How do I stop panicking about money?

Tell yourself that new ways to make money are going to come to mind. Optimism itself will draw ideas to you. So many doors will open you won’t know what to do.

Worry and panic however, will slam every door shut. The part of you that is positive, however, can rapidly alter probabilities when you have been negative.

Are you safe and comfortable right now or are you in danger in this present moment? Learn how not to react to imagined future danger so that you do not ruin your present moment.

If you are safe, focus on your comfort and the physical sensations associated with your well-being. Turn your mind to whatever brings you a sense of relaxation. Enjoy the moment and relax, and the right ideas will come to you.

Focusing on imagined terrors will not help you. You get what you focus on! This is the primary principle of the universe.

A sense of well-being and confidence in your present moment will draw ideas and resources to you from inner and outer reality. Keep calm, remain stable and think positive.

Invisible Barriers to Your Success