Why is the Supreme Court Taking Away My Rights? What Will They Do Next?


Why is the Supreme Court Taking Away My Rights? What Will They Do Next?

  • Why is the Supreme Court taking away my rights?
  • What will they do next? What rights are going to be taken away by the Supreme Court?

I will answer these questions now.


Why is the Supreme Court taking away my rights?

Why is the Supreme Court taking way rights rather than protecting rights? The reason why the Supreme Court is taking away American’s rights is because a former president and the U.S. Senate installed bias justices. Trump injected justices into the highest court to represent a minority-view and political agenda rather than protect the rights of the majority of Americans as the court was designed to do.

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

― Albert Einstein.


We are doing something about it.




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Our world's problems are symptoms of a flawed model rather than flawed people.


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What is Causing all our Problems in Our World Today? Your Path to Personal Power
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For the first time ever, the U.S. Supreme Court is not protecting American’s rights, but is taking them away. Former President Donald J. Trump contaminated the integrity of the court by installing three Supreme Court justices — Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett — the highest number of appointments by any president since Ronald Reagan (who appointed four) and the most by a one-term president since Herbert Hoover.

Supreme Court justices and federal circuit and district judges are appointed by the president and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Justices and judges in district courts were selected by Trump because of their political far-right bias, and this why we see a proactive and systematic removal of rights taking place in America right now.

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All these problems stem from external science, when an internal science gives us the solutions we so desperately need. — William Eastwood



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Trump will be indicted, arrested and sent to prison.

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We literally have cults represented in the U.S. Supreme Court. The far-right, and Evangelist cult want to take us back to the day’s when your local southern church told you what you could or could not do. On a more positive note, the rights they are obviously targeting may be left up to the states to determine as we see happening with Roe v. Wade. We will be left with a divided nation. As long as you are on the geographical left you will be relatively safe.

Nearly half of Americans — including Supreme Court justices — will refuse to learn what would take us out of this mess.


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What will they do next? What rights are going to be taken away by the Supreme Court?

What rights are going to be taken away by the Supreme Court? LGBT and basic gay rights will be taken away next. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas says gay rights and rights related to the use of contraception will be reconsidered after Roe is overturned.

The court has recently reduced restrictions on carrying a concealed handgun in public, weakened barriers between government and religious life, and limited the ability of the federal government to protect the environment.

What they will do next is very predictable. What would any school bully say and do next? What would any fired-up Southern Evangelist minister attack?

For its nine-month term beginning in October, the Court will hear arguments on the use of race in college admissions, on the intersection of free speech and gay rights and on a challenge to an environmental permitting law. Read more (Bloomberg Law).

The arguments backing up the overturn of Roe v. Wade don’t necessarily apply to same-sex marriage and LGBT rights, and so these rights are not destined to be struck-down, but probably will be due to the obvious.


A plan to save democracy and save the human race individuals from destruction
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Justice Samuel Alito said that any rights not laid out in the Constitution can’t be recognized as a fundamental right in the country unless they are “deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition.” What he may have actually been thinking is that any rights inconsistent with his interpretation of the Bible or inconsistent with evolutionary theory will be taken away.

My opinion is that these are typical views based on primitive superstition.

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The Supreme Court has just ruled to restricted the scope of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. This is a way to navigate around federal regulations that force industries to spend money controlling their pollution.

The view of Earthjustice: Senior Vice President Sambhav Sankar, says, “Today’s decision by the conservative supermajority of the Supreme Court is a blow to the federal government’s efforts to combat the climate crisis and puts the interests of polluting industries over important environmental and public health protections. The decision will have far-reaching implications and will compromise the ability of federal agencies to use science-based information to combat climate change and protect public health. But this decision still leaves room for the EPA to act on its duty to take on carbon pollution from power plants, and the agency must act quickly and issue a new carbon emission reduction rule as soon as possible.

“Our nation needs to use every tool possible to address the climate crisis….”


What is Ecocide international environmental crime of climate destruction
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How Can I Save the Earth Planet World Mankind Myself Everyone
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The fight for basic rights is due to primitive superstition. The long-term lesson will be how far-right beliefs create hell on earth. In the same way that the true motives of Trump were exposed in the January Sixth hearings, the hell on earth that the beliefs held by the far-right minority of Americans will be out in the open for all to see. This will inspire new ideas and beliefs. The nation’s resolve will shift to better and more accurate beliefs.

Most personal and world problems come from misconceptions about human nature and reality. Mainstream worldviews are to blame. Therefore, we must change mainstream conclusions about human nature and life. This can be done, and it is actually happening now. To get your rights back you will need to look at the new science and philosophy that has the potential to unify the world.


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altruistic movement by William Eastwood Earth Network for a better world future earth civilization
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“The Supreme Court will not stop with overturning Roe verses Wade. More and more of your rights will be taken away.

Going forward, an unconstitutional Supreme Court will object to every constitutional argument that does not match their extreme right partisan position, creating one constitutional crisis after another until we reach the Middle Ages and religious edicts replace democracy.

There is one long-term solution that I will point out in this article. Thankfully, the first attempted Trump-Republican coup was unsuccessful, and we still elect our leaders. This affords us self-protection. We can stop the downward spiral if we educate ourselves. Last I checked, knowledge is still power.”

— William Eastwood


“Striving for social justice is the most valuable thing to do in life.”
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We are not just complaining. We are not strictly theoretical. We are engaged. We are solving world problems.


The solution to school shootings and violence in the U.S. and abroad world
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Why are women's rights being taken away Roe verses Wade my liberties human rights body
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The article below will give the perspective necessary to understand why Roe verses Wade has been reversed.


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How Can I Save the Earth Planet World Mankind Myself Everyone
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Lack of compassion in males is the cause of crimes against women. The real reason for cruelty is not understood. Click below to learn more.

Worst people in the world and why they are so cruel underlying psychology of those who are violent bullies terrorists
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The reversal of Roe verses Wade is a product of ignorance and cruelty.


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Why is the Supreme Court Taking Away My Rights? What Will They Do Next?

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