What is ESP & Mind Over Matter? How to Develop Supernatural Abilities & Power


What is ESP & Mind Over Matter? How to Develop Supernatural Abilities & Power

  • What is ESP?
  • What is mind over matter?
  • How do I develop supernatural abilities and power?

I will answer these questions now.


ESP and mind over matter refers to a person’s ability to acquire information and knowledge through other than obvious known sources. ESP is operating at all times below the surface of our objective consciousness. You have ESP and can develop it further by focusing on those examples of ESP that you have experienced in your lifetime.

Gut instinct, intuition and just having thoughts about something or someone before the subject comes up in conversation or in real life is a form of ESP. It is to your advantage to acquire knowledge and sense opportunities and dangers that could and do at times affect you.

ESP denotes a normal ability and a wider field of reality and human potential that is unlimited and exciting to explore. ESP represent the future of humanity.




When an earthquake, tsunami (wave) or danger of any kind is present animals will sense it and take measures to ensure their safety. Humans, however, are behind even animals in this area because science has traditionally neglected to understand the source of our physical reality. ESP tells us that all information and knowledge comes from the inner multidimensional nonphysical world that creates this physical universe that objective science has denied out of stubborn ignorance.

We do not generally use the term ESP because the connotations often suggest ESP to be outside of the norm or something that is special and unusual. The very operation of your own consciousness is possible only because of a foundation of ESP operating within deeper levels of your own consciousness and mind.


How to use mind power for success manifest money wealth materialize anything subconscious mind over matter book and ebook
A MindFormsMatter.com website article and EN book.


Extrasensory perception or ESP, also called the sixth sense, refers to the reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses. Common forms of ESP include telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. Telepathy is communication directly from mind to mind through inner channels. Clairvoyance is the ability to project your consciousness into the future in order to perceive future happenings before they occur. Precognition is knowledge of a future event, especially to see or sense an event before it happens.

Cellular consciousness is precognitive and higher levels of your own consciousness operate on a level in which events in the past and future are experienced as present tense. When we experience precognition, it is because we are receiving precognitive insight from our body consciousness as in gut feeling or from higher levels of our own consciousness as in seeing things in advance.

To know things before they happen is to predict which of infinite probabilities will manifest. Probabilities are always changing, and this is why predicting things in advance is often difficult to do.

You do, however, have awareness of the likelihood of certain probable events that will affect you.  On inner levels you are aware of everything that could happen to you at all times. However, this knowledge is usually ignored and veiled because of habits of perception as set by our beliefs and doubts about what is possible.

Primitive myths the majority of people still believe in hinder the development of of mind over matter ESP.


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Wikipedia has terms links relating to the subject of ESP as it is generally understood from a conventional perspective.

There is no weird or dark occult world but only a vibrant and brilliant inner multiverse of great variety and beauty. The current ignorance in mainstream worldviews caters to our fears and lack of knowledge and this is why we have these dark misconceptions about consciousness and its ability.

Because your beliefs, thoughts and emotions form your reality you will have experiences with ESP that reinforce your beliefs, thoughts and feelings about the subject of ESP. Ghost stories or horror films can and do influence perception in most people and lead to distortions cast by fear and ignorance as to what ESP and other levels of consciousness consist of.

We are in a global paradigm shift which involves a New Enlightenment and new way of thinking about ourselves and reality itself.



While many scientists believe in a simple universe with only one dimension, yet at the same time many top scientists are busy discovering the true nature of our multidimensional reality. This website, our examples of mind over matter and ESP, metaphysics and our free articles and many books look at and explore ESP and mind over matter from a more open and knowledgeable perspective.

Einstein’s friend, David Bohm gives us a worldview that can explain ESP and what ESP is and why it is always operating in your life.

Knowledge will change the world as we know it.



As I write this and other articles I do so by drawing on my inner knowledge that includes actual probabilities in which I have developed further in my ESP, overall knowledge and mind over matter ability. See the colorful examples of ESP and mind over matter below. Click on the images and links for more information you can trust.


A MindFormsMatter.com website article.


Mind over matter is a simple statement of fact regarding the role of consciousness and how it works to create your reality. Mind over matter means that you create your reality with your beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

Thoughts and matter are electromagnetic energy. Everything in the universe is connected though one unbroken holomovement. This connectivity allows us to understand why ESP and mind over matter are not only possible but are basic ongoing functions of reality. As I have repeatedly said, many top scientists quoted on this site do believe in mind over matter and ESP.





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Do scientists say that thoughts create matter?
Many top physicists do know that thoughts create matter and reality


It is the rest of science, media and the world who do not want to listen to what they are saying.



Max Plank
Max Planck, Nobel Prize Winning father of quantum mechanics says, “I regard matter as a derivative from consciousness.” The Observer, 1931.



