How important is trust & faith in self and reality?

It is lack of trust and faith in self and nature that is the root of personal and collective problems. Build trust in self, others, reality and in any area you can.

However, it is not a trust in one thing that will deliver us to the promised land, it is an overall faith in our ordinary self and reality itself that will do it.

There is a seemingly subtle force in the universe that we can evoke and rely on. The loving light that people enter in Near Death Experiences forms yourself, all other people and creatures, and the earth itself. Because of this fact you are completely safe.

It is trust, faith and belief that is the secret ingredient that activates this inner intelligence that forms you and all constructive and beneficial forces acting on you, in you and in your life.

The faith that forms the universe is a bottom rung element of your inner being. This faith exists within you and hence gives you your existence, body and life.

All intellectual knowledge conveyed on this site is leading you in this direction. Humanity must return to awareness of the loving light that forms everything. When you are aware of this your life will work. This is what we all need.

Faith is the key, but not faith in something like a god or science, but in self and reality. Understanding our goodness and creative power helps us to be open to the awareness that will deliver us and make everything work.

Anything or anyone who promotes faith and trust in yourself will help you. But you can do this in many ways yourself. You can be your own guardian and parent who gives you support and permission to do this for yourself. Build faith and trust in yourself and your reality and you will succeed. This faith and trust is growing in you now.

When you focus in areas in which you do well and are confident you build trust in self and reality.

Einstein knew of this fact. He said that if you believed that you lived in a friendly universe you would fair better than if you believed in an unfriendly universe.

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