How do I use my mind’s full potential?

The conscious mind is designed to look Inward and outward. However, in our civilization we train our mind to focus in one direction only.

Many people exercise only half of their capabilities in this way. Weaknesses, insecurities and paranoia arise because we only use half of our minds potential. We insist that it interpret only what we see with our eyes as reality and a source of information.

Animal intuition is a different form of conscious focus, and is not inferior to human consciousness, just different

When you scan your environment, everything you see is a camouflage of something that exists within inner reality in subjective form. The physical objects and events you see hide more than they reveal.

If you sit quietly and imagine your inner self’s energy flowing into your body and materializing your cells, flowing into and creating your conscious mind, and flowing into and forming your environment, then in doing so you will be  expanding your consciousness inward.

The exercise just mentioned will expand your perception and awareness of this other side of reality which most people are completely unaware of. By becoming aware of the constant creation of yourself and your environment by means of the inner self you become more conscious of your support and guidance system, as well as your power to control the events and outcomes around you.

There are many other benefits.

To some extent, everybody believes in Intuition and gut feeling. This comes hand-in-hand with expanded awareness of the true nature of reality as I just described it.

When you listen to your inner self your confidence soars exponentially

The strong and secure individual is confident because he or she focuses their conscious mind in two directions. That is the natural thing to do, and how the mind was designed to function.

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