TRUMP RIOT! What is the Cause of Violent Attack at the Capitol in Washington DC?

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TRUMP RIOT! What is the Cause of Violent Attack at the Capitol in Washington DC?

  • What is the Trump Riot?
  • What is the cause of the violent attack at the Capitol in Washington DC?
  • What is the underlying psychological cause of division?

I will answer these questions now.

This is an article that explains deeper causes of U.S. and international problems.


Updated on 3/25/23:

Why hasn’t Trump been subpoenaed, indicted or in any way been held accountable for his crimes? We can’t blame the courts or the DOJ. It’s Trump himself we must look at. Trump’s beliefs give him immunity.

Beliefs do have energy and power to affect outcomes.

Trump’s immunity claim is a reflection of his beliefs. Trump has not yet been arrested because his belief system has given him immunity from the law. Now that his beliefs are challenged, so too are his protections. Subpoenas and indictments are in his future.

Who is suing Trump for January 6th? How has Trump’s beliefs protected him from prosecution?

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Article resumes.


Updated on 12/26/22:

Who has Jack Smith subpoenaed and will he indict or arrest Trump?

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12/07/22 UPDATE:

TRUMP COMPANIES FOUND GUILTY! How does this impact Former U.S. President Donald J. Trump? What will happen to Trump as a result of the family business guilty verdict?  Will Trump be indicted or arrested?

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12/05/22 UPDATE:

What kind of president attacks his country’s constitution? Trump is running for president. Attacking the greatest constitution in the world is the best decision if you are trying to lose votes. 

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Why Trump is going to be indicted

The reasons why Jack Smith and United States Attorney General Merrick Garland will likely bring Trump to trial soon. The United States Justice Department will indict and convict Trump.

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“Trump and his supporters are a clear and present threat to our democracy.”

— Highly respected Republican Judge J. Michael Luttig

They are planning on overthrowing the United States of America again in 2024.

[The efforts made to overturn the 2020 election] “…by the former president were the product of the most reckless, insidious, and calamitous failures in both legal and political judgment in American history.”

— Republican Judge J. Michael Luttig


Additional updates below.

Trump riot: What is the cause?


What is the Trump Riot?

The Trump riot is a riot that moved from a Trump rally into the White House.

The mob riot in Washington DC was incited by the president of the United States. This is a president with mental illness. Former U.S. President Donald J. Trump conspired to overthrow the United States government by encouraging and inciting the mob riot of the capital of the U.S. because he could not accept that he lost the election to now U.S. President Joe Biden.

The underlying psychological cause of the violent attack at the Capitol in Washington DC is explained below. The violent attack at the Capitol in Washington DC is a symptom of a greater underlying problem.


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EASTWOOD (predicted what is happening now years ago)

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Trump will be sent to prison.

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The president of the United States says that Vladimir Putin may trigger a nuclear “Armageddon. A potentially catastrophic climate emergency threatens our very survival, democracies across the globe are under attack, the UN warns us of a coming world food shortage and the World Bank says a world recession looms.


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The same thing that caused the great Indus civilization to collapse is causing our civilization to begin to fail. Western beliefs like those embodied by the former U.S. president and Vladimir Putin brought about the downfall of this early civilization.



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What can be done when the world has become a cult?

Much of the world has been poisoned by destructive misconceptions about reality and human nature. People see what they want to see.

The many challenges facing humanity at this time — an overcrowded planet, climate change, war, food shortages, divisiveness, personal economic struggle, inflation, the pandemic, health issues, mental disorders and emotional suffering — are all a result of one thing.

"Everything people think and believe is projected into reality. Help us wake the world up and begin a new chapter in human history."

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Former U.S. President Donald Trump and his base represent a specific paradigm of beliefs. Trump has evaded prosecution because of his belief system. His beliefs form his reality.



Donald Trump Book will be subpoenaed indicted arrested sent to prison
Trump will be sent to prison.


In his book, Eastwood reveals the reasons why Trump has not yet gone to prisonIn 2020 Eastwood predictedthat Trump would eventually be indicted and sent to prison.





The drama we see playing out on the news is a scientific manifestation of collective beliefs. What happens to Trump himself is a product of an array of conscious and subconscious beliefs Trump holds.



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An American President may go to prison: Why is this happening?

The conflict is at the heart of the danger we face. More is going on than meets the eye.


