Can I trust my impulses?


Your impulses are urges to action coming from your inner self. They lead you to the ideal version of who you can be based on your inner self’s awareness of probabilities.

When we trust our impulses we act on them and they do not backup or become exaggerated. It is only when we do not fully trust who and what we are that we resist acting on our inner motivations.

Impulses are the life thrust and defining element within us. They lead to creativity and life.

All Consciousness is good, in human impulses can be trusted

You can trust that which gives you life and the life force itself. It will guide you.

Some call the whisper of wisdom within them inner guidance, but this is your common sense as well as your Divine inner intelligence speaking. You are your higher self.

Common sense reasoning and intuition should agree. As a general rule, if they are both in agreement then it is safe to proceed in acceptable ways and act on your impulses.

Do assess and judge. Do not just act impulsively without thought to the good of others and yourself.

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