How Can I Use Metaphysics Conscious Co-Creation Manifesting to Change My Life Situation?


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how-can-i-use-metaphysics-conscious-co-creation-manifesting-90-100How Can I Use Metaphysics to Change My Life Situation? Conscious Co-Creation Manifesting

Metaphysics Conscious Co-creation for Change


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Reactive Mind

Is any aspect of your life like Groundhog Day?

Is your life an endless and monotonous loop of the same events, people or job day in and day out? In the movie Groundhog Day,  the main character, weatherman Phil Connors, wakes up every morning and it is the same day again — a repeat of the ridiculous Groundhog Day he experienced yesterday!

Phil cannot escape Groundhog Day. So, he does what most people would do, he gets really upset and fights it, but nothing seems to work. No matter what he does, it all starts all over again at 6:00 every morning.

How-can-I-use-metaphysics-conscious-co-creation-manifesting-to-change-my-life-now-todayBeing trapped in the same negative experience for a long time can drive a person mad. But it is unnecessary. There is nothing you must endure. There is a reason why probabilities can repeat like a broken record. Once you know why probabilities repeat you can solve your problems and stop it from happening.

The movie Groundhog Day shows us a common mistake most of us make early in life when we don’t get it. Many people don’t ever get it, and spend their life seemingly jinxed and stuck.

Create Quantum Doors to Your Desires

Things never get better, and just when they think everything is about to change something even worse happens.

Having a reactive mind and getting angry or pouting ―having a negative attitude―is usually what drives repeating probabilities. For other people it may also be fear, any of an infinite number of beliefs or an inability or refusal to comprehend the true nature of reality.

Trying to change reality from the outside ONLY, rarely works. The only truly effective way to change the outer world is to change yourself.

Change what you project in beliefs, thoughts and emotions and your life will change. Strong attitudes and emotions in particular, powerfully affect events.

Before Phil figures out what works, he rails at his predicament. But this only leads to frustration. A negative attitude is always reflected back at you as disturbing people and events.

Being highly emotionally reactive pumps energy into the inner vortex of the problem and causes it to blow up in your face almost immediately. This is because your beliefs, thoughts and emotions are energy that interacts with the fields of energy that form events.

Materialize positive thinking

When Phil begins to see the glass as half full rather than half empty things getter better for a little while. But because he attempts to exploit his situation and to manipulate people and events for egotistical reasons he has limited power. He never gets the girl because he can’t control what other people do.

He is not working with reality or his inner self as the term “co-creation” denotes. He is trying to control what people do from the outside, and that either doesn’t work at all or backfires in his face.

How Can I Use Metaphysics Effectively?  How Do I Use Conscious Co-Creation?  Principles of Manifesting.  How to Change My Life.  Scientific Principles


Does consciousness create reality?

Yes, consciousness creates reality.  Consciousness and matter are basically the same thing in different states, they are electromagnetic fields of energy. The field or wave can turn into a particle. This is like water turning into ice.

Max Tegmark of MIT

Click on the “Max Tegmark of MIT” button below to see current official confirmation from from a respected physicist in the scientific community of the concept that matter is a state of consciousness.

Consciousness Is a State of Matter: Max Tegmark (MIT) Matter Wave

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“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”.

— Albert Einstein

Origin of the new paradigm

In his 1924 Ph.D. thesis and groundbreaking contributions to quantum theory, Nobel Prize winner, Louis de Broglie postulated the wave nature of electrons and suggested that all matter has wave properties. This concept is known as wave–particle duality, and forms a central part of the theory of quantum mechanics.

De Broglie’s wave–particle duality is extended to all particles and the laws of nature.

By reversing his statement that “all matter has wave properties,” to “all waves have matter properties,” the most basic and most advanced science tells us that the wave forms matter. The next logical question is “what is the wave?” 

What is a wave?

A wave or photon are an excitation of an electromagnetic field. If you ask a scientist what an electromagnetic field is, they will say “it is a fundamental entity, it’s not made of anything else, it just is what it is.”

What-is-electromagnetic-wave-33-178In other words, scientists do not know what it is. Scientists do not know what the unitary electromagnetic field that forms everything in the universe is!

I will tell you what it is: It is consciousness. The electromagnetic field that forms everything is consciousness. Particles, in the conventional sense, do not really exist. Particles are consciousness.

