No matter what, stay positive!


Is sense of well-being in confidence in your present moment will draw ideas and resources to you from inner and outer reality. Keep Calm, remain stable and think positive.

When you remember times when you made a lot of money you are entering the right state of mind to attract money. Create the feeling of having money in your body or remember what it feels like to have money in your hands are flowing into your life.

If you are experiencing limitation, be willing to let go of the old perspectives of black, inability, not being able to create what you want, embarrassment or whatever thinking is associated with not having enough.

Having a backdrop of pleasant experience and emotions is far better than being in a state of panic or desperation. Positive thoughts in general draw more of whatever is positive into your life, whereas tanaquil destroy your ability to manifest money.

I realize that your inner self can guide you. Ask for guidance and cooperate with the inner self by listening to whatever messages come to you.

Your inner self wants you to believe in yourself and have confidence. Positive thoughts of having and receiving money will help the inner self to help you create more money, whereas negativity will make its job more difficult.