What is the benefit of being positive?

When you are positive you can create the life you want, you will gain the respect of others, and you get to have everything you want in life.

Because reality moves in the direction of thought, as thought moves towards the positive view, so does your reality. As your reality becomes more positive it becomes easier for you to be more positive, and so on.

The main rule

You get in life what you put out in thought.

Positive belief, thought and emotion leads to future developments in the same direction.

Positive thinking manifest

We now know that thought and emotion are energy that manifests physically. In the past the view was that positive thinking caused us to act more assertively and for more constructive ends, thereby creating something more positive.

We now know that thoughts manifest. The metaphysical view is such that everything is energy.

If that energy is imbued with positive characteristics that energy will manifest a more positive reality. This is a universal principle that holds true in all situations in all realities. Is a fundamental truth.

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