Consciousness Is an Electromagnetic Field Science Does Not Know What Fields Are

Individual scientists do know the facts

Max Planck.


Max Planck, Nobel Prize Winning father of quantum mechanics.

“I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.”.

― Max Planck, The Observer, 1/25/1931.

Consciousness & matter are the same thing.

Both consciousness and matter are composed of electromagnetic fields.

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Myths that can hold you back

myths-flatworlders-consciousnessThere are collective myths by which we interpret our reality. These myths are obstacles to creating what you want in life. The myths are given to us by experts because that is what they went to school to learn.

The only truth you will get from highly educated people comes from a few great intellectuals which the establishment won’t dare attack, like Einstein and Max Planck.


There is no such thing as cause and effect except as applied to psychological activity. The past does not create the present, your thoughts and emotions do.

Myths-materialism-consciousness-primary-flatworldersQuantum mechanics tells us that the universe is not built out of physical electrons like bricks in a house, but instead is a continuing projection of energy like light coming out of a light bulb. Photons shoot by you at the speed of light. Your environment is created in the same way.

Each pulse of light creates a hologram we experience as the physical reality around us. Each pulse, however, is a complete recreation. The past does not create the present. The entire universe is recreated every fraction of a second, and it is a projection of your mind.

The past does not exist, only a spacious present exists and what you think is the past is a portion of the spacious present. Your present beliefs, thoughts and emotions regulate and control the content of each pulse that recreates the universe every fraction of a second.

Because of our belief in time and consistency of thought there is a consistency in what is projected. It will change gradually as our thought do, and this gives us an impression of an objective world existing in time. That is a false notion, however.

To get back to the main point, when you free yourself of the myth of materialism you realize that anything can be created simply by changing your beliefs, thoughts and emotions. If you transcend the myth of physical cause and effect and replace it with the concept of thought projection in a spacious present your mind is twice as able to create a windfall.

There is no past or future, there is an infinite, spacious present. You draw probabilities out of this vast source of events by what you think and feel.

Cause and effect applies only to inner subjective activity. Your thoughts are the cause, and your life is the effect. Change your thinking and you change your life.

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How to influence people effectively

The way to influence people is through inner channels, your inner emotional state and thought activity. The inner self is connected to others through inner telepathic channels of influence. People do pick up your positive and negative thoughts about them. They can intuitively sense if you are thinking about them or not.

How-can-I-use-metaphysics-conscious-co-creation-manifesting-to-change-my-life-forever-realityWhen one is calm, happy and feeling powerful other people know it. If you think positive thoughts about a person, they will react by feeling good when they are with you.

If they are egotistically seeking to dominate you, however, they may try to pray on your kindness. When you pull away from a person and don’t need them they are drawn toward you.

After trying everything, even suicide, and when all hope is lost, Phil resolves to develop his talents, work on himself and help people. That works. He becomes a hero, and everyone loves him.

This is the secret. Work on yourself and your life will change for the better. Because Phil is in alignment with universal principles and the intents of his inner self he stops the endless loop and he gets to live his wildest dreams. His inner self stops sending him back to Groundhog Day.

The movie shows us that the only way to break free of a repeating probability is to change yourself and your thinking. You can’t change anything by trying to fix people or reality. Reality is not broken.

How-can-I-use-metaphysics-conscious-creation-manifesting-k-275The only thing that breaks Phil Connors free of the disturbing feedback loop is a genuine change of heart. This is like the Golden Rule and is a basic rule of existence.

The movie doesn’t explain why this works, only that it does. You could be in an entirely different situation than Phil. You could be a positive and kind person who has developed your talents and you could still seem to be victimized by people or circumstances.

You get back what you put out

This could be happening to you because a simple belief or an inability or refusal to comprehend the true nature of reality. It is something in you that is a strong constant because it is creating a repeating problem.

This is where my work comes in. This website will introduce you to the true mechanisms creating events. Events are always a reflection of something that is going on inside of us.

Contemporary society usually directs you to the wrong information about reality (like the man that hijacked Tomorrowland in my next example).


Principles of reality

When you are driving across country and enter a small town the speed limit may change. The laws and rules are different depending on where you are. Reality is the same way.

The mechanistic Newtonian view of reality applies only to local illusions (time-space camouflage). The greater reality that contains our local system of time-space operates by entirely different rules and laws. These are the laws that govern your mind, probabilities, co-creation and manifesting.