Max Tegmark (Click button for MIT paper)

Max Tegmark
Max Tegmark


Max Tegmark of MIT, says that consciousness is a state of matter.





New history-changing science transforming our personal and collective reality at this time


New amazing history-changing science and proof your thoughts create matter and reality.


An explanation of how consciousness creates matter is inherent in wave-particle duality. The concept of an alive universe, a universe entirely composed of consciousness, is supported by the greatest scientific discovery of all time.

de Broglie

In his 1924 Ph.D. thesis and groundbreaking contributions to quantum theory, Nobel Prize winner, Louis de Broglie postulated the wave nature of electrons and suggested that all matter has wave properties. This concept is known as wave–particle duality, and forms a central part of the theory of quantum mechanics.


These theories are tested and proven to be facts. We know that quantum mechanics is correct because the mathematical algorithms are consistently relied upon in scientific applications and to build advanced scientific devices that work amazingly well.


EN's Basics & Starting Point for Most Readers


The wave-aspect of anything in nature is an energy field that contains huge amounts of information.

What is a thought but an energy field containing information?

Both waves of matter and thoughts are electromagnetic energy. Matter and waves are the same thing. The facts are right in front of us.


Your unlimited true nature & matter creating consciousness


Your mind is connected to everything in the universe, can bypass physical laws of cause and effect and time and space restrictions, and can permeate any seeming barrier.

Non-classical physics mind-brain science is superior to all previous models on which traditional psychology and self-help are based.










The science on this page supports the primary purpose of this site — to empower you to be successful in all areas — in intellectual and spiritual knowledge, business, finance, health, love and relationships.

This site is personal self-transformation wisdom that is meant to be exciting and fun to learn.


For something to be true it must make sense to the heart and mind. But that does not mean you need a scientist to go to the next level and to create the reality you want to experience.

Can my thoughts create events, matter and reality? Consciousness science.
Earth Network.

Many people are searching for a scientific finding that will validate what they feel on a deeper level. That is good, but if you are a person that insists on a dry traditional scientific explanation for everything, that requirement can restrict you. I am moving you closer to your own heart and intuitions as the arbiters of truth.  A greater range and experience of love and understanding is available to you. Read more.


All of this is leading to a new paradigm, the paradigm I have lived by for almost 50 years


When we look at a tree we do not see the roots, but we know a tree has roots. The same principle holds true for you. Your consciousness has a deep inner reality.


Your identity and experiences at all points in time are retained yet evolve. Everything you can imagine exists for your taking.


Is this an academic site with reputable sources?

We refer to the top .1% of physicists because speaking the truth carries certain risks

The only reason why Einstein and a few top physicists speak the truth is because they are such intellectual giants that the scientific establishment does not dare attack them.

  • “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.
  • “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
  • “Education is not the learning of facts, it’s rather the training of the mind to think. “

— Albert Einstein

The fact that most people find the findings of quantum mechanics to be so confusing speaks volumes as to their ignorance of the nature of reality and scripting in myth.

Formal education is scripting in collective myths

It is not necessarily wise to ask an expert for the answer to the big questions, such as, ‘what is consciousness and reality?’ Here’s the reason: Most professionals base their theories and ‘knowledge’ on many years of formal education, yet formal education is scripting in collective myth.

Collective hypnosis.

Professionals must endure far more formal education than most people, and formal education requires that they pass exams that prove they are scripted in myth in order to be legally designated as an expert in their field! For this reason, most experts are bias in favor of materialism; myth is slow to be challenged within academic circles and tends to be locked in place within society as a result.

History repeats itself

The greater your formal education, the greater your conviction in the generally held false materialistic worldview tends to be. Our schools and professions are based on a false worldview and they do their best to impart it. This applies to lawyers, doctors, psychologists and many other authorities.

How and why you can prove anything.

How can everyone be wrong?

In the same way anyone thinks they are right — cognitive dissonance. They see what they want to see.

William Eastwood, Founder of the Altruistic Autonomous  Movement and EN



“Consciousness creates reality and thoughts form matter! If you want to be powerful you have to go by the facts about reality and that means discovering the truth! Otherwise you are as blind as a bat and ineffective as a sloth!

“Holographic Universe, by David Bohm, Albert Einstein’s friend and colleague, supports that premise.”


ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.


Einstein didn’t ask his physics professor if time was an illusion, because had he did, he would not have become the Einstein we know, and he would not have made any great scientific discoveries.

99% of professionals are scripted in materialism

Outdated mainstream science, academia and psychology underlie almost all of our current personal and collective problems from school shootings and political dysfunction to the inability of ordinary people to live happy and successful lives.


ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.


You have to learn how to think on your own and judge whether or not certain information is credible and rings true. You must learn to trust yourself or you will get nowhere.