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Many of Trump’s beliefs are derogatory and incorrect, yet they still have prevented him from being more severely harmed by the multitude of agencies attempting to hold him accountable for trying to overthrow American democracy and the United States of America.



What are Trump's beliefs that protect him from indictment and arrest?
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Trump will be indicted, arrested and sent to prison

Trump will be indicted, and he will go to trial and lose.

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Trump will be sent to prison.




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Why was "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium," so important in world history?

"De revolutionibus orbium coelestium," was important because from it we learned that the earth was not the center of the universe. The same thing is happening again. We are learning that the universe is not what we thought it was.



A scientific experiment

An alternative for people who do not support fascism and a psychopath as dangerous as Hitler and the Third Reich in 1938 GermanyRather than focusing attention on former U.S. President Donald J. Trump and the raw sewage that flows from his mouth, there may be another way to defeat Trump and protect yourself.

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What is the cause of the violent attack at the Capitol in Washington DC? Latest updates and a plan to save democracy

What is the cause of the attack of the Capitol in Washington DC? Former U.S. President Donald J. Trump tried to steal the presidency because he could not accept the fact that he lost the election.

Following a premeditated plan, Trump orchestrated an attack on the Capitol in Washington DC. He did this at the exact time Congress was certifying the vote so as to stop the count. The plan was to enact military rule and stay in power despite having lost a free and fair election. Fortunately the plan failed, and our country was saved.

Trump and the republican party, however, are still trying to steal the United States presidency by lying to the public by continuing to say the election was stolen. The lie is blatantly false. Every one of the 50 courts across the country hearing Trump’s argument has affirmed that there isn’t a shred of evidence to support that claim.

Currently, Trump and his allies are rigging the country’s state election system to steal the next election through corrupt means. This threat will destroy American democracy if something isn’t done immediately. However, there is no clear line of defense for democracy. The world is watching as America could be ruled by a ruthless dictator by 2030 or earlier unless someone comes up with a plan to stop him.

More on this below.





06/21/22 update: The January 6th Committee is presenting a fourth televised hearing: Testimony and videos show how Republicans find Trump’s fake electors scheme to be repulsive and refuse to participate. Acting on behalf of Trump, the horned QAnon leader Jacob Chansley asked Republican Bower if he would support decertification of the electors. Chansley says “just do it,” and let the courts sort it out.

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3/02/22: The January 6th Committee has filed a motion in court documents today based on solid evidence that Trump committed “criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States” and corrupt obstruction of an official proceeding in an effort to overturn the 2020 election.

The evidence is well documented.

This is also intended to stop John Eastman from pleading the 5th. The Select Committee is telling a judge tonight that the former President Trump, John Eastman and others where engaged in crime and are therefore not eligible for a 5th amendment plea.

The time is fast approaching when Trump will be subpoenaed, indicted, arrested and sent to prison.


02/26/22 UPDATE: Georgia GOP chair told the January 6th Committee that the Trump campaign directed the use of fake electors in 2020.

The House Oversight and Reform Committee is conducting an investigation parallel to the January 6th Committee. The committee chairwoman has requested an inventory of the content of the 15 boxes of White House records retrieved from Mar-a-Lago, as well as evidence related to the belief that Trump periodically flushed papers down the toilet according to White House Staff. Requested were all torn up documents and documents and records related to employees and contractors finding paper in a toilet in the White House and the president’s residence.

For these and many other reasons, Trump should be indicted, arrested and sent to prison.


02/24/22 UPDATE: The Trump New York criminal probe now has a new prosecutor. Attorney Susan Hoffinger has replaced Special Counsel Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz. Hoffinger will now lead the probe by the Manhattan District Court into the potential criminal liability of Donald Trump and his business practices.


02/18/22 UPDATE: A federal judge says Trump can be held liable for the January 6th attack and damages that may be awarded through individual civil lawsuits. The judge said that Trump is not protected by executive privilege during the period of time in which he was inciting the insurrection because at that time he was not acting within his capacity as the president. Directing a mob to attack the Capitol and then doing nothing about it is not an official presidential duty.

The families of those that were killed in the Capitol attack, as well as those who were injured will undoubtedly seek large settlements. If they succeed and they probably will, Trump will be paying the damages out of his own bank account. This will be a problem because his private businesses are losing hundreds of millions of dollars and banks do not want to make loans to him.