These are easy to understand if you are willing to consider them. I first learned them from “Seth Speaks,” a book by Jane Roberts. Since I picked up that book in 1970, I have studied some very advanced material every day of my life.

In a manner of speaking, by reminding people of their integrity and how good their future can be, I am like the scientists in Tomorrowland who send out invitations to preview an ideal future it is still not too late to create.


Why don’t scientists believe thoughts create matter?

Consciousness-creates-reality-Max-Planck-186Many top physicists do know that thoughts create matter. It is the rest of science, media and the world who do not want to listen to what they are saying.

Max Planck, Nobel Prize Winning father of quantum mechanics says, “I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.”The Observer, 1931.

Max Tegmark of MIT

Click on the “Max Tegmark of MIT” button below to see current official confirmation from a respected physicist in the scientific community that matter is a state of consciousness.

Consciousness Is a State of Matter: Max Tegmark (MIT) Matter Wave

The official scientific establishment as a whole does not want to admit consciousness creates matter. There is a reason why.

Early scientific instruments could not measure consciousness or quantum activity. Scientists could not prove or disprove anything about consciousness, and so they eventually assumed consciousness had nothing to do with bottom-rung reality, without proving it did not. Eventually science as a whole took the official stance that consciousness had nothing to do with bedrock reality.

To go against the materialistic view that was adopted by the world is to threaten the entire worldview and authority of science.

Click on image to read article.

“Few realize mind forms matter because the worldview of educators, the legal and medical establishment, media and society, is based on the consensus that comes from the bias scientific establishment rather than individual physicists.



What Does the ZERO POINT FIELD tell us?

What-is-zero-point-field-energy-matter-creation-process-80Zero Point Field energy is consciousness emerging as matter..

Virtual particles appear mysteriously out of an unknown dimension.

Elusive, nonmaterial electromagnetic energies come from an unknown source dimension and influence and form the matter of the universe and then vanish as mysteriously as they appeared and all within a fraction of a second.

Scientists do not know what these energies are or where they come from, nor do they even know what in essence, electromagnetic energy is.

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How do I manifest what I want?

Saying affirmations is the first and most basic way to manifest what you want..

It is also the most effective way to learn control of your mind. You need a positive mind & imagination under your control. Otherwise you won’t get anywhere.

Affirmations train your mind to control and direct energy to manifest what you want.

Affirmations are used to create what you want in your life, like more money, a new car or a loving relationship.

Affirmations are one of the most effective ways to direct and manipulate intense positive energy in highly beneficial ways. The energy you move more effectively in this way will work wonders in all aspects of your life.

If you do this in the right way you will evoke powerful positive changes and transitions in your life, even bringing about an entirely new reality if that is what you want.

An affirmation is a simple statement you repeat over and over again to program the inner mind to create what the affirmation says already exists. What begins as a make-believe-statement later manifests in your life as a physical reality.

This is how you create what you want in life. If you properly affirm, “today I am going to have a good day,” you dramatically increase the probability that you will.

Achieve-success-wealth-make-money-overnight-1a-75Saying affirmations like, “I am making more money every day,” actually manifests that as your reality.

For best results say affirmations over and over again with conviction and emotion.

manifest-money-cash-success-1d-40Every day I provide a list of valuable affirmations with some guidance as to how to manifest what you want in your life. Click icon below.

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Your invitation to Tomorrowland


In the movie, Tomorrowland, there is an inner dimension where people can go by invitation to preview a fantastic probable future for humanity. This preview is like a dream. It is created in the same way events are actually created, by a kind of holographic projection.

This beautiful preview of the future is called Tomorrowland. The idea is that all the people of the earth are going to be invited to Tomorrowland. That is, before something goes wrong.

Tomorrowland can only be reached by leaving time-space and entering another dimension. The better future is previewed by invitation and this helps people to believe in it and thus create it (a self-fulfilling prophecy).

The belief in the positive future will bring that probability about, whereas a belief in the negative future will bring the negative future about.

It is still not too late to create Tomorrowland as humanity’s future..

Tomorrowland is hijacked. In the movie, Tomorrowland is hijacked by a man who instead of sending invitations to come see the amazing future as depicted in Tomorrowland, transmits a signal to people on the earth depicting calamity and the immediate destruction of humanity.