“I spent the last 45 years studying the paradigm quantum physicists are only now becoming aware of. If I was a doctor, I would have spent 45 years studying the official worldview of materialism and you wouldn’t be reading any of this or learning the truth about the nature of reality and how thoughts are electromagnetic energy that forms matter.”


MindFormsMatter.com website article. Scientists are people and people can make mistakes.


The fact that we find quantum mechanics to be so confusing speaks volumes to our ignorance and scripting in myth.

EN offers you a more accurate picture of the nature of reality than usual orthodox sources of knowledge and education. And we speak in plain English that is understandable to the people of the world (as well as easily translatable).


Can and do thoughts create matter and reality life
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Author of Earth Network articles and books.









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Mind over matter and ESP are normal functions of reality and your own consciousness.


A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.

The way to develop supernatural abilities and power is to focus on your intense desire to do so. Humans require a sense of power or mind over matter control of themselves and their lives. When it is lacking we develop ailments  and psychological problems.

Our current narrow definitions of reality coming from materialism and our focus on everything negative has led to a situation in which depression and other problems are very common.

You should be getting in greater touch with your inner knowledge and mind over matter ability. You can develop your supernatural abilities and power simply by acting  on it and doing things like writing down the dream, premonitions and examples of ESP that you do have.

It is a principle of the universe that whatever we focus on grows. Imagining yourself to be smart, for example, immediately makes you smarter. Focus on those times when you had ESP and mind over matter experiences, especially the ones you really enjoyed.

Intent will also help you to develop mind over matter ESP and supernatural abilities. Your intent is what causes your arm to rise when you want to scratch your nose. In the same way, your intent will open doors in the universe to whatever power and ability you intend to have.


William Eastwood’s recent manifesting ebook and article.

Excerpts from Eastwood’s book: published in July 2021

Before I was even 12, I understood simultaneous time and knew how atoms fluctuated to form multiple coexisting dimensions that existed in any given space. I quickly realized that I had unusual mind over matter ESP ability.

In a lucid dream I was given a tour of a floating city in the future. On a large screen my orientation included the history of the settlement that orbited the earth. I went to a lower level where in what was like a large ballroom, people and animals were dancing and chanting.

In another projection I visited a spherical man-made planet and was stopped by an intelligent laser when I attempted to enter a room. In one dream I was a wizard in a castle great room. From behind rows of people in wooden benches I threw great emerald lightening-bolts over their heads to the front of the room, starling them all.

In one of my adventures, I saw a king in ancient times on a throne holding a staff with statues of panthers and lions on each side of him. In another lucid dream I found an Inca gold calendar disk and other artifacts and crystals in waterfalls. In one adventure I was given a small gold color metal obelisk which when I placed on my forehead transmitted the entire history of an advanced future civilization directly into my head. I learned both everything they had done right and all the errors they had made.


Click below for the book the excerpt above is from.




THE EASTWOOD AMAZING STORY. A MindOverMatterPower.com websites article.




45 years of research goes into every book





A MindOverMatterPower.com websites article.



45 years of research goes into every book


What happened?


Is mind over matter ESP simply natural to all consciousness?

Is it possible that everything we have been taught is a mistake — is false? As profound of a question as that is, it is a question many are asking, including many scientists.

Find out for yourself if thoughts create matter. Look at the science.









The two books are complimentary: The first contains the whole message and the second book is the proof it works.

The Solution.


The intercepted message..

The solution is in The Solution... which you can immediately apply to your own problems. When the majority have done the same, we will be on track to a new civilization.





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The philosophy has been tested

A true story.


The story about what happened, and the proof it works.

After the success of my visualization at age 12, I imagineered how I would develop my full potential and solve world problems in "The Dragon Slayer," a fictional book. As strange as this sounds, in a bizarre twist of events, fiction became fact when the content of the book became my actual life experience.

A Dragon Slayer needs a dragon and so as soon as I committed to my mission a "dragon" appeared.  Not a flesh and bones beast, but something far more hideous.

There is no other story like it on earth. Not even this beast was more powerful than my thoughts.




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Paperback published May 11, 2021 / eBook (above)




If it is validation you are looking for, how about 5 Nobel Prize winner’s confirmation.


The solution to the world’s problems.  Your thoughts create your reality, but that’s not all. ENTER HERE



Our civilization is hypnotized by the strong belief that our thoughts do not create reality. But…


David Bohm believed that thoughts could create synchronistic events

David Bohm, friend of Einstein.

De Broglie developed a causal explanation of wave mechanics, which was refined by David Bohm in the 1950s.

The theory has since been known as the De Broglie–Bohm theory. His theory was supported by Einstein, and confirmed by G P Thomson, Davisson, Germer and Schrödinger.