The Trump family is not happy. I still believe that Trump will be subpoenaed, indicted, arrested and sent to prison on the criminal charges he is currently facing.


02/17/22 UPDATE: A Judge gave a written order to Trump and two of his children — based on New York Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation uncovering “copious evidence of fraud” — to testify within 21 days. Trump will undoubtedly appeal and if he loses the appeal will invoke his right to remain silent in any disposition.


02/05/22 UPDATE: Former Vice President Pence made an announcement that Trump “was wrong” to say he could overturn the most secure election in history and the vote of the people. The percent probability that Trump will be indicted, arrested and sent to jail suddenly went up as a result of that public clarification.

This statement may foreshadow primetime public testimony by Pence before the January 6th committee. Such testimony combined with an indictment and arrest of Trump and a strong economy could be the demise of the party of domestic terrorists.


01/31/22 UPDATE: Over the weekend at a Trump rally in Texas former President Donald J. Trump openly confessed to seditious conspiracy (18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy) and to aiding and comforting a violent insurrection (18 U.S. Code § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection). Trump offered pardons to the January 6th insurrectionists should he be reelected president. He was not under duress and the confession was in plain sight in public view.

Seditious conspiracy carries 20 years and rebellion or insurrection carries 10, and those convicted of rebellion or insurrection can never hold public office again.

The grand jury in Georgia will be given this information and U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland will have to act on it. By clear definition, this is domestic terrorism by a former president. Trump is daring the Justice Department to indict him and is threatening that if they do indict him that he is sending his angry mob after them.

Trump admitted to sending Vice President Pence to overturn the election and when that failed to send a mob to overturn the election. In both cases he was organizing an effort to overturn the election.

I expect Trump to be indicted or taken into custody very soon. If Trump is not indicted, arrested and sent to prison the United States may turn into an autocracy.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis may be the one to take down Trump. She wrote a letter asking the FBI to protect her after Trump made his threats at his rally over the weekend.

Trump is calling for riots if he is indicted and arrested. It is unlikely that a mob attack similar to the one attacking the Capitol on January 6th will occur, however, because he is no longer the president. Nor do people want to be investigated or arrested.


01/28/22 UPDATE: The January 6th Select Committee subpoenaed 14 “Alternate Electors.” They are looking at how the Whitehouse was coordinating a parade of fake Electoral College certificates in seven states, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Federal investigators are already looking at the possibility that federal law was violated by the existence of matching paperwork showing fake electors lying for Trump. If only one of the fake electors admits to the plot, the entire Trump conspiracy will be proven and seditious conspiracy election fraud charges will be levied on all those involved, including Trump.

Trump will soon be subpoenaed, indicted, arrested and sent to prison.

About the Electoral College process.

Trump Whitehouse spokesman, Judd Deer, was also subpoenaed today to seek his knowledge of Trump’s behavior on or around January 6th.


01/06/22 UPDATE: U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland’s remarks yesterday indicate that the DOJ will hold Former President Trump and others at the top accountable for their actions tied to the Jan. 6th insurrection.

Garland said the DOJ is committed to the rule of law and to following the facts wherever they lead.

Garland vowed that the DOJ would pursue wrongdoing “at any level.” Specifically, that the DOJ would defend democratic institutions from attack and threats of violence.

So far, federal charges have been levied against over 700 of Trump’s supporters who ransacked the Capitol in a bid to stop the certification of U.S. election.


01/06/22 UPDATE: President Biden’ gave a speech on the one year anniversary of the January 6th violent attack of the Capitol of the United States today.

President Biden strongly denounced Trump’s attempts to tear down democracy because he could not stand the fact that he lost a free and fair election. Biden accused Trump and his allies of holding “a dagger at the throat of America.”

President Biden’s speech was a searing reprimand of Trump and the Jan. 6 mob assault on the Capitol. President Biden said Trump is waging an “undemocratic” and “un-American” campaign against the legitimacy of the election system, and compared it to the actions of ruthless autocrats and dictators in other countries.

These two speeches strongly suggest that Trump, Bannon, Clark, Flynn and all those tied to the January 6th attack on the White House will likely all be subpoenaed, indicted, arrested and sent to jail.

Scroll down for to continue reading article and updates.