Like the doomsday movies that are so popular nowadays, in the movie Tomorrowland, everyone on earth is hypnotized by this negative “preview” and comes to believe the earth is going to end. The belief itself drives the whole affair and insures the horrific outcome.

The probability of imminent disaster is locked in place by everyone focusing on the doomsday prediction.

The signal the “negative man” transmits to the people of the earth contains an image of a probable future in which nuclear war and climate change occur.

Death for everyone is thought to be imminent and unavoidable.

As long as people are hypnotized by his vision of a cataclysmic future, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Science is beginning to realize that our beliefs (also called expectations or faith) form our reality. Medical research now shows the effect of an expectation on health.

Good or bad, (placebo or nocebo), our assumptions and expectations materialize as our reality. And this is the message in the Tomorrowland movie.

Nocebos cause our problems

Nocebo (expectation) effect

Our thoughts are a self-fulfilling prophecy in all areas

There are two wolves. One represents darkness and despair. The other represents hope and light (positive expectation and optimism). The two wolves are always fighting in your mind. Which wolf wins?

conscious-creation-manifesting-to-change-my-life-w-275Answer: The one you feed.

The future you will experience depends on which wolf you feed.

The reason why can be understood by understanding the basics about reality.

Many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics is not just a theory. Probable worlds are real, and you exist within them. If it wasn’t for probabilities you wouldn’t even have a sense of choice. There are many probable futures you can experience.

Both good and bad futures like the ones depicted in the Tomorrowland movie are available to humanity to experience. They are equally valid. Some people will enter the future of calamity and others will enter the beautiful future. It is about self-fulfilling prophecy.

Which one you enter depends on what you believe and focus on. Events are energy and you literally feed negative probable events with negative thought and emotional energy. Or you feed positive probable events with a positive attitude and imagination.

THE SOLUTION book review

In the movie and in real-life, the way to bring about the better future is to first stop listening to people who think humanity is evil and their message that disaster and calamity is imminent. In the movie the world’s smartest scientists and visionaries set out to recruit a network of dreamers to invite the people of earth to Tomorrowland (to see the positive future probability they can create by believing in it).

If you understand reality you can be like the scientists who built Tomorrowland. Once you understand how reality is created it becomes obvious what must be done.

Once you understand that reality is not solid, but is a projection of your beliefs, thoughts and emotions, then you are like the scientists who built Tomorrowland. You know what to do to save yourself and humanity from the many disasters that could otherwise occur.

In a way, everything I am doing is an invitation to Tomorrowland. This website is an invitation for you to see how good your life will be in the future when you understand reality and the control you have over your life.

William Eastwood Global Solutions


The Concept of Time Can Work Against You

Clock time is an illusion

It does not exist.


There are natural patterns of perception, such as the sunrise and sunset, day and night, seasons and tides, but there is no clock time. Clock time is an example of the hypnotic effect of false modern myths.

As your subjective activity naturally changes it causes changes in the holographic projection of your environment and this gives you the false notion of moving though time.

A belief in clock time brings risk. It brings with it the false belief that you are a victim of both time and events. In a sense, it is a dangerous and false notion.


The truth is that you control what enters your life. Time and cause and effect have nothing to do with what you are experiencing right now.

Your house can’t burn down because someone started a fire, and you can’t get a disease because of some germ you encountered yesterday. Instead, what you believe, think and feel draws that experience to you.

If there is a fire you in some way attracted it and decided upon experiencing it, and up until the point it is ignited you can change your mind. Even after the fire is started you can attract and manifest the fire being snuffed out.

If you understood this, you would gain power. You would understand that if you change your thinking you advert pending disasters. When you think those pending disasters are outside of your control you are hypnotized by cause and effect time thinking.

This trance perpetuates the illusion and undermines your true safety in life.


Is this an academic site with reputable sources?

READER’S COMMENT: Quacks are everywhere online, so I look for a person’s credentials & an institutional site before I believe anything they say.”

Eastwood: “Why would you do that? The more ‘educated’ you are, the greater your indoctrination into the great myths of modern man.

Click on image to read article.

“I spent the last 44 years studying the paradigm quantum physicists are only now becoming aware of. If I was a doctor I would have spent 44 years studying the official worldview of materialism and you wouldn’t be reading any of this.”

1flat-earth-imageMaterialism is the problem, and 99% of professionals are scripted in it and sold on it.

The majority are flatworlders. We are at the beginnings of an awakening of civilization.

