We are the creators

We are creators


Generate a magical feeling-state that includes awareness of your thoughts and emotions, as well as their nature and power.

Click on image of ocean to raise your prosperity and consciousness by viewing a Hawaiian paradise video.

Use this Hawaiian Paradise video to raise your consciousness and attract great wealth.

From time to time, pull together all your most powerful and wonderous thoughts and emotions. Feel your power and confidence surge through you and then project the best possible picture of your future into your current reality.

See what you want as existing in the present and the future. If you understand probabilities you will understand that all realities exist, including your current reality which you created in the same way you are creating the new one.

By focusing on what you want you create it by drawing it into your current range of perception. The flaming phoenix represents the destruction and displacement of the old reality that must precede the creation of the new and wonderous reality you will be experiencing for the rest of your life.


We are the creators. Nothing outside of yourself will save the world or your life. You are the answer.

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