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Control Attitudes & Moods

Control attitudes and moods.


If you want perfect health and superior performance in any area, focus on how you would think and feel if you had what you are wishing for.

What you create depends on what direction your thoughts and emotions take. The secret to your success in life is in the art and science of managing your attitude and mood.

Your dominant and most intense thought and emotion always manifests. However, even low-level poor attitude and mood will over time end up manifesting unwanted events unless changed.

As you progress in how you apply metaphysical principles, you learn to watch all your attitudes and moods. If at one time you applied the principles in an isolated way, now you insist on an ongoing scrutiny of all your attitudes and moods.

You realize that to improve your life in any significant and lasting way, you must control your reactions to events that used to bother you.

Don’t repress anything; acknowledge negative thoughts for a second or two. Imagine plucking them out, roots and all. Or imagine them passing by on a conveyor belt. Or say you will worry about it on another day. Then move on. Affirm the opposite and then divert attention to another subject.

You MUST take control of your emotions, mood and attitude. Don’t be afraid to be forceful in the way you direct attention or get negative ideas out of your mind.

When you are overworked or stressed, however, it is important to stop straining to achieve results and just let go. This allows inner forces to calm and center you, and to create a state of peace. It also restores intuitive connections that bring you energy and valuable intuition that will help you achieve your goals and put you on the fast track to success.


manifesting-probabilities-how-to-manifest-probable-self-0022-33A good attitude and mood activates intuition and puts you in correspondence with supportive energies and forces that are working on your behalf at all times.


The fast track to success may be to move steadily with confidence and precision. See everything, miss nothing. Think: success, confidence and magic.

You can have whatever you want in life.

 CONSCIOUSNESS = ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD = MATTER = EVENTS  Consciousness forms electromagnetic fields which form electrons which compose events.







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