The official paradigm is the problem

Click on image to read article.

Going only to those with credentials or to official institutions is a sure way to learn nothing new and stay stuck in life.

Until the day they start listening to top physicists and internalizing the implications, they are the source of our problems, not the solution.

New paradigm is the solution



“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school… The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education… Education is not the learning of facts, it’s rather the training of the mind to think. “

— Albert Einstein

Science, religion and psychology are the cause of all our current problems from school shootings and political dysfunction to the inability of ordinary people to live happy and successful lives.

You have to learn how to think on your own and judge whether or not certain information is credible and rings true. You must learn to trust yourself or you will get nowhere.

The only reason why Einstein and a few top physicists speak the truth is because they are such intellectual giants that the scientific establishment doesn’t dare attack them. Einstein didn’t ask his family doctor if time was an illusion, because had he did, he would not have become the Einstein we know and he would not have made any great scientific discoveries.



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How Can I Use Metaphysics Conscious Creation Manifesting to Change My Life Situation?

First you must understand reality. Matter is a manifestation of consciousness. It is necessary to understand the principles of conscious creation in order to manifest what you want in your life.

Physical reality is composed of non-physical fields of energy. The energy is consciousness.

The floors of your house are not solid

For a few centuries, scientists believed the universe was composed of solid particles.

Now physicists tell us the universe is a field of non-physical energy.

Everything is a part of this field of energy, including you.

Photo By: Daniel H. Tong.



Click on image to read article.

The findings of physics conflict with mainstream worldviews. It all opposes what parents, society, various disciplines, schools and mainstream media hold onto as the only truth they know.

People want and need to believe what they were taught, but what they learned is based on fifteenth-century science which Nobel Prize winner’s findings and quantum physics proves wrong.

Click on image to read article.

Materialism, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, Freud’s psychology, most theories regarding human nature in mainstream psychology, and scientific thinking in general (ideas about time & space) are all incorrect and detrimental.

Click on image to read article.

Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions create conscious units which grow and combine below your subconscious. When they reach sufficient intensity, they manifest as events or objects in your life.

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The most powerful visualization procedure is posted about every seven days.

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How does the floor support you if it is not solid?

When a fan is off you see the spaces between the blades, but once it is turned on the area the blades occupy looks solid. If you tried to pass your hand through the fan you wouldn’t be able to. This explains why non-solid reality seems solid. The speed and repetition of quantum “particles” creates the functionality of a solid object.

Reality around you is built up of quantum disturbances moving millions of times faster than a fan blade, and by doing so give the appearance and functionality of solid matter.

The energy of your thoughts and emotions move at the speed of light to form the appearance of matter in front of you. Your physical environment is your consciousness being projected from within a vast spiritual dimension. Your consciousness does not obey the local laws of time-Space (Newtonian physics).

EN's Basics & Starting Point for Most Readers

If you are new to this material, you may want to read various articles like the one above. Knowing and applying this principle is the secret to a successful life.

The energy of your thoughts evolves into probable pre-matter states and then is projected back into time-space as the events you experience in your day-to-day life.

I am not making this up. This is a fact of reality.

Learn it and you will be empowered to create the future you desire. Deny it as people once denied the earth was round, and you remain stuck and relatively powerless within the confines of a collective myth.

A quantum wave moving at the speed of light is consciousness. A physicist will tell you that a single quantum wave contains enough information to store all the thoughts and memories of your entire life.

The universe itself is consciousness

Science has one foot in one paradigm and one foot in another, and the world is following the foot that is in the wrong paradigm. The paradigm by which the world operates is the mechanistic one. Yet every physicist knows this is not the right paradigm.

The mechanical paradigm just can't account for what we have learned in the past hundred years. Not only is the universe made of waves of energy, but these waves are filled with what can only be surmised to be intelligence.

Infinity is a field of energy out of which “particles” are formed. The particles are only disturbances of energy in an infinite energy field. Furthermore, each little wave of energy within this infinite field contains almost unlimited information.

One quantum wave can hold  280 quintillion bits information.

That's  280,000,000,000,000,000,000 bits of information!.

This amount of information is approximately equal to all your memories in your entire lifetime. In other words, physical matter has characteristics we normally attribute to consciousness or intelligence because it is.


Currently there is a global network of scientists studying the vibrations of consciousness in the atmosphere. Because everything is a single interconnected energy movement and a state of consciousness our thoughts are everywhere.