The Jan. 6th Select Committee will obtain a massive amount of information from former Trump allies who are willing to testify about exactly what was taking place behind closed doors leading up to and during the violent attack at the Capitol in Washington DC . This information will be presented in a cold, factual way on primetime TV before the elections next November 8th.


10/28/21 UPDATE: The Jan. 6th Select Committee will subpoena the Trump lawyer John Eastman, whose idea it was to overthrow the election. Conservative lawyer John Eastman advised Trump and Pence to overturn the election and was caught on tape discussing the idea.


9/27/21: UPDATE: Trump is facing multiple criminal charges in Georgia: The most serious are criminal solicitation to commit election fraud; intentional interference with performance of election duties; conspiracy to commit election fraud; criminal solicitation; and state RICO violations.

Trump has over two dozen active criminal lawsuits against him. It seems inevitable that Trump will be subpoenaed, indicted, arrested and sent to prison.

Secret wisdom


“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.

“The most important question a person can ask is, ‘Is the Universe a friendly place?'”

― Albert Einstein

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A website article.


Update: Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance’s case against former President has gained momentum with the announcement of the grand jury convening. Trump may be facing criminal charges and may eventually go to jail. Whether or not Trump goes to jail is speculation.

June 14th update: The Trump era DOJ subpoenaed the personal records of journalists, democrats and one republican (Trump was upset with). Apparently, the DOJ under Trump was targeting political enemies at the instruction of Trump. It is shocking, a gross abuse of power and an assault on the separation of powers.

There is a lot of energy in this last incident that will likely lead to an indictment at some point in time. If Trump is indicted or arrested, we will post the details here immediately.


Indict and arrest Trump for murder!

Murder plot: Trump can be charged with and arrested for murder and sedition. The night before the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, Trump and a small group of allies convened in a meeting to plan the January attack. If sufficient evidence in numerous court cases confirms this, he can be charged with and arrested for murder and sedition.

Trump can be subpoenaed, indicted, arrested and sent to prison for felony-murder and sedition. Felony-murder charges only require that one is a co-conspirator. You do not actually have to be the one that commits the murder in order to be charged with felony-murder. Sedition is explained here. Trump can be charged with sedition, indicted and arrested.

Subpoena, indict, arrest and send Trump to prison

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Our current updates (click below):

Find out if Trump is guilty. Latest select committee investigation findings.
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Why does Albert Einstein say this?


"The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.

"The most important question a person can ask is, 'Is the Universe a friendly place?'"

― Albert Einstein

With Putin, Trump and others like them everywhere, Einstein's words sound like the height of idiocy!

Two world-changing reasons why it may not be idiotic advice:


A news story that can save democracy.

greatest news story and scientific discovery William Eastwood science
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You do not have to be a victim.

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Is there a political solution in science?

You may just be blown away by this.

Thoughts Create Matter international philosophy
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June 15th update: Trump CFO, Allen Weisselberg could be charged this summer. This will pressure him to flip. If he does, he will then have to cooperate in the next level of this investigation of Donald Trump and the corrupt Trump organization.

Donald Trump is actively attempting to destroy the American experiment. If Allen Weisselberg turns on Trump, he can help save our country, democracy and future civilization. Everything is at stake, and this is not a game. If there is one person on this earth that should be indicted, arrested and go to prison, it is Trump.

June 21st update: Donald Trump is keeping Allen Weisselberg close. The inside word is that Weisselberg is resisting cooperating.

It is still too early to tell whether or not Allen Weisselberg will flip, but it still seems likely that he will eventually flip. It has also been revealed that the D.A. likely has enough information to indict Trump without Weisselberg’s cooperation.

If Weisselberg does flip, it’s Weisselberg’s decision whether or not he will flip prior to being indicted or after.

Also on June 21st Obama commented that the sweeping voting rights bill is critical to maintain American democracy. Republicans are lining up to prevent it from even being debated. They do not want to talk about it.

June 25th update: The New York D.A. is preparing an indictment for the entire Trump organization next week. Weisselberg has not yet cooperated, and this appears to be the reason why. Weisselberg is probably afraid of Trump.

The Trump organization has been warned to expect indictment.

We do not yet know the charges, yet regardless, this is not good news for Trump. Because the Trump organization has made tremendous profits on lies and improper income as a result of Trump being a former U.S. president, this will hit hard for Trump and his bottom line, which other than his ego, is all he cares about.

