William Eastwood: Empath & Visionary: What is the The Dragon Slayer Book?


William Eastwood: Empath & Visionary: What is the The Dragon Slayer Book?

William Eastwood: Empath, Visionary & Dragon Slayer

I have always been an empath and visionary. It is often almost unbearable for me to feel people’s beliefs and thoughts, particularly when I am dealing with “dragons.” I wrote a book to clarify how I would succeed in my mission. That book was confiscated before publication.

Forty-five days after I founded Earth Network of Altruistic, Autonomous
Individuals Inc., I was pulled from my vehicle and thrown on the asphalt based on a 911 call from a felon on parole. It is unwise for me to describe the charges because there are people who always believe the government that would take their side. I do not want to tell you what they said happened because of the defamation that results from revealing the charges themselves, which was the government’s plan. I would also be sent to prison if I fail a program that requires that I comply with the government’s theory of my intent and if I do not at all times admit guilt.

You are thinking this is unconstitutional, but I would answer by saying unconstitutional actions are standard procedure. Plea-deals are a form of blackmail. I would not accept an offer because I was not guilty, as a result I have to serve ten-times as long a sentence.

It all began in the 1990s when I was forming my future destiny internally and deciding on the direction I would take on an inner and outer level. I ultimately would confront the full brunt of what I had set out to change in the 1990s forty-five days after I founded the Altruistic, Autonomous Movement in 2000.

The strange thing about all of this is that my story materialized 45-days after I founded my organization to help humanity. I set out to release people from false beliefs embodied by certain authoritarian institutions that are holding humanity back—what I called the dragons I would slay—and within 45-days I was being held captive by such a dragon.

It seemed as if the dragon knew I was coming and made a preemptive strike.


Long before any of this happened I was living on an island in southwest Florida in tropical paradise. It was there that I had a fantastic idea. I would write a book about my future self who would save the world!

This would be fiction, yet at the same time it was an exercise in metaphysics. Wizards always create from the future backwards. The idea is to create a vivid future scenario in imagination. From there one figures out what has to be done to arrive at that highly desirable destination.

So I devised the book and decided to call it “The Dragon Slayer.” My Future Self would be a hero who liberated humanity from the institutions that were holding the world back and preventing entry into a kind of beautiful future. The future as I described it was beyond imagining. It was fantastic.

But the book never made it to publication!

In the strangest of ways, reality connected with fantasy and I entered the probability that led to that future

The dragon got me and the book!

In my yet-to-be-published book titled the “The Dragon Slayer,” the main character was my future self, “the dragon slayer.” The book was an exercise in focusing on the most desirable future probability and hence manifesting it in the physical world.

And thus the dragon slayer was meant to be an advanced probable version of myself in the future. This book I was writing was a projection into a probable future in which I was a dragon slayer because I had slayed the metaphysical dragons and institutional dragons holding the human race back from the ideal future in my visionary imagination.

That manuscript was confiscated and consequently never reached the public.

We don’t like you or what we think you think!

Our history is full of examples like this, from the mass torture and execution of the Knights Templar to the attempt to capture Martin Luther, and the arrest of Galileo Galilei.

Perhaps the most heroic, powerful and fiercest military order in history, the Knights Templar, was instantly destroyed by the identical form of ad hominem attack that was levied in full force against myself.

Read more (Knights Templar downfall)...

The ad hominem attack I endured was the same that was employed against the Knights Templar to insure their conviction. The strategy was to accuse them of crimes so heinous that no one would dare come to their rescue. 

When I insisted on proving my innocence in a trial no help came. The government forced an uneven playing field. The state, for example, rejected a professional corporate statistical analyst as a juror.

A statistical analyst would have exposed the physical impossibility of the state’s claim.

Apparently, my writing was modern day heresy, because that was what was focused on rather than the facts of the case.

Victory! Click on image to learn more.

Unlike the Templars, however, I not only survived my attacker’s ad hominem assault, but I am operating at the highest level of chivalry.

I am now the future self I envisioned whom I called the Dragon Slayer in my past when I wrote the book, and I am currently making a powerful effort to redirect the human race to a far better future.

“The Solution…” holds the answer to fulfilling personal dreams and solving the majority of humanity’s social problems.



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Earth Network: My mission by the people of earth for a better world.

Also see Altruistic, Autonomous Movement I founded 45-days prior to my arrest is alive and well.


I am not the only one who has been targeted for unconstitutional silencing.


From New York Times (Title paraphrased):

A judge agreed that federal officials had returned Michael D. Cohen to prison because he wanted to publish a book this fall about President Trump.


Mob bosses are known for murdering jurors and anyone who gets in the way of justice. When it is an authority figure that goes after you, as it was in my case, who do you go to for justice?