Since I was ten years old in 1973, I knew the universe was composed of consciousness, and now science is arriving at this same conclusion. Many scientist and nonscientists cannot accept it however, because of the strength of the great collective myth of contemporary man.

You are connected to the universe because you are a part of interrelated fields of consciousness that form it.

We each share a platform on which we project our physical reality according to what we believe and what goes on within this inner dimension as our thoughtforms evolve.

Photo by: Vidar Nordli Mathisen.

How we create our individual reality on a collective stage

Each person projects a hologram made consciousness moving at the speed of light. But we each project our own reality.

If there are two people in a room, there are two rooms. The reason why we think there is only one reality is because we all telepathically agree on what we see on a subconscious level.

The illusion of there being only one reality is only possible because of shared root assumptions and telepathy. It takes five years to tune out probabilities and lock in on one signal. By age five that process has usually been accomplished, the exception being psychics and a few others.


Have you forgotten?

Your mind directs the formation of events

Your mind directs the formation of events through your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, expectations, imagination and direction of attention.

conscious-creation-manifesting-to-change-my-life-h-275Formally educated people tend to see reality as they were taught, as does the mainstream civilization. Formal education requires intensive scripting in the mechanistic paradigm.

Everyone so conditioned interprets reality according to 15th century science (which quantum mechanics proves wrong).

Mechanistic science applies only to time-space limitations (local laws), and not to consciousness or greater reality (non-local reality). But people cannot change how they perceive reality when they are hypnotized by their beliefs.

Because I took a different path from childhood on, I have an unusual background and unique clarity regarding the true nature of reality.

Conscious creation, co-creation and manifesting (using the mind to create events) are the new and vital skills of the 21st century and very valuable to have.

I have been testing and applying the principles of manifesting every day since the early 1970’s.


Co-creation manifesting is based on the fact that you have help and support

A portion of your soul is devoted to you and creates your experience in line with your beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Co-creation is the concept of working with your inner self to create what you want in life. It is a very effective and powerful way to manifest what you want in life. I will continue to write extensively on this.


Photo by: Neil Rosenstech.


The only thing that works is to change yourself and your thinking

We saw how ineffective Phil was fighting what he didn’t like in Groundhog Day. You can fight reality or work as hard as you can, but these kinds of efforts are no match to the power of your own thoughts and the abilities of the inner self.

Even though strong elements of civilization are currently designed to restrict you because human nature is not trusted, this doesn’t mean you have to be affected by that. To move to a better probability refrain from focusing on the wrong signal as depicted in Tomorrowland.

Don’t buy-into all the negativity. If you focus on peace, then you will not enter a probable future of calamity. When you believe people want to help you then that is what you will experience.

This is too extensive a subject for me to explain everything to you in this article.

The general limitations others must contend with do not need to touch you. You can trust yourself and you can manifest wealth, beautiful relationships and whatever you want in life. You can transcend the unenlightened and chaotic reality the majority struggle against for a lifetime.

Anything is possible in your life. Imagine the best possible probability happening, and then make it a reality. Your life is your work of art.

Make your life incredible. You are free to create any reality you want to experience.

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How Can I Use Metaphysics Conscious Co-Creation Manifesting to Change My Life Situation

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Categories: How can I use metaphysics conscious co-creation manifesting to change my life situation? Overcoming negativity and difficulties with the help of the inner self, spirit and soul. Learning co-creation with the inner self. How to manifest what you want in life with the help of the non-physical self and entity. How to become a master at manifesting, co-creation, conscious creation and metaphysics. How do thoughts create matter & your reality? Quantum physics thoughts create reality. Click on our site and books to learn more.

What is conscious co-creation?

How to create the best future.

Your inner self has to learn how to create reality.


What is Conscious Co-Creation? Spiritual Guidance, Inner Self, Soul, Spirit & Entity

Create the Best Future: Probabilities & The Multidimensional Entity, Soul & Inner self


How can I use metaphysics conscious co-creation manifesting to change my life situation?

The general limitations others must contend with do not need to touch you. You can trust yourself and you can manifest wealth, beautiful relationships and whatever you want in life. You can transcend the unenlightened and chaotic reality the majority struggle against for a lifetime.




Civilization's progress depends on the realization that consciousness creates matter.


A Positive Mind & Emotions Create Positive Events.

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