This is only the beginning of what is to come. The N.Y. D.A. is likely laying the groundwork for the eventual indictment and arrest of Donald Trump.

Also reported June 25th: The DOJ is going after Georgia for Voter suppression. They sued the state of Georgia today for its new illegal voting law that targets black voters by restricting access to the poles. This is just the beginning of the crackdown on Republican led unconstitutional state laws.


Is Trump starting a civil war? Is this a civil war?
A website article.


June 30th update: Allen Weisselberg will be indicted July 1st, according to the New York Post and the Washington Post. A grand jury has filed a criminal indictment of the Trump Organization and Weisselberg.

Trump will not be indicted or arrested at this time. This is the first set of charges in a ongoing investigation that will broaden and intensify.

Also in the news today: The House has approved a January 6th Select Committee to investigate the insurrection. This will help to expose the truth about what happened when thousands of protesters, most of them Trump supporters, stormed the Capital.

We do know what happened, however. Trump followers tried to execute Pence and other lawmakers in an attempted coup and effort to stop certification of the vote.


how do U.S. radicals think? Find out the cause of domestic terrorism here.
A website article.



Will Former U.S. President Donald Trump Be Indicted, Arrested & Sent to Prison?

The Reason Why He Will & Why it all happened.


Donald Trump Book will be subpoenaed indicted arrested sent to prison
Will Trump go to prison?


Trump will go to prison


Portions of this article were spontaneously written by William Eastwood and have not been edited so that they will retain their originality and authenticity


Educated people know what autocracies are like inside places like Syria and Afghanistan. That’s why they do not like Trump, they do not want our country to end up like Syria or Afghanistan!  Share this with your friends and loved ones so that they know what it will be like. We need to protect our friends and those we love. It can happen here, the Republicans are already half way there.

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Help support democracy, our planet and the survival of the human race!


Trump is a danger to our planetary civilization

To understand what could happen to earth, just look at what happened to mars.

There was life on mars


NASA had discovered fossilized evidence of a thriving planet.

Over four billion years ago mars lost its electromagnetic field (died) and the sun stripped away its atmosphere. What caused this to happen?

ANSWER: They elected someone like Trump!

From this point forward, all Trump related updates will be posted here (image below).


Find out if Trump is guilty. Latest select committee investigation findings.
A website article.


A website article.


Why is the U.S. is experiencing so many problems?

Violence and mob rule at the capitol

The violence and mob rule at the capitol consisted of goons and thugs who attacked the people’s house. These are not protesters. These are people who have a negative set of beliefs. Their behavior is a product of their beliefs.

These are people who have a distinct set of beliefs. Their core belief is a distrust of human nature. Subsidiary beliefs develop and revolve around this core belief. Those subsidiary beliefs reinforce the core belief. As these people interact in and respond to life, they read reality according to the core and subsidiary beliefs. They see what confirms their distrust and greatest fears. Those negative beliefs grow and evolve more complexity.

Violence is not the means to resolution of disputes. People who listened to Trump’s negative ideas and perceptions of reality felt powerless. When a person feels that they have no power to right the world’s evils they can be compelled to take drastic action that then makes them feel powerful.

If, however, we understand that we have the power to change our world and act on that power incrementally, we do not feel so compelled. Recognizing the power of our beliefs, thoughts and emotions to shape our reality gives us a sense of natural power that provides psychological stability. Acting within the worldview of an interactive universe concept provides a deep sense of satisfaction and belonging in the world.

This is one of the darkest days in American history. Yet, this is a turning point for America. Democracy’s roots are strong and will not be undone. The Trump era demonstrated what past majority-held beliefs will lead to when given a chance. The American hybrid beliefs consist of a mix of Darwinism, materialism and religion’s concept of a sinful human carried over from past eras.


Click on image to learn more.


These negative beliefs lead to distrust of human nature. As these people live their lives, the core belief filters and causes perception that seems to confirm the core belief. As time passes, subsidiary beliefs form. These act to further filter perception to only that which conforms to the core belief and also act as supports of the core belief. There may be hundreds of subsidiary beliefs, such as the many conspiracy theories projected by the disturbed president.

A human who believes in human unworthiness is going to suffer. They will tend to project that unworthiness onto a perceived enemy so as to gain a sense of being okay themselves. By acting against those they perceive to be unworthy they then also gain some small sense of power over the perceived problem or enemy.