The dragon has matured and managed to take over our government. But I am reporting on the dragon. As a journalist I cover current events and what I was referring to as being the dragon in my book.

President Trump sent a private mob army to lynch Vice President Pence and assassinate the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. The Republican Party supported him by refusing to impeach and convict so that he can pursue a criminal objective to remain president and steal our country and democracy.

This is exactly the scenario I foresaw in my book. Be reminded that I wrote in the Dragon Slayer book that I would prevent this from happening as a kind of future dragon slayer.

I am now fulfilling that prediction.

Interestingly, when I published a post titled, “TRUMP RIOT! What is the Cause of Violent Attack at the Capitol in Washington DC?” on the afternoon of the assault on January sixth, 2021, I was the first search result for “What is the cause of the violent attack at the Capitol” on the Bing search engine.

I was ahead of USAtoday.com, the New York Post, NSNBC, NBC and every other news organization in the country. So, who is the dragon slayer now? My article is educating thousands as to the underlying issues threatening our democracy!

So here I am, having suffered a preemptive blow by the dragon and having my dragon slayer book confiscated and I am the dragon slayer I wrote about fulfilling my destiny!

Don’t believe me? If you conduct a Bing search for What is the cause of the violent attack at the Capitol?, I am still at the top (as of the time of this writing sixteen days later).

To go directly to the article, click here. I have many other political articles enjoying the same level of success on ThoughtsCreateMatter.com.


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“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

— Albert Einstein

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Galileo Galilei

Galileo’s discoveries were met with opposition within the Catholic Church, and in 1616 the Inquisition declared his views to be formally heretical. His books were banned. and he was forbidden from holding, teaching or defending heliocentric ideas. In his 1633 interrogation, Galileo denied his beliefs to save himself. Galileo was kept under house arrest until his death in 1642. After 350 years the Vatican says Galileo was right. (Galileo.)


My philosophy has been tested and proven effective against immovable forces and they have moved. Because you cannot change the beliefs of other people, it was quite an effort to finally get my books published. Despite the state’s efforts to brand me as a monster and restrict my every action, I am now a successful international author.

The beliefs of all participating in any given social event determine the shape and nature of that event.  Anyone can create a personal paradise in isolation, but in order to change the world we need to influence that world and that requires interaction. Once I entered into a public event, I could not force the outcome.

The ultimate result, however, resulted in a situation that was better than if the event had not taken place. And it served as an initiation into power and ability as well as a method to solve the problems I originally set out to solve. It also delayed me so that I would not initiate my mission prematurely before the world would be receptive, in turmoil and forced to look at new ideas and my solutions.

The mission and books are alive and well!



My life’s devotion is to create a new global education system, a new field of science, to advance civilization and institutions, and to allocate humanitarian aid to where it is needed most in the world. I want to end pain and suffering on earth.


Earth Network: The people of earth for an enlightened altruistic world without borders



EDUCATIONAL INTENT: End suffering globally and transition humanity to a new era, transform public institutions and private lives, form a new field of science, and reform education systems globally.


There is still much work to be done. It all involves educating.



We do not generally think of official mainstream belief systems in the U.S. and our global civilization as being cult-like, yet they are to the extent that they take power away from the individual, creating dependence and weakness. Even worse, established institutions attempt to control you because of their fundamental low evaluation of human nature.

Read more (goes to the Altruistic, Autonomous Movement) ….


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Here you will find knowledge that immediately gives you natural and good power, and affords you trust in your own self and judgment.

The advanced scientific paradigm and philosophy found here invests the individual with the highest wisdom and integrity.

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Maslow’s study of high achievers finds they posses unique qualities.

From Huffpost.com

They do not allow themselves to be passively molded by culture — they are deliberate and make their own decisions, selecting what they see as good, and rejecting what they see as bad. They neither accept all, like a sheep, nor reject all, like the average rebel. Self-actualized people:

“make up their own minds, come to their own decisions, are self-starters, are responsible for themselves and their own destinies. […] too many people do not make up their own minds, but have their minds made up for them by salesmen, advertisers, parents, propagandists, TV, newspapers and so on.”

Because of their self-decision, self-actualized people have codes of ethics that are individualized and autonomous rather than being dictated by society. “They are the most ethical of people even though their ethics are not necessarily the same as those of the people around them […because] the ordinary ethical behavior of the average person is largely conventional behavior rather than truly ethical behavior.”


The books and websites I have created despite the government bringing its full powers to bear to try to stop me is evidence that the philosophy works. There is nothing more powerful than your own thoughts and emotions. What you desire will manifest no matter how powerful your opposition is, what lies people make up about you and how hard they work to stop you.



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William Eastwood: Empath & Visionary: What is the The Dragon Slayer Book?

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