Is Trump taking your country, your money, and your humanity?

We are enjoying a nine-year bull market that began under Obama. The Dow was up 149% under Obama and is up 29% under Trump. However, The Dow is flat now because of the president’s actions on trade.

There is always a delayed reaction to policy changes. It will take a few years to determine the effect of the current administration on the US and global economy. However, the tariffs on trade made under Trump, are beginning a trade war that will likely lead to a global recession.

The rising deficit and the fact that US workers must make up for what billionaires are not paying in taxes could both have catastrophic results.

Degrading allies and immoral policies under Trump have ruined our standing in the eyes of the rest of the world.

There are issues that are not being address like global warming which is causing accelerated ocean level rise that will be the downfall of the entire civilization.

Taken together, the actions,  inaction and ignorance of this administration could create the perfect storm that could make it easier for humanity to take a direction that could have dire consequences for all of us.

Trump is taking your money, your country and your humanity.

But that is not all. We are in store for far more than a constitutional crisis, we are entering a crisis concerning the destiny of the human race.

At the deepest level all souls are good. People become misguided and maligned due to their beliefs, rather than their fundamental nature. Punishment is not the answer, education is.

THE SOLUTION to All of Humanity's Problems