Is reality the same no matter what we think?

No! Quantum physics proves unequivocally that everything in the universe is made up of interactive energy.

Picture shows that your thoughts are connected to everything

In an interactive Universe when you change your thoughts and feelings your reality changes.

Our beliefs, thoughts and emotions are projected into matter. When you think a positive thought about something you change the object of perception so that it becomes more colorful and animate.

Quantum mechanics

Everything has two states. Both the solid and non-solid states of matter exist simultaneously. In the wave state matter is fluid consciousness. As a scientist perceives an electron it collapses into a well-defined particle. This is known as the collapsing wave-state.

The collapsing wave-state in physics says that observation causes a wave to collapse into a particle of matter however we define that particle.

Your dominant thoughts and emotions manifest as your reality. This gives you control over events that you may have once thought you were at the mercy of.

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