Why is it so difficult to get ahead in the US?

The free enterprise system is a sound and beneficial system that gives power to the individual, but in the U.S. it is based on the underlying belief that human nature is basically bad.

The free enterprise system in America is based on a belief in the pestilence and parasite, (personal and collective negative beliefs [see book]). It was originally designed to harness our selfish and sexual desires for economic growth to benefit the country.

Change that underlying belief in error and the system will work fine.

People’s behavior would change to reflect the new positive beliefs about human nature and as a result overall behavior would improve. Everyone would be treated better.

Everything would be set up to allow a person to rise from the bottom to the top. Wage equality and true equal opportunity would assist your advance to the top. You would then see billionaires paying more in taxes and far less corruption.

The free market is too competitive. It would become more cooperative if we didn’t base it on Darwin’s survival of the fittest.

The system is too cruel because of the model it is based on.

If we believed we were a good and trustworthy people, we wouldn’t have so many expensive rules and requirements. You only need a permit do do something because you are not trusted.

Before we do away with all the rules, however, we have to change the causal beliefs.

Exerpt from THE SOLUTION