How do I eliminate restrictions?

Generally speaking, in most situations it is wise to proceed as if you had no restrictions or limitations. Always move in the direction of what you desire to whatever degree you can.

When you move forward on the faith that the means will be provided, doors have a way of appearing and opening for you.

Create the feeling of having everything work out. The feeling you want to generate is like that when you throw a bowling ball and it is rolling down the lane and you are thinking that it is going to be a strike.

It’s happening!.

That’s the feeling you want to create in regard to any issue of any weight in your life. It is going to happen. Energy and momentum is already set forth as a result of your emotional confidence and expectation and consequently the result is a assured.

If you want a whole new reality, ignore restrictions, limitations and contingencies. Your inner self can replace your current situation with a whole new life situation with no restrictions.