Earth Network University initiative is not fiction. Real wizards exist. Come here to develop mind over matter abilities.

 Thoughts create reality.

 wizards-church-exists-illustration-2Wizards may seem like strange creatures with fantastic powers and abilities belonging only to storybook Once-Upon-A-Time enchanted worlds. And they may seem to belong only to the past rather than contemporary times. We have a hard time, for example, imagining a modem man as being a real wizard. Nor would it be easy for us to recognize any such individual since he wouldn’t likely dress in the kind of star and moon studded robe we are supposed to believe wizards dress in, wear a cone-shaped hat, wield a wand, throw balls of fire and lightning, or fight dragons. Therefore we assume that they, like sorceresses, can’t exist, that they’re obviously fiction!

Do real wizards exist, how to be a wizard, illustration 3If any of these assumptions sound right to you, you may be in for a big surprise as you learn. On the other hand, if you’re young in heart or mind and still believe, because you’ve “stumbled” across this website, it may be that you have an incredible life in store, and far more rich than anything you’ve dared believe, or even fantasized as being potentially possible.

There are families of consciousness to which we all belong. Just like Harry Potter, you may discover a powerful alliance with an inner family of souls who possess extraordinary abilities to project thought into matter.

Do real wizards exist? How to be a wizard illustration


Do real wizards exist? How to be a wizard illustrationDo you think you can be or are a wizard? Are there traits common to all wizard types? As you read on, it’s important to look at yourself and ask yourself these questions, and to find the answers you need so that you can be a wizard if you are not already.

The unseen forces act undiluted through many powerful souls who can be considered modern day wizards. These individuals refuse to accept the prevailing beliefs that lead to weakness. They understand that they, as well as all others manifest events through thought projection.

Do real wizard exist and how to be a real wizard seat illustration

Wizards know many things. They accept that they are eternal spirits in a physical body for a limited time. They understand that the human soul is the most potent, motivated and powerful entity known to exist in any universe. They know that consciousness forms matter. They know that they are in control of personal circumstances, and they use their mind and body fully to manifest the best events open to them for materialization.

You’ll see wizards everywhere, in all walks of life. If you pay attention and look for the proper signs, you’ll notice quality and greatness which may signify the presence of a real wizard showing up in certain individuals.Do real wizard exist and how to be a real wizard church illustration A wizard-type may be out in the open or in the limelight, such as one who is a leader of a country, or who holds a high government position. They may be scientists, inventors, doctors or lawyers. On the other hand, wizards can be invisible, out of the limelight and living a life that may or may not seem ordinary on the surface. They may be great musicians or actors, or they may lead ordinary lives with unassuming roles as writers, poets, teachers, caretakers of children or animals, in cities or in isolated cabins deep in the woods. They will usually interact with many people, although not always. They will all have guarded private time. They are always very generous and gentle souls. You will feel good in their company, and they will never belittle you. They will help you if they can or if you ask for help. They don’t always subjugate themselves to others, but if help is requested they will usually try to assist.

Do real wizard exist and how to be a real wizard, real wizard illustration

You will not usually recognize them as being wizard-like because they will usually hide their power to protect it, but they are powerful manifestors. And they wield their consciousness and subjective activity to create with great purpose and precision.

I want you to be a wizard. Don’t be wishy-washy in your knowing. Be brave enough to adopt a whole new and powerful world view that says, “I am a beautiful and powerful spirit, and I, other creatures and the earth itself are made up of divine spirit. I am an eternal creator, for my entity participated in the formation of the earth itself. There is nothing that I cannot achieve, I am a creator.”

If you take this high road, and embrace the entire new paradigm, and learn the art and science of thought projection on my four websites, you will be a great wizard.

Do real wizard exist and how to be a real wizard, real wizard house illustration

Wizards do not tell others they are wizards, but they will at times offer their knowledge to others so that they too can become wizards. The book below is an example of that and is a true wizard’s work


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 Thoughts create reality.


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Do real wizard exist and how to be a real wizard, real illustration, mind chart



A wizard uses his thoughts to form matter.




Moon illustrates thoughts create struggle or joy


Real wizards do exist!





Do real wizard exist and how to be a real wizard, sky illustration

Real wizard temple


Do real wizard exist and how to be a real wizard, tower illustration

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