Click on image to learn more.


What we witnessed on January sixth, 2021 was a textbook example of how negative beliefs in human unworthiness mixed with radical American beliefs rooted in negative scientific and religious worldviews can give rise to dysfunction, mob-rule and chaos.


Click on image to learn more.


What happened was a form of cleansing and a shift in the set of beliefs Americans have decided on to direct the country through the recent election of Biden. Those that represent the problems of the Trump era fought back as they saw themselves losing power and interpreted it as their demise caused by unworthy elements in society (whatever their projections were).

Beliefs can operate like people and will often fight back when attempts are made to reject those beliefs or people. This can occur personally and collectively.

We have purged the insurgents and their dark beliefs from the government to a large degree, hence securing the future of America. This is a great day for America in that we have pivoted to a new direction. We are aligned with a new and more positive set of beliefs and hence a better set of probable futures for America.

This is a great country with a great constitution, and it will survive. This was a lesson to illustrate the need to change those beliefs which were shown to be destructive. If we heed the lesson and adopt more positive beliefs, we will thrive as a nation and begin to shift the entire population of the planet.


Altruistic autonomous movement at thoughts form matter site
If existence is a manifestation of consciousness and that consciousness is creative and good, so are you, because that is what you are made of.

What is the cause of the violent attack at the Capitol in Washington DC?

Trump’s false and inflammatory rhetoric caused the riot. There is no election fraud as Trump claimed there was and there is no evidence of fraud. However, the president claimed there was, and this is the cause of the thug riot.

A government derives its powers from the consent of the people. It should not derive its power from a president with mental illness. But his is what the Republican party is doing. The president has little power, and so following the president just results in a stalemate for the entire country. COVID-19 is a social disease that is a result of social inequality as promoted by Trump and his human rights violation, i.e., the separation of children from their parents and the building of a wall.

The election of president-elect Biden was the most secure and accurate election in US history. Allegations of voter fraud are completely baseless and contrived by Trump because he is a spineless sore loser.


Click on image to learn more.

US President Trump: Mental illness and reckless psychotic egomaniac

A democracy is only as strong as its voters. We have a large proportion of our population who elected Trump because of their above-mentioned beliefs that are held by about 70 million people in America. If those people learn from this healing crisis, they will begin to question their belief system.

During the Trump era our country was run on a set of negative beliefs that assume a certain set of American beliefs about competition and greed (as embodied by Trump) are correct. These ideas are based on Darwinism and Freud’s ideas and that is why they did not work. In more specific terms, those beliefs led to subsidiary beliefs (conspiracy theories stoked by our adversaries).

Even worse, about 70 million people voted for more of the same! This is pure stupidity!

The website you are on offers and an alternative to those beliefs. We are not forcing new beliefs on people, but are providing the option for those who are learning from what just happened or desire to improve themselves and advance along new lines.


The cause of division and conflict


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The excerpts below are drawn from previous articles.

Is Trump evil?

No person is truly evil. A person’s beliefs can lead to behavior that is harmful, and to effects that seem evil. There is no hell or evil as many of Trump’s voters believe, but ignorance leads to evil-like effects, and so his voters are in effect voting for the demise of themselves, their families and civilization — hell on earth.

Some say that U.S. President Donald J. Trump is a reckless psychotic with mental illness who is an egomaniac evil criminal dictator. President Donald Trump is destroying the planet and human race via abuse of power.

I am not ridiculing Trump but using keywords to reach more people so that I can warn them as to what they are voting for. If Trump is elected again, look for ten+ foot ocean rise, global chaos and the eventual loss of our atmosphere.

Trump is not trying to be evil, he is simply ignorant, highly egotistical and ruled by fear. Because he does not want to go to prison, he will sacrifice anything to be reelected. He is not aware of what the consequences of his actions will be on civilization.

It is 8:00 pm January 6th as I begin to comment on what I am watching happen in Washington DC. The riot instigated by Trump is an example of what Trump does — he destroys everything he touches.

This is a perfect example of a runaway ego that I warned the world about in my book, The Solution to Humanity’s Problems…A classic bully has bullied the entire country and has scared the Republican party so as to control them through fear. This is how people were controlled by governments and religions in past generations. It is an example of what we should not allow, and it is a slice of pure negativity going way back in history.