David Bohm gives us a model of reality that serves as a bridge to a new science. We provide that science.

Everything is made of quantum consciousness. This means that you live in an interactive universe and that you have natural mind over matter ESP.







Do my thoughts create? Einstein believed it!

Many physicists do believe the universe is made up of or contains consciousness, but they do not usually professionally or publicly-announce it.

Most physicists stop short of publicly saying thoughts create matter and that consciousness is primary because saying so is a form of scientific heresy that invites attack from a prejudice majority.

Our institutions and legal system are also based on the old mechanistic paradigm. If it were true that thoughts create matter, that new premise would dismantle most accumulated knowledge in all fields.



Scientists have used quantum mechanics to develop advanced technology, yet as a society we have not yet employed those same facts to generate a new public and private consensus and psychology. It is time to do so.

The concepts presented to you here are much more accurate and powerful than current psychology and standard self-help methods of achievement.

Quantum tunneling, for example, reveals that consciousness is not restricted by the laws of classical physics. Your mind is connected to everything in the universe, can bypass physical laws of cause and effect and time and space restrictions, and can permeate any seeming barrier.


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How do thoughts create matter information
A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article on three tier solution.





The human race will be saved!

A new unifying principle is the only solution to save humanity from the potential destruction that exists at this time in history.

Our very survival is now at stake, and that is why I am grateful that I can help at this time to make a difference and help to move the human race in the most beneficial direction possible.


A MindOverMatterPower.com websites article.


A highly recommended article.

A MindFormsMatter.com website article.


Eastwood founded the Altruistic Movement (below).


ThoughtsFormMatter.com website article. If existence is a manifestation of consciousness and that consciousness is creative and good, so are you, because that is what you are made of.


A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.



45 years of research goes into every book


What happened?

There are many problems in the world today


A MindOverMatterPower.com websites article.



A list of EN books by William Eastwood at our book manufacturer's site.


If you wish to go to the next level and support the improvements that my work is bringing to the world, take a book with you.



Help to put an end to starvation in the world... children suffering... human rights violations... conflicts and more by buying a book. (see: EN mission statement).

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William Eastwood's recent manifesting ebook and article.


How to use mind power for success manifest money wealth materialize anything subconscious mind over matter book and ebook
A MindFormsMatter.com website article and EN book.


If you are unable to afford a book, the daily affirmation page can get you started on your way to materializing all your goals and aspirations.

Affirmations are the science of reprogramming the mind for success. Everything we have been taught is wrong, yet our beliefs and thinking habits often resist our efforts to change them. This is why our affirmation science is needed. We are providing what the people of the world are asking for.


A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website FREE DAILY POST with affirmations, music and videos.



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A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website.

A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article.


A MindOverMatterPower.com website article.


Even if the establishment refuses to change, we have the solution.


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Eastwood founded the Altruistic Movement (below).

William Eastwood founded the Altruistic Movement.
A ThoughtsFormMatter.com website article. William Eastwood founded the Altruistic Movement in 1999.


EN books by William Eastwood at Lulu.com, our book manufacturer.





Author of Earth Network articles and books.


"I appreciate people supporting my work because I paid a high price to be the first to bring this knowledge to the world.



What do you want to create? Eastwood's methods of achieving goals are based on new scientific paradigm of University of London physicist David Bohm, a former protégé of Einstein's and over 45-years of research and application. These methods work. Begin now to create the reality you have only dreamed of with William Eastwood as your guide.







There is an amazing story behind this site and books. There are huge changes taking place in the world. The forerunners are running up against those barriers that prevent progress in the world.


A ThoughtsCreateMatter.com website article about us. The multifaceted solution — the unveiling of new science  — to bring people the answers they deserve.




“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

― Albert Einstein


ThoughtsCreateMatter.com About Us page.


My story is success against all odds. ThoughtsCreateMatter.com is awakening humanity.


An outline of events that occurred during the 45-year period of study.
A MindOverMatterPower.com website article. An outline of events that occurred during the 45-year period of study. William Eastwood autobiography — true story — and the AMAZING events that led to the creation of Earth Network.


Our ThoughtsFormMatter.com website has also has important articles.


A ThoughtsFormMatter.com website article. New and amazing history-changing science by which classical physics is being replaced with nonclassical physics.


Your senses project your reality and then perceive that reality.


A MindFormsMatter website article. If it is validation you are looking for, how about 5 Nobel Prize winner's confirmation.







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I have read many reviews on many books which rave about the content. However, this is the book which sets it all out: scientifically describing how we create reality. Go on, I dare you, pick it up and read it…you won’t, no can’t , be left in the same place when you have finished it. Essential information is contained within. You have been warned!!




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What is ESP & Mind Over Matter? How to Develop Supernatural Abilities & Power

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