What is Nonlinear Time Thinking? The Quantum Mind & the New World


EN "Your thoughts can and do create matter," says William Eastwood, who worked with a Yale University professor at a private research facility at age 13.

What is Nonlinear Time Thinking? The Quantum Mind & the New World

  • What is nonlinear time thinking?
  • What is the quantum mind?
  • What is the new science we are giving the world?

I will answer these questions now


What is nonlinear time thinking?

Nonlinear time thinking is creating outside of time progression limitations.

The definition and meaning of nonlinear time thinking is a non-sequential thought process based on a new assumption about reality that recognizes the simultaneous nature of all existence. When we change our basic assumptions about reality and see ourselves in a new way in relation to time, we can create a new personal and collective world.

Sequential reality is time structured and laid out like an infinite series of physical events that fall into time slots. Things come into existence and then disappear forever. This is false. Nothing ever disappears. Because we cannot perceive an event or object does not mean it does not exist. Reality does not exist that way.

Einstein knew that.




William Eastwood is the author of this article and C =Ef = M.


William Eastwood interview for inventions solar work stolen by government.
Eastwood interview.


At age 12, William Eastwood said, “I can change the world,” and he picked up a pencil.

Less than a year later, William’s school counselor called Yale University.

Story continues below.


Ignorance causes all the problems in the world today.
A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.


Do scientists say that thoughts create matter?

Many top physicists do know that thoughts create matter and reality

Your thoughts can and do create matter. It is the rest of science, media and the world who do not want to listen to what they are saying.



Max Plank

Max Planck, Nobel Prize Winning father of quantum mechanics says, “I regard matter as a derivative from consciousness.” The Observer, 1931.



Max Tegmark (Click button for MIT paper)

Max Tegmark
Max Tegmark


Max Tegmark of MIT, says that consciousness is a state of matter.





In 1938, Einstein writes,

It seems as though we must use sometimes the one theory and sometimes the other, while at times we may use either. We are faced with a new kind of difficulty. We have two contradictory pictures of reality; separately neither of them fully explains the phenomena of light, but together they do.

— Albert Einstein, Leopold Infeld (1938). The Evolution of Physics: The Growth of Ideas from Early Concepts to Relativity and Quanta. Cambridge University Press.

The scientific proof and facts are overwhelming

If we extend Einstein’s suggestion above to several sources of knowledge, we come to a new understanding of reality itself.  To make sense of the discoveries of David Bohm and other scientists we need to gather together everything they are saying and put it together in a new way to bring us to a new picture of reality that makes sense.

If we combine certain popular theories in quantum physics, they all point in the same direction.

Physicist David Bohm, — who Albert Einstein called “a kindred spirit,” and who’s Ph.D. thesis (being top secret and classified) was awarded at the University of California at Berkeley by no other than Robert Oppenheimer — tells us that everything is connected and that each person’s physical life is a holographic projection of the mind.

Eastwood discovered that the universe was a projection of the mind in the 1970’s when he was only twelve years old. Eastwood began TESTING holographic reality principles in his youth, years before Bohm even published Wholeness and the Implicate Order” in 1980.

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Why people see what they want to see, and create negative experiences

“Each person reads and experiences reality according to what they believe exists. If they hold a view of reality within themselves that is inherently limiting and/or negative, then this inner subjective reality and nothing else is projected outward into events and experiences so that everything conforms with their beliefs. They then cannot see anything outside of their own worldview. In effect, they become blind to any information that would free them from their inner and outer restricted reality.

“The negative focus on perceived enemies or opposition combined with the overlooked and unchecked power of consciousness and focus has been causing the world severe problems for a very long time only because we do not see the obvious.

“The solution is to understand that consciousness is altruistic.

“The people that seem evil don’t believe that the human spirit is basically good, and that’s the problem.

“My work is to explain that this is a scientifically validated fact in order to bring an end to global conflict and assist humanity in advancing into a new stage of incredible fulfillment, both private and public. That work begins with you.

“You can become a good or bad person in this life of yours — it is your choice.

“Yet, regardless of what you make of yourself in this life, your innermost soul is good. What you are at the deepest level IS good.”

— William Eastwood


A philosophy with a heart and soul.


ThoughtsFormMatter.com website article.



“The unexamined life is not worth living. If you want to be wrong then follow the masses.” — Socrates.


A philosophy that WORKS LIKE MAGIC

A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.

Each physicist’s theory represents one important piece of the puzzle. If you combine them properly, they lead us to where we need to be. They lead us to a unique understanding of reality. It becomes crystal clear and obvious that your thoughts can and do create your reality.


You can get lost trying to understand consciousness by reading scientific articles. I offer links to some excellent scientific studies as a courtesy to you only. I know in simple terms that the physical world is a projection we each create with our own consciousness. If four people enter a room, there are four rooms. I figured that out over four decades ago.

Consciousness is irreducible and is both individualized and part of an unbroken field. Quantum mechanics is the study of that field of energy. Your consciousness has very deep, eternal meaning that cannot be measured with a ruler, and so all scientific studies will miss that part of the picture.

All consciousness is of an equal, amazingly high grade; and just so you know, your personality and individuality will never be lost. Who you are will survive death. I am not a religious person, because I will add that you are also good, and most religions will say you are evil.

Ignorance is separation from truth, and it is the closest thing there is to evil. Our civilization has been based on separation from truth for centuries and we therefore do not even know where we come from! That shows just how ignorant we are.

Our civilization has been reading reality backwards for thousands of years. You cannot understand reality by looking at the physical world because that world is a consciousness hologram that you are creating. If you follow most scientists, they will just get you more confused.

I provide hundreds of articles and over a dozen books in plain English, and you do not need to be a scientist to understand any of it. Use your heart and intuition. All knowledge is within you, and you are a portion of the Divine consciousness that forms everything. You are forever safe and loved, and this will never change, not for a billion years.

For those who are interested I often begin my articles with some science because it is important to use your intellect. For something to be true it must make sense to you both intellectually and intuitively.

— William Eastwood


Understanding will change the world as we know it. Either we accept new knowledge and thrive individually and collectively or we become overtaken by violence and other problems and spiral into our demise. Fortunately, we do have free will.

A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.


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Quantum physics is not strange

We are!

If quantum physics sounds strange, its not the quantum physics that’s strange, it’s the myths by which you are living your life that are strange. Quantum physics deals with the simple facts of reality.

I am trying to help people to see their power and control over reality. If quantum physics sounds strange to you, you have a lot of learning ahead of you.

We are being asked to let go of myths on which our civilization has been based, so I understand that it is a challenge, but it is a journey we must all take!

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Or, journey out of the illusion right now.


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Nonlinear time thinking tells us that we are centered in an infinite reality from which we draw probabilities according to what we believe. In this vast or spacious present, we are only as limited in what probabilities we can draw to us and manifest according to our basic subconscious and conscious assumptions.


At age 13, Eastwood was working at a private research facility on a mysterious invention with Everett Barber, a professor at Yale University.

Story continues below.


By holding a root subconscious assumption that our past dictates what can happen now, we give our power to the past. We think we are controlled by the past but in actuality we are only controlled by the firm belief in time and the idea that past events create our present and future. If we think the past is done and unreachable, we are saying we do not have the ability to change all events.

The concept of time, however, is a strong social convention. We feel comforted by our basic assumptions about reality. Yet to advance to the next stage in our conscious evolution we need to break free of limiting assumptions that have no real basis in fundamental reality.




Nicola Tesla.

William Eastwood is the new scientist of which Tesla was speaking when he said that “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

William Eastwood shares future probabilities for the human race.


A MindOverMatterPower.com website article.


After achieving his goal to help reduce U.S. dependence on fossil fuels by age 18, Eastwood began to do something even more important for humanity.


A public record of Eastwood’s interview at age 16 is available here and is also documented as microfilm in the United States library system.


A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.


Nonlinear time thinking is thinking disregarding the myths of time segmentation. Nonlinear time thinking is accurate thinking. Linear thinking is inaccurate.


NBC NEWS REPORT: Universe Is Conscious


Objective science has led to advances in technology, but it has failed to explain reality and the mysteries of existence. The quantum mind and the New World that these findings will lead to is profoundly different than what we experience as reality now.


Why science religion told us our thoughts do not create our physical reality matter events
A MindFormsMatter.com website article.


William Eastwood set out to create a great civilization and the was assaulted by those who attack others.
A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.


Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us that time and space are not immovable absolutes. This is why I say that quantum mechanics is a potential future unifying principle for humanity. A new set of basic assumptions about reality will enable us to create a better collective world.



45 years of research goes into every book




So far, as a civilization we tend to be proud of Einstein and quantum mechanics, but we do not take either seriously enough. We do not apply the science as we should to approach life in a new way and to solve our public and private problems. We still pretend that time and space are absolutes and as a result we let reality control us rather than controlling it.


Thoughts create matter by producing a hologram.
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Our reality — time-space — is a projection created according to our beliefs.


Each moment is an opportunity to create anything.

This applies to all areas. You are not locked into situations because of your past. You create your seeming past and future according to what you believe in the present moment. There are infinite probable pasts. You align with whatever one you are connecting to according to your present conscious beliefs.

Your present moment point is the intersection of your spirit with time-space. This is your point of power and connection to all that exists in all times and realities. From the present, you can select any reality, yet what is probable is a factor of your beliefs and emotions.

Cause and effect applies only to what you have believed and thought. Change those ideas and physical reality will begin to change.

There is a delay effect when you change your beliefs and thoughts. Present thoughts immediately create new probable events in your future, but you do not experience those events until you catch up to those events in “time.” You have to wait for the brain to change the holographic projection.

If you accept new beliefs, you create a new probable past, present and future to fit those new beliefs.



YOU ARE a beautiful person by William Eastwood a thoughts create matter book
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Classical physics has been proven wrong by Einstein’s relativity and the findings of quantum mechanics. As a civilization we must now leave the restraints of classical physics. Time and space are not absolutes. We create both. They are conditions relative to our position or perspective (what we believe).


William Eastwood interview for inventions solar work stolen by government.
Eastwood interview.

“It’s not that we don’t have the solution to all problems in the world today, it’s just that people don’t want to believe we do.

— William Eastwood, universal author.


What is the quantum mind?

Quantum consciousness and quantum mind share the same meaning. Quantum consciousness and quantum mind refer to a group of hypotheses proposing that classical mechanics cannot explain consciousness.

A growing number of scientific theories derived from the findings of quantum mechanics are creating a new picture of the nature of reality. That picture is a leaping off point to a new field that is even further divorced from mainstream science than the field of quantum mechanics, quantum consciousness and quantum mind.


NBC NEWS REPORT: Universe Is Conscious




Mind over matter for success guaranteed book by William Eastwood



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The information determining form is consciousness. Consciousness determines what manifest next. Consciousness Energy Units (CEU’s) form into matter. Particles forming in the Zero Point Field are manifestations of consciousness.


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David Bohm says:

“….individuals who have shaken off the “pollution of the ages,” wrong beliefs and thinking, Bohm says, …”can begin to generate the immense power needed to ignite the whole consciousness of the world.”

This is a new development he is speaking of which when begun, would represent a unifying principle that would lift the human race to a new level and set our individual and collective consciousness on track to something new and profound.

The new field of science may be central to this development.


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The new field of science consists of consciousness science, or the study of consciousness using consciousness as the tool of study. Thus, David Bohm’s work is the leaping off point to this new field of science. And in this new field, any person can be proficient, as there are no degrees or requirements but your own psychic proficiency.

Time travel is possible by using consciousness to penetrate barriers between seeming time segmented aspects of reality. It is being done in Colorado.


Time travel in Colorado is revealing future probabilities for humanity William Eastwood international philosopher and new scientist reveals the seeming impossible
A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.

The new science and the new world

Bohm is the author of the classic university textbook, “Quantum Theory,” published in 1951, and was a colleague and friend of Albert Einstein.

Bohm said there was no sharp division between thought, emotion and matter, that they flow into each other. Matter, he said, is always forming according to whatever information it has and that therefore the thought process could alter that information content.

Bohm represents a bridge from quantum mechanics to the new field of science. The idea that matter is a product of consciousness necessitates a new field of nonobjective, nonclassical science. We must diverge from classical physics in a major way and by necessity to form a new science to accommodate the newly discovered subjective building blocks of matter, Conscious Energy Units (CEUs). Particles (electrons) are not the building blocks of matter as they were once believed to be.

The unknown source of information Bohm refers to, is consciousness. That source is unknown in Bohm’s observations because objective science — physical instruments of the scientific method — cannot register consciousness.

You do not have to be of scientific leaning to apply these new facts in your life. By following this material, you can learn to live in a new way that will lead to a new world for you and those you share it with. All my books are designed to help you apply the principles of new science to improve your life.

That new interpretation of reality requires an entirely new field of science that goes by different root assumptions and rules of study. Classical science is objective science. However, science has moved beyond the concept of objective solid particles.

This is consciousness science or consciousness-based science. With it comes a new and far more practical psychology which we are providing. We must go directly to application in order to solve contemporary problems. To heal the divide in the U.S. and bring back individual inspiration to live in a new kind of world where dreams come true and motivation is high, we need books and articles exactly like what I am providing here.


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Something happened in the 20th century that is going to change our civilization. Einstein and a group of great physicists went way beyond what we were able to understand at the time.


Albert Einstein thoughts create matter physical illusion


“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

― Albert Einstein



A guide out of the illusion.


Einstein’s colleague and a group of leading physicists made a discovery that was never properly conveyed to the public. It was too profound to be accepted in the mainstream and threatened the elite. As a result, we were not made aware of this discovery and the inevitable implications it had for civilization itself.


There is a journey we must all take.

If we are going to create what we want in life and if we are going to survive as a global community, we must be willing to understand how we create our reality. This involves looking at the implications of what Einstein and a group of leading physicists discovered about reality that the media did not properly report to the world for a number of reasons.


45 years of research goes into every book


The Holographic Universe Journey Out of the Illusion



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You are on this site.



What you need to know to create anything and solve any problem, public or private.


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William Eastwood's philosophy is based on a consensus of many physicists and theories backed by 45-years of studying various philosophies and testing them.


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Enjoy these articles, and remember, life is a journey, not a destination.


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What is Nonlinear Time Thinking? The Quantum Mind & the New World

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Are all institutions and scientific theories based on myth

Do thoughts create reality?



What is Nonlinear Time Thinking? The Quantum Mind & the New World

Nonlinear time thinking is thinking disregarding the myths of time segmentation. Nonlinear thinking is accurate thinking. Linear thinking is inaccurate.

Objective science has led to advances in technology but it has failed to explain reality and the mysteries of existence. The quantum mind and the new world that these findings will lead to is profoundly different than what we experience as reality now.

  1. Scientists do not know what an electromagnetic field (matter) is.
  2. Scientists do not know what consciousness is (also an electromagnetic field).


See thoughts create matter for similar fantastic fact.