4.2 Billion years ago there was life on mars


NASA had discovered fossilized evidence of a thriving planet. What happened? 4.2 billion years ago mars lost its electromagnetic field (died) and the sun stripped away its atmosphere. What caused this to happen?

ANSWER: They elected someone like Trump!.

I wrote my first book to combat the thinking style and dangerous beliefs that Trump stands for. It bothers me greatly to see people in my home country voting for what I warned the world about.

Trump demonstrated the power of the word to harm people. We have to stop using negative language to cut people down. We must instead, build people up.

A corrupt president

This is a man who rose to power through corruption. The Trump family is a low-level crime-family. Trump may be impeached and will likely go to prison, but unlike Nixon, he may rip down our government in the process.

Trump had nothing to do with building up the economy. Obama inherited a bad economy and fixed it for Trump. Trump is now in the process of destroying our economy.

Trump is hypnotizing people. People can only see what corresponds with their beliefs because their thoughts, beliefs and emotions create their reality and filter their perception.

President Trump’s rhetoric is creating inflamed passions that are already leading to terrorism from within the U.S. and could easily lead to an outright civil war.  Trump is inciting violence and division with his outright lies, and this has encouraged radical ingrown terror. He built his criminal empire through intimidation and now he is attempting to run the government the same way.

You can’t work with people if all you know how to do is attack them. You can go on a negative campaign to appeal to negative people who play the role of victims, but you can’t run a car wash with that mentality, never mind the free world.

Most of the people in Trump’s administration have been publicly humiliated by him. Some have been fired or have resigned, and many closest to him have become felons.

Bullies appeal to the madness within people, and the most negative beliefs that are underlying all of our personal and national problems.

This is why we can’t solve our problems.

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His beliefs are a good example of the main problem that could cause our civilization to fail at this time.


The True Cause of School Shootings


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The mail bomber, Cesar Sayoc, was known to be attending Trump rallies and was obsessed with Trump and his messages. A photo in the window of the mail bomber’s van has a target on Hilary Clinton’s image, and most of the van is devoted to pro-Trump, anti-Democrat messages.

Trump’s psychology and worldview is identical of that of terrorists and ruthless dictators. He is creating fear and distorting facts on a massive scale to advance Trumpism. Trumpism says all people (but me) are basically bad people.


The True Cause of All Degrading & Violence


Trump is setting an example of what not to be like

Using Donald Trump as an example, we can all learn what does not work and what not to be like.


Altruistic movement for a better world William Eastwood
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Intimidation, bullying and other control tactics

Anyone perceived to be a threat to his absolute power is demonized, degraded, demoralized and ridiculed. This is a classic formula tyrants and bullies use on their victims. In time of war, for example, Hitler made films that portrayed Americans as being demons.


US NEWS REPORT: Trump's & Hitler's formula identical

A lethal combination of tactics

Trump is gaslighting America.


Do as I say.

Dictators obtain power by silencing their opposition or any voice of reason which challenges their ideology and perceived absolute right to power. To achieve these ends the tyrant seeking power takes control of the free press and then uses it to misguide the population.

Typically, the monarch will appeal to people’s fears and prejudices by demonizing and condemning their opposition. The scale of severity ranges from torture, to ostracizing, to ridicule.

Bullies ridicule their victim to dissuade onlookers from doing anything about the mistreatment of the bullies victim.

Rather than standing up to the bully and defending the constitution the republican congress is complicit.

A bad pick

Trump used the press to claim he made his fortune himself, when in fact he was a millionaire by age nine. Through tax fraud schemes he paid only 5% on $4,000,000.00 he inherited from his father.

At the time of this writing, his lies are closing in on 5,000 since he became president. (Much higher since this excerpt was written.)

Donald Trump is undermining of democracy and we are entering a constitutional crisis. If this is allowed to continue we will not be able to contain the damage to or institutions that we depend on to protect our liberties and the constitution.


Fireworks expresses the explosive creativity and beauty of consciousness

TRUMP RIOT! What is the Cause of Violent Attack at the Capitol in Washington DC?

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US President Trump: Mental illness and reckless psychotic egomaniac


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Classic dictator and bully tactics

Trump is appealing to the frustrations and fear of a segment of the population that cannot keep up with humanity’s progress. His base seeks a return to a more primitive era of less liberty and more strict patriarchal control.

This is why we can’t solve our problems.


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