Where Do All My Problems Come From?

From birth through childhood you inherit and internalize the beliefs of your parents and society. At about 13 years of age you begin to throw off many of the beliefs of your family and society to create your own independent belief system.

If you don’t throw off the limiting beliefs from childhood they can follow you through life manifesting as stubborn repeating problems. When you try to achieve your goals and dreams you may instead get the opposite of what you want.


Once you liberate yourself from these internal barriers to success you can then realize your intrinsic desires.


If you cleanse yourself of the corrupting program and adopt your birthright, a different, more beautiful self and world than you can now fathom will appear. From this authentic position, when you try to achieve your dreams and goals you will.

How to Solve Your Problems

Remove Invisible Barriers to Success

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Civilization's Distrust of Human Nature

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