive. As a rule of thumb, once you identify a problem, make an effort to release it. Imagine yourself plucking out a negative idea or attitude as you would pull up a weed in a garden, roots and all.

Design a suggestion that affirms the opposite of your problem. If you do not trust people, you could affirm, “Only trustworthy people come into my life,” or, “I like people and people like me,” or, “People are always kind and helpful to me.” If you are short on money you could affirm, “I have lots of money….” etc. (See my daily affirmation and guidance post.)

 Repeat the affirmation to yourself a few times a day and then divert your attention to something that takes your attention off the problem. Don’t worry about or work at your problems. Get out of your house and away from situations that keep you stuck in your thinking.

Sometimes it is only our belief that we have a problem that is the problem. The effort entailed in going from expert to expert or friend to friend in an effort to find the cause of a problem can be the problem. Such actions can reinforce already existing problems.

As long as any problem is stongly believed in, it will continue to manifest.

You may also want to design affirmations to address any belief you may have that you can’t get the results you want, lack the know-how, etc. You could affirm, “I know how to use metaphysics like an expert, and I always get the results I want.” (Visit my daily affirmation post for ideas and techniques.)

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