Holographic Reality: Events Are a Projection of Your Mind, Consciousness, Brain & Five Senses


Holographic Reality: Events Are a Projection of Your Mind, Consciousness, Brain & Five Senses

  • Who is David Bohm, and what is holographic reality?
  • How does holographic reality work?
  • How are events a projection of your mind?
  • How are events a projection of consciousness and the five senses?
  • What is cognitive dissonance?

I will answer these questions now.



This new way of looking at the universe is largely the work of two of the world’s most eminent thinkers ― Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, and University of London physicist David Bohm, a former protege of Einstein’s.



A holographic image is simply a three-dimensional projection. When you turn on a light in your bedroom, light is projected and the room is instantly illuminated at the flick of a switch. Holographic reality tells us that the objects in that bedroom are projections in the same way the light coming out of the lightbulb is. For more on this click on “The Secrets of the Universe” below.



Quantum physics is not strange

We are!

If quantum physics sounds strange, its not the quantum physics that’s strange, it’s the myths by which you are living your life that are strange. Quantum physics deals with the simple facts of reality.

I am trying to help people to see their power and control over reality. If quantum physics sounds strange to you, you have a lot of learning ahead of you.

We are being asked to let go of myths on which our civilization has been based, so I understand that it is a challenge, but it is a journey we must all take!

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Or, journey out of the illusion right now.


Do scientists say that thoughts create matter?
Many top physicists do know that thoughts create matter and reality


It is the rest of science, media and the world who do not want to listen to what they are saying.



Max Plank
Max Planck, Nobel Prize Winning father of quantum mechanics says, “I regard matter as a derivative from consciousness.” The Observer, 1931.



Max Tegmark (Click button for MIT paper)

Max Tegmark
Max Tegmark


Max Tegmark of MIT, says that consciousness is a state of matter.





In 1938, Einstein writes,

It seems as though we must use sometimes the one theory and sometimes the other, while at times we may use either. We are faced with a new kind of difficulty. We have two contradictory pictures of reality; separately neither of them fully explains the phenomena of light, but together they do.

— Albert Einstein, Leopold Infeld (1938). The Evolution of Physics: The Growth of Ideas from Early Concepts to Relativity and Quanta. Cambridge University Press.


The scientific proof and facts are overwhelming

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If we extend Einstein’s suggestion above to several sources of knowledge, we come to a new understanding of reality itself.  To make sense of the discoveries of David Bohm and other scientists we need to gather together everything they are saying and put it together in a new way to bring us to a new picture of reality that makes sense.

If we combine certain popular theories in quantum physics, they all point in the same direction. That is precisely what my philosophy does. But I am not a scientist. I am a humanitarian, philosopher and visionary who wants to help you understand and apply a basic life philosophy that can be used to solve problems and achieve goals.


Thoughts can and do create matter. Learn how to manifest your thoughts.
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Each physicist’s theory represents one important piece of the puzzle. If you combine them properly, they lead us to where we need to be. They lead us to a unique understanding of reality that is so crystal clear and obvious, that we no longer need the science to convince us that this is the correct worldview.

Your thoughts can and do create your reality. The philosophy I teach is so simple and clear that anyone can apply it. In simple and clear terms, I tell you everything you need to know to create whatever it is you want most in life.

My philosophy, while based on the best science in the world today, is not for scientists, it is for ordinary people who want to improve their lives.

If you just want to achieve goals I can help you.

William Eastwood of Earth Network brings you what you need to know to create the life you want.

You can get lost trying to understand consciousness by reading scientific articles. I offer links to some excellent scientific studies as a courtesy to you only. I know in simple terms that the physical world is a projection we each create with our own consciousness. If four people enter a room, there are four rooms. I figured that out over four decades ago.

Consciousness is irreducible and is both individualized and part of an unbroken field. Quantum mechanics is the study of that field of energy. Your consciousness has very deep, eternal meaning that cannot be measured with a ruler, and so all scientific studies will miss that part of the picture.

All consciousness is of an equal, amazingly high grade; and just so you know, your personality and individuality will never be lost. Who you are will survive death. I am not a religious person, because I will add that you are also good, and most religions will say you are evil.

Ignorance is separation from truth, and it is the closest thing there is to evil. Our civilization has been based on separation from truth for centuries and we therefore do not even know where we come from! That shows just how ignorant we are.

Our civilization has been reading reality backwards for thousands of years. You cannot understand reality by looking at the physical world because that world is a consciousness hologram that you are creating. If you follow most scientists, they will just get you more confused.

I provide hundreds of articles and over a dozen books in plain English, and you do not need to be a scientist to understand any of it. Use your heart and intuition. All knowledge is within you, and you are a portion of the Divine consciousness that forms everything. You are forever safe and loved, and this will never change, not for a billion years.

For those who are interested I often begin my articles with some science because it is important to use your intellect. For something to be true it must make sense to you both intellectually and intuitively.

— William Eastwood


You do not have to be confused by the science. My books will open the door to understanding and will allow you to create your own reality to match exactly what you have decided you want in your clearest moments.

There a path that leads to a new civilization. Understanding will change the world as we know it. Either we accept new knowledge and thrive individually and collectively or we become overtaken by violence and other problems and spiral into our demise. Fortunately, we do have free will.




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William Eastwood interview for inventions solar work stolen by government.
Eastwood interview.



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At age 13, Eastwood was working at a private research facility on a mysterious invention with Everett Barber, a professor at Yale University.



A public record of Eastwood’s interview at age 16 is available here and is also documented as microfilm in the United States library system.


Nicola Tesla.

William Eastwood is the new scientist of which Tesla was speaking when he said that “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

William Eastwood shares future probabilities for the human race.


I am blessed to be able to work in a region that is conductive to the kind of creative work I do.


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Reality was not created in the distant past in a “big poof” as materialism and Darwinism assume but is instead an ongoing projection of your mind. However, the projection can only be perceived through our brain and five senses. We must have a physical brain so that our nonphysical mind can be attuned to a particular frequency of reality in order to perceive physical reality in the first place.

The mind is able to enter into physical reality and perceive matter via the adoption of a physical body.

The way the body works is like a space suit. But it is also a kind of holographic suit that forces us to experience physically what the mind projects in terms of beliefs and assumptions about reality.

Events are ongoing projections of the mind’s beliefs, thoughts and emotions, expectations and focus.




Theory of consciousness mind is universal and fundamental Eastwood
A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.

Holographic reality and cognitive dissonance

I would be embarrassed to be tricked by my own thoughts, yet that is where skeptics are at if David Bohm is correct, and David Bohm is perhaps the most celebrated physicist in the world. If holographic reality theory is correct, the population of earth is trapped in a self-formed paradox and is thus forced to live in an illusion that prevents success and blinds us to the facts.

Holographic reality explains why there are so many different scientific theories, disagreements and conflicts in the world. Each person is projecting a holographic reality that mimics their own beliefs. In short, life mirrors our assumptions.


Cognitive dissonance is the discomfort we feel when we are exposed to something new that contradicts our beliefs. Holographic reality contradicts just about everything we learned about reality and so it can cause discomfort.

Holographic reality also explains why people believe what they want to believe. This is because what they believe, think and feel is projected into the events they experience. If, for example, you believe the world is hostile, you meet people at work, in the home and while running errands that act hostile or unkind. The wrong assumption is that this is just how people act. Not so. Holographic reality explains how you project what you believe into events, draw events that reflect your beliefs, and attract people who reinforce what you believe,


Cognitive dissonance according to Wikipedia:

Coping with the nuances of contradictory ideas or experiences is mentally stressful. It requires energy and effort to sit with those seemingly opposite things that all seem true. …some people would inevitably resolve dissonance by blindly believing whatever they wanted to believe.

Since reality is a holographic projection of our beliefs, it is often easy to believe what we project.  The everyday events we experience personally — what we see — perfectly reflects what we believe.

This makes convincing people of something this profound and illusive as holographic reality especially difficult. We must be able to suspend all that we were taught or consider that everything we learned in school could be wrong. If we are not open minded and cannot do this, it is because of cognitive dissonance.




As a civilization we are in transition. Science has advanced and led to findings in quantum mechanics that contradict much of what has always been assumed to be true about reality. Now we are being asked to throw out what we have always believed about the nature of reality to accept something much different. The process of transition is called paradigm-shift.

The facts indicate a historical paradigm-shift is underway and a conceptual leap is necessary to achieve this paradigm-shift. Not only is the world not flat; the earth is not even solid, and if that is not enough, it is a hologram that does not exist as a single distinct object. Instead, there are as many holograms as there are people on earth, and each person is projecting an individual earth.

NOTE: The stage-set consists of the invisible grid-like structure upon which our projections show, and the shared elements of the projection are the reality we all agree exists. The consciousness of other people is real, but what you see of their physical body is your own projection.

Holographic reality works in the same way that an old-fashion movie projector projects an image on a screen, through the mechanisms of the physical brain, the five senses project our environment.

The nature of the projection is highly complex. A nonphysical projection system exists first and materializes the brain, the five senses and our physical environment which are being projected.

Another way of saying this, is that everything that exists physically, exists first on an inner level. The inner process creates the outer process. On an inner level consciousness creates matter. The inner process of creating matter materializes as our ability to project the appearance of matter via our brain and five senses.

You may want to read the previous sentence again.

What we experience as our physical environment is after the fact. This applies to the entire process or projection capability of the physical brain and the many complex, yet smooth functions that make projection possible. The flawless projection process is a reflection of a smooth inner process inherent in consciousness itself.



Your inner intelligence materializes the brain and five senses to allow you to sense physical reality. There is no matter, only energy. We only think that objects are solid because of our sense of touch and because our hand cannot pass through the energy of which nonsolid objects are composed. What we think of as being a solid object, for example, is in actuality only a swarm of virtual nonphysical particles that form the seemingly solid object according to individual and collective belief as to the existence of that object. Our belief that the object is solid makes it impenetrable to our hand

What is in essence, a smooth and simple process on the surface, is a result of incredible inner intelligence and complexity. Something or someone had to design all of this. It did not fall into place by evolutionary accident, and this should be obvious. The source of the design is actually our own consciousness and its high level of intelligence.

We see only what we think exists because our beliefs are what are projected. Therefore, if we are unaware of this process we can be fooled by the manifestation of any false beliefs we may be projecting. This is what happens for large segments of the population.

People who believe a certain way create an illusion which can include fake news. The fake news itself is part of the illusion or false beliefs being projected. But all news is basically a myth.

On inner levels, everyone cooperates in this process. There is a highly complex coordination. The entire orchestration of inner work done to make all of this happen is a characteristic of consciousness.

Everything falls into place so smoothly that we see what we want to see and do not realize all how much inner work must be done so that we can arrive at this point. We just see the result of our beliefs as physical events and matter and assume that physical result is an accurate depiction of reality when it is instead a depiction of our beliefs.



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We do not lack facts to prove the new paradigm, only a willingness or ability to see those facts. Doing so seems difficult because of the convincing nature of the hologram we are surrounded by and seeming “facts” we are projecting into it.

Insistence on having more proof is a game of resistance and is a result of cognitive dissonance. If you open your mind, new ideas will begin pouring in. If you continue you will realize that the evidence you need does exist.


Where Do We Create Our Reality?


Facts are generally not to be found in official mainstream academia with exception to David Bohm, Einstein and a few others. This is due to the fact that the establishment is composed of individuals who are living in their own hologram. “Establishment” scientists are not producing facts you may require because they are not willing to look for what they do not believe exists.



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The missing part of the whole picture: While most people know that a hologram is a three-dimensional image projected into space with the aid of a laser, few of us realize that their environment is a projection of their mind, consciousness, brain and five senses.

If our thoughts create our reality, holographic reality reveals how.

Bohm’s model of all reality is that of a single holomovement depicted as a pyramid-shaped hierarchy of dimensions. Each subsequent level toward the apex orders the level below.

Bohm also believes in a deeper dimension of reality, that space and time are derived from an even deeper level of reality which he calls the Implicate Order. Later in his life he said that there is no sharp division between thought, emotion and matter.

At Princeton University, Albert Einstein found Bohm to be a kindred spirit, a like-minded colleague with whom he could have fascinating conversations about the nature of the universe.

In 1951, Bohm wrote the classic textbook on quantum theory appropriately titled Quantum Theory.

We do not accept everything, but acknowledge where many theories are leading us. Errors are to be expected. But consensus is pointing to facts.

Beware of false holographic reality science

  • You are not a computer simulation.
  • You do not exist in a two-dimensional field on the skin of the universe.
  • Artificial intelligence cannot rival actual consciousness.

Lost populations

The way we are taught to use our mind can create a situation in which we are out of touch with reality.

Mainstream culture does not tell us the truth about reality. We are not usually taught to recognize our inner knowledge and so our thinking does not follow the path by which intuitive knowing directs us.

When this happens, it leads to a psychological condition in which the intellectual facility is not backed-up by the intuition. As a result, most people and most scientists can spin out endless ideas without having their intuition tell them the theory is baseless.

Half-truths are more dangerous than outright lies because they are more believable than lies. Intuitively you know the truth because it is within you and you can sense it if you are quiet and listen.

Holographic reality explains this principle. Each piece of holographic film contains the whole image the entire film projects. In the same way, your own consciousness could recreate the entire universe.

When you look deep within your mind, your consciousness opens up to all of reality. Sages and prophets have always known this.


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First key to freedom by William Eastwood ebook



Amazon: International 5 STAR Review:

I have read many reviews on many books which rave about the content. However, this is the book which sets it all out: scientifically describing how we create reality. Go on ,I dare you, pick it up and read it…you won’t, no can’t , be left in the same place when you have finished it. Essential information is contained within. You have been warned!!


“Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born.”

— Nikola Tesla



“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”

— Nikola Tesla



“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

— Nikola Tesla


Know that you know, and do not be afraid to look deep within yourself. The beauties you will discover there will tell you all you need to know.

When you have confidence that you know the truth about reality and how your thoughts create reality, and temporarily suspend the intellectual facility and skepticism, you are put in correspondence with your inner intuitive direct knowing. When you are uncertain, life mirrors your confusion.


You are amazing

You do project your physical reality with your five sense, but you are the one that is doing the projecting and the projection is an incredibly meaningful reality in and of itself. The fact that your own consciousness can do something so incredibly sophisticated tells you that you are far more amazing than you may know.

Why do so many scientific theories miss this crucial point, and come up with impersonal models of reality? I have already given you the first half of the answer: being that they are not tuned into intuitive knowing, they operate on an intellectual level alone.

Secondly, they do not realize that reality mirrors what they believe and so do not take-into-account the distortions that naturally occur.

The essence of holographic reality and the message on this website is that your beliefs are projected into matter. If you do not realize this, you tend to consider the manifestation of your belief as being a fact of existence rather than a belief you hold. This is how we are blinded by our own views and is also how fanatics and fervor are born.


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William Eastwood's philosophy is based on a consensus of many physicists and theories backed by 45-years of studying various philosophies and testing them.


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Holographic Reality: Events Are a Projection of Your Mind, Consciousness, Brain and Five